My fiance's Brother

My fiance's Brother

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As the youngest daughter of Yoke family, Evangeline can only marry to Bishop family. Her father deeply loved his elder daughter Rose, who is born to his late wife. Evangeline's mother is just a convenience to her father, even her mother thinks highly of her elder sister Rose more than her. Never got the love of both of her parents, Evangeline was promised to Jake Bishop, who is nothing but a womanizer and lives off of the money earned by his stepbrother, the type she least wants to be involved with. Damien is the elder son of the most powerful family in the werewolf world. As the next in line to take over the Bishop empire, he is 29 and already promised to marry Rose. But one night changed their lives forever. Evangeline unexpectedly slept with Damien and gave him her virginity. Slowly Damien begins to be attracted to Evangeline more than he should.  What will happen if Evangeline finds out that Damien is none other than her would-be brother-in-law? Will she bend down to her father's demands and marry Jake? Can Damien let her go? Can this forbidden couple have a happy ending?

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Evangeline stared at the person, whom she is supposed to marry in a couple of months.  Jake is the stepson of one of the powerful Lycans in the city. He is currently flirting with a girl from her class. She is giggling at whatever crap he is spewing. This is the same every single time. He insists that he will come and pick her up from college. But it's just a reason he needs to flirt with girls and pick someone to spend a night with. Evangeline became a laughing stock among her peers. She is forced to marry Jack for the sake of her father. She belongs to the famous Yoke Family and only the woman from the Yoke family are supposed to marry a man from the Bishop family. They are supposed to marry a Bishop or stay single. For whatever reason, a contract was signed that Evangeline was supposed to marry when she reached the age of 22 into the bishop family. This contract was signed between their forefathers and it's been continued since then. Her elder
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It's not fair
Damien is sitting leisurely with his legs spread and one of the arms lazily draped on the back of the couch. He is holding an amber-colored liquid in his other hand. He and his best friends Robert and Patrick meet once in every month to unwind and have a couple of drinks. This was their routine for as long as he could remember. They've been friends since childhood. Robert and Patrick work for him. They are loyal to Damien and always have his back no matter the situation.  "That chic is hot" Patrick grinned looking at a woman behind Damien. They were sitting on the first floor VIP section and the ground floor is clearly visible from here. Damien has his back to the glass wall that faces the dance floor. Patrick is not someone who threws a compliment easily. If he said a certain woman is hot or a certain thing is good, then it would definitely be good. Listening to Patrick's comment, Damien and Robert became curious. He looked at the woman Patrick
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Take me
Eva frowned when the guy who kidnapped her began to ignore her. "Hey, I am talking to you" she sat up and leaned towards him and poked his chest. The smell of Alcohol mixed with her unique scent, which reminded him of rain and mist teased his nostrils. When the stranger didn't respond to her comment at all, Eva pouted. "You are ignoring me" she whispered sadly. "Damn it" he muttered and rubbed at his temples. She is barely dressed. Her breasts are spilling from her lacy bra and her jeans are covering her legs. She is utterly breathtaking even in a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans. But like this, she is irresistible. Let's not forget about her cute pout, looking at which he wanted to pull her towards him and kiss those pouty lips.She looks like an Angel. 'Why is she not named as an Angel ' he thought. "Cursing is bad" she pointed out when he cursed loudly. He couldn't help but chuckle at her cuteness
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Mine for now
Eva woke up feeling her body ache all over, as if she had run a marathon. She groaned and buried herself deep into the warmth surrounding her. The bed is soft and it felt like she is sleeping on clouds. A soft sigh escaped from her lips, before everything that happened the previous night came back to her like a hurricane. She snapped her eyes open and tried to sit up, but a heavy hand is tightly wrapped around her waist. She inspected herself and found that she is as naked as the day she was born, so is the man who is currently sleeping beside her. She looked around the room and noticed that she was in a strange room, which is screaming rich.  'Oh my God Eva, what have you done?' She thought as panic began to bubble from inside her stomach.  'I sleep with a stranger? Damn, what have I done? I know I am not yet engaged to Jake, but this is still wrong. I am promised to be his wife. Damn' she cursed herself. She took a deep breath and calmed h
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Just like he promised, Damien dropped Eva near her apartment building. Eva ran inside and locked herself inside the safety of her room. "What just happened? I asked for a one-night stand. But I got him instead. I will surely never drink again" she thought. She showered and changed her clothes from last night. Her panties are missing, thanks to that beast of a man who tore them off her body. She quickly brushed her hair and dashed off towards her first class, which is about to start in 5 minutes. Her friend has an early class today, that must be the reason why she is not waiting for her by the door and demanding what exactly happened last night. The day passed by slower than Eva wanted to. Her body is sore and she can feel her muscles protest with every single move. Every time her muscles ache, there is a tingling sensation between her legs, despite her core being sore. After the day ended, just like she expected Cassy was waiting for her as soon as sh
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In a massive glass building, which is tall and looks quite stylish and expensive, a man is walking from the front door. Everyone is moving out of his way and their heads are bowed down in submission. The raw power coming of this man is like the heat coming off of the sun when the sun is near.  Five people three men and two women are speed walking behind him so that they could catch up to his long strides. "Sir, your friends are waiting for you in your cabin" one of the women named Stacy informed the man politely. Damien's eyes narrowed when he heard the words his assistant told him just now.  'I just met them last night, what is so important is that they came to visit me so early today?' he thought. But he kept his face blank and didn't let anything show on his face. The only way his assistant knows that the boss heard her words is the single nod he gave her. "You have a meeting with the new client at 10 am" his other assista
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Eva and Cassy were walking towards their next class the next day. Eva is on the edge and she is feeling restless. She is scared that her father might find out about her one night stand with none other than her brother-in-laws best friend. She is scared that he might find it as a blow to his reputation and beat her or even disown her.  Cassy is feeling bad for her friend. She wanted to help her to come out of this trouble. Neither of them knows that it's the same pub that Damien Bishop comes every month to. If they know they wouldn't have stepped inside it ever. Just then, an idea came to Cassy's mind.  "Eva, you said he was nice to you the next morning, and he even dropped you off near the apartment. So if you explain your situation to him and plead with him not to tell anyone, he might consider it. No one would want to create trouble for you if you ask them nicely" Cassy said. 'Except my family and Jake, no one usually mess with me if I smi
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Damien stood on the last step of the staircase and watched Eva, who has her back to him. Her scent is intoxicating and all he wants to do right now is to tear her clothes and have his way with her. But he clenched his fists and remembered that she is Jake's intended.Eva slowly turned to face the man and squeaked when she saw he is standing there in just a towel wrapped around his waist. Her eyes lingered a second too long on his muscles. She particularly caught the nail marks on his torso, which look fresh. She understood who gave those marks to him.She became red and flustered and turned away from him. Her face is hot and her nipples became hard.'Oh dear moon goddess, why am I reacting so strongly to this man? Focus Eva, focus' she scolded herself.Damien is amused by her reaction. A smile tugged at his lips and his feet carried him closer to where she is standing. He saw the Hickey's he left on her neck the other night. Instantly he became possessive
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Thank you
"That contract is wrong in so many ways," Damien said angrily.Eva frowned at his statement. Everything he said is true. But she cannot change a thing. Her father decided her fate, and she cannot go against him. She never did."That's not the point here" she defended.Damien raised his eyebrows."Is it? Then what is?" he asked looking at her intently.He wants to know why she came here in the first place. He should have asked that the moment he saw her in the middle of the living area. But her alluring scent made him lose his mind. It's still affecting him, but her tears are the only thing that is anchoring him so that he wouldn't pounce on her like the beast that he is."You are my brother in laws friend..." She began to explain, but he cut her off in the middle."Would be" he muttered.Eva looked at him with confusion."What?" She asked."I am not your brother in ... I mean, He is not your brother-in-law yet. He
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It's been two days since Eva met Xavier. She often found herself smiling when she remembers their interaction. If she had a chance to choose a man for herself, she would go for someone like Xavier. Considerate, caring, and handsome. Let's not forget about the chemistry they share. "Let's go" Jake muttered with irritation, snapping Eva out of her daydreams.  Like always, Jake insisted that he would pick her up from her college and she didn't have any other option but to agree to his demands. If she didn't, he would go and complain about her to her father.  For as long as she could remember, she is vying for her father's love and affection. That's the only reason why she always agrees to everything he demands from her. She is hopeful that one day he might notice that she is a good daughter who never troubled him and begin to love her like he loves her sister Rose.  So she silently endures everything, Jake throws her way. Eva folded hersel
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