Call Me Alpha

Call Me Alpha

By:  razonjaya2  Completed
Language: English
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After discovering her wolf's abnormality, Ashira went to the strongest pack of the North-The Prime Pack- in awe to find her mate. It turned out that her mate was Alpha Aiden, the youngest Alpha that was ever recorded in history. She thought he will be a better mate for her protection, and to keep her away from the danger that her abnormality implies. Unfortunately, Aiden loathes stealers because of a past tragedy though the mate bond kept pulling them together. Will Aiden protect Ashira? Or will he shower her with wrath and anger? Find out, read more…

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67 chapters
Prologue  Ashira's POV   Werewolves do exist. Before, it was just a myth. A way to scare the children or to keep the teens from going out too much. But it is real. Werewolves are real. I knew this because I am one of them. I'm living proof of the myth. I'm a She-Wolf. Humans don't know we exist. Not from the outside world. "Ashira!" A cheery sweet voice took my attention from gazing out. My friend, Lucy, came running in my direction. Just like me, she was wearing a white thin satin dress that is just above the knee. We both are wearing wood-made sandals. If you're going to compare the way we're dressed, we'll look so weird despite the age and year we are in. We have no underwear inside the thin white dress. The wood sandals are even made by the elders of the
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Cruz's POV "Ashi's on her way," I told my Dad, Eric. "I don't understand what's happening, Dad." My voice can't stop sounding frustrated. I was with my Dad on a pack meeting when Dad received a message from the enchantress through the mind link. He's the Beta. Every concern comes to him. Today was the Mapping where the She-Wolves who reached the age of eighteen will know where their mate is from. Something goes wrong with Ashira's mapping process. That's what I was sure of. We immediately drove home once we received the news. "Let's wait for Ashira. She must be looking for answers, as well. Once she's home, we'll talk." My Dad said and he entered the door to his study. My mom, Ophelia, followed right after. My Dad is the Beta of our pack. Regal pack. Alpha David's son, Victor, will take over the p
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Alpha Aiden's POV 'We got trespassers.' My Beta, Nick, informed me through our mind link. Disturbing me from doing my thing. I growled as I pushed the She-Wolf who's straggling above me, kissing me hungrily. My wolf is in heat and it's so thirsty for sex these days... This girl on top of me is just one of many that I had today. Just as playtime. A way to ease my raging libido which is too eager to be pleased. The girl looked at me with a shocked face. Probably puzzled that I pushed her. We already fucked  a couple of times and I can't feel any exhaustion. I want more. No, it's not the girl I that I want but... just sex. Still, Nick's news can't be ignored. I'm the Alpha of the strongest pack in this region. It's against me to prioritize pleasure over my responsibilities. And whoever trespassed my territory is brave enough to do so. N
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I woke up from soft knocks on my door. Brushing my eyes with the back of my palm, I slipped on a robe and headed to the door.My head felt light when I woke up, feeling exhausted even after a deep slumber. I thought I can't sleep right away after the howl I had heard last night but my wolf is at peace, making me sleep soundly. None slightness feeling I'm near in danger.I was welcomed with a trolley pushed cart with food covered in cloche tray when I open the door. I can smell its delicious scent, almost savoring it. My stomach made a loud growl, making me feel how famished I was.No one was there. They just left the food behind. I pulled the trolley inside my room and closed the door, making sure to lock it again.'Food arrived, sleepyheads!' Someone mind-linked me and I was certain it was Ava. We are from the same pack and already met each other, being able to access the mind link.I guess she sent all five of us from Regal pack the same
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"Never forget: You're always a villain in another's story." -jokerblade ____________ Ashira's POV One last look at the mirror and I nodded to myself. I'm contented with my reflection. This is the best I can do anyway. I'm completely dressed up, ready to attend the ball. I fix my face with a light foundation since I'm not really a fan of it. I made my eyes in a light smoky black shade, just to emphasize my deep green eyes, and put some mascara on. I needed not to contour my face since its contrast is all in the right places, also-I don't know how to contour. My lips are in the shade of nude pink. My cheeks are naturally rosy and the thin foundation didn't cover it, so no need to put blush on. My hair falls straight in my waist not needing a straightener. I grabbed the invitation card, feeling my own life depends on this piece of paper, and
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Thank you for reading this far!***His tight grip hurts my arm, making me flinch along with his dragging. I don't know where we're headed but we had passed the stairs, walking the hallway of the second floor.The loud sound of the music from the party didn't offset my heartbeat. Having him this close made every hair in my body stand, giving me such a newfangled feeling.I am relieved I found my mate but his powerful aura keeps making my knees tremble. I'm not okay with it but my traitor wolf is already submitting to his.'Stop being submissive! He hasn't claim us yet!' I nagged at my wolf but she just shrugged me off, I growled."I-I can walk!" I tried to make my voice tough but it came out in a whisper. I growled to myself, continuously nagged at my wolf.Aiden turned his head and looked at me, he didn't stopped walking nor let my arm go. His expression is somewhat in the middle
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A lady in her thirties entered Aiden's office but I can't take my eyes off his back. I was not able to speak back to what he had said. I was left dumbfounded with the words I just heard.I'll never put my claim in you.Those words kept echoing in my ears while I felt numerous needle stabbed on my chest. I felt like I was poisoned by a venomous snake. My body's numb, my head feels hazy and my breathe hitched as I stare at Aiden's back. My wolf is in pain as well but its me who's taking most of the blow.I wanted to curse the bond between us. Not feeling its significance at the moment."My Luna," the lady greeted me with a low bow. She just acknowledged me as this packs' Luna yet my own mate think otherwise.Is he gonna reject me? He doesn't want me?Questions flood in my mind that I feel I'm going insane."Go with Aurea, she will assist you with everything you'll need. I don't want any male near you. Take that as a warning." A
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I woke up embracing an unfamiliar feeling of emptiness. Only a faint smell of my mate is present in the house. He didn't come home last night. And there's a void inside of me that screams for my mate, for Aiden.My chest is heaving. Im starting to feel the need of seeing him and holding him. I want to wrap myself around him. This must be the second wave of the mate bond. Even if I don't want to feel this way, I can't control it.My anxiety towards the danger I may or may not be in, crept to me. Should I lock myself in his house until he'll claim me? But he said he would never do that. How should I live then?If some mateless wolf found me and claim me first before Aiden does, then I will be stolen from him. I was worried that might happen to me, I'm too attached with Aiden now. I can't think of myself away from him.Will all these affection fade once I'm claimed by another wolf?A part of me sides with the thought of being stolen
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"Let's talk." His deep soft voice was heard behind the closed door.He tried to open the doorknob but stopped when he found that it is locked."Ashira." He called on me when I didn't respond to him. The way my name escaped his lips make me want to open the door and throw myself in his arms. Slowly, another wave of heat rose again within me. Making me groan softly. Damn it. The heat in me is present again.I clenched my hand on my chest, the breath heaving that is making me huff for more air. I hate how I feel when he's around, its confusing me."Open the door." His voice echoed on my head like I must heed on what he was saying. Is he using his power as the Alpha with me?I closed my eyes tight. Not anymore fighting the effects he sent to down my spine.I walked to the door and opened the lock. Slowly, I was met by the most beautiful golden brown eyes and I felt suffocated instantly.Everything around me blurring. Rewindi
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Everything was blurry and most of what I can remember is crying on Aiden's shoulder while he hugged me tightly in his arms.I'm too emotional after hearing what happened to his parents and the pack. I can feel his pain while he hugged me close to him. I can feel his pain and the hardships he had after taking over the pack at a young age.The story about Alpha Zeuracious and the stealer also worries me but I set that aside when I heard about Alpha James and Luna Tina.Aiden's character while he's trying to comfort me is what I least expected of him. He's too soft and thoughtful of me right now that he seems like a different person. An attitude that I haven't seen from an Alpha.It must because I'm his mate that he can show me a different side of him. That might be also the reason why I can feel what he had felt. Despite the claim not happening between us, the bond is too strong to let those memories flow to me.Next thing I knew, he was carrying me
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