The Legend of Kate Vegas

The Legend of Kate Vegas

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An ancient Texas native legend told the story of a Waya (wolf spirit) who was a guardian of wolves and a mediator between these beasts and men. The natives wait for a time where the wolves will choose another among them. A woman, delicate as a flower and cunning as a serpent, is chosen! Kate Vegas struggles between her fate with the wolves and a normal Kinney County girl's life on a farm near Brackettville. She is easy to smile, playful and kind to everyone. A sweet, beautiful girl could not have enemies, but her fate will bring her face to face with evil. Enemies are bigger than she thinks... She loves justice and will do what she can for everyone she loves.

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16 chapters
Katherine W. Vegas And The Mystery of the Wolf
1976, 8hrs on a sunny morning in Brackttville in Kinney County, Texas, United States of America. A young blonde woman in her bedroom lying on her bed. She is surrounded by bloodstained bandages. Her peaceful countenance of someone who really needed a break is undone by her brows furrowing against the morning light now on her face. She opens her eyes slowly. Still lying down, her mind takes her back to the night before into the early morning hours. A few memory arrows begin: blood-stained claws "pass" quickly! It is barely hit in the face! And those red eyes! Horns with yellowish tips. Leather wings with "anemic" edges! The thing or demon attacks it without stopping with its hands, or wings with claws! She looks hungry for blood! It's tireless! It deviates in the last milliseconds! The memory arrows are now confused between the creature's many successful onslaughts and well-known human faces. Sounds of shotgun fire and revolving between screams mingle. A final
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Family Moments
Judy Vegas is in the kitchen of her home cutting some pieces of fish that Jack caught with his 10-year-old son, Jesse. She raises her head, sees them from the window, and gives a proud smile to her husband teaching his son, as she always did on Saturdays, after fishing ... "BANG!" Jack demonstrates with his rifle, hitting a can:"Your turn. Remember the important thing ...""It's not getting it right in the beginning, but evolving with each shot! I already know, dad!" Jesse completes his father's speech, eager to take the next shot. He reloads his shotgun, already with the skill of an adult, while Jack watches him carefully, feeling proud of his son:"Very well ..." Jack lets out a slight attentive smile for Jesse to make his aim focused on the target ... BANG!"THAT'S IT! ..." Celebrate! While Jesse is still looking at that can, as if to say; "I'll get you soon!" He turns to his father and asks:"You liked it?" Finally the boy smiled at his
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Friends Meeting
...The powerful engine barely heats up and they arrive in Brackettville...Families from all the surrounding regions are crowding the place. The Willams Vegas couple are unmistakable and are already noticed even before leaving the vehicle by the closest old friends. And someone comes forward and says:"Hey! Look who's here! If it's not old Jack 'and family'! (cheerful tone)" One of the men is ready and will receive the friend who has already left the veícle:"Hello, Jack!""Hello Carlson! Everything in sacred peace? ..." The two greet each other, while some boys surround Jesse ... One of the boys is Jhony, who seems to be the leader, despite being the smallest in the class, he is also the most active and seems to be the most intelligent. He shakes Jesse's hand by shaking his arm, saying:"Now, I want to see Michael win us over!" Putting his arm around his friend's neck and the other boys agree, vibrant: "IIÉÉÉ&Eacu
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The Phenomenon
Judy and Jack come home ... The couple has just entered the house. Jack is with Jesse in a deep sleep in his arms towards the boy's room, while Judy hurries to pass in front of her husband and opens the bedroom door. Jack puts the boy to bed while his wife quickly takes off Jesse's boots; she speaks softly as she takes off one of her boots: "My God, these boots are already getting tight !!" "É ... The big boy is growing fast!" (To smile) "Not long ago it was just a 'calf' Very small!" Covering him with a sheet ... While Jack kisses his son's forehead, and then Judy repeats the ritual; also kissing the sleeper's cheeks. Judy turns on the lamp on the nightstand and Jack turns off the light in the room ... and then goes to the door and holds the doorknob while Judy goes through the door and the man smells the woman's good smell more closely ... "Ah! What a perfume!" (Thinks Jack) ... The man "throws himself" on that neck, passing his free
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Finally Sunday
In the distance, it is possible to hear the sounds of roosters announcing the rising of the sun ... Until the nearest roosters also start to sing ...Finally Sunday ...Judy opens her eyes and keeps her eyes fixed on the ceiling thinking about what happened before dawn ... With a slight smile forming, she is still trying to understand. She asks herself thinking: "What was that? I don't know if I dreamed or if I somehow tried that hunt ... 'Hunting ?!'" _ She gets up very fast! And without wasting time, she goes to the kitchen ... she arrives in front of the sink and takes the deer thigh ... she turns towards the kitchen door, opens it and ... looks at Jack!"Good morning darling! Did you get up ?! I thought I was going to sleep some more today." The husband takes a lock of Judy's disheveled hair that covered his face and gives him a "kiss" ... Judy takes the opportunity to "pass" the "piece" back, hiding it from Jack, thinks: "He doesn't saw it! "and then:<
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Happy Moments
Later ... 13: 00hThe family man goes through the kitchen door and goes to the small sheep pen. He yawns ... with eyes heavy with sleep. Jack's tiredness is notorious. He takes a special pair of scissors to prune the sheep. He then walks to the stable and leans against the entrance with his forearm and sees the work that Judy has already done:"Have you done all these?!" Judy is sitting on a small bench tying the legs of another sheep. She raises her head, moves her hair away which covered her sweaty face:"Ah! Woke up, honey ?!""You should have woken me ..." crouching and starting to take the ball of wool."You've been working all week ... I preferred not to mess with you on that couch ..." The woman gets up and goes to the playpen, which is right there in the stable, opens the gate ... Jack I warned:"But Judy, you are close to having the baby ... you shouldn't try so hard anymore! I know you like to work ... but it is dangerous!"
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Revelations of a Destination
Mallborn feels an intuition about Judy! He knows something, and wants to share it with Jack... But is Jack ready for such a revelation? "Huh ?! You seem to know something else that I don't know." Jack getting interested in his friend's curiosity, supports himself with his elbows on his knees leaning forward, raising his eyebrows with a smile. After taking a sip of coffee, Mallborn then asks, placing the coffee cup on the coffee table: "You have seen wolves circling the property ..." "Yes, yes ... but what is that ..." "Wait!" Mal gets up quickly, continues: "Did you have contact with the wolf?" "Contact?!" "I don't know! Did the Wolf seem docile? So ... he didn't attack sheep ... The dog didn't react ..." "That ... but I think 'he' got lost from the trail and maybe he was already fed, so ... Wait, Mal, can you sit there ?! Now I wanted to know what you 'have for me'! ... "_ Mal sits: "Ok ... Sorry friend ... but
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How Men Are Made
3:30 pm at Rancho Vegas ... Two women with a way of speaking from another state arrive at the ranch Vegas and one of them asks Billy Preston, one of Jack's friends who works at the ranch, who happened to be arriving on one of the farm horses he had taken to warm up: "Hello! Is this the Vegas ranch?" (Asks one of the women) "Yes ... " Billy still mounted on the horse, straightens his hat and fills his chest, and responds by trying to be gallant: "Do the girls want anything?" (Smiling) And one of the women already notices the boy's visible flirtation ... They look at each other and say: "Is that we would like to take some riding lessons ..." "You have come to the right place!" Billy interrupts the speech of one of the women while he takes off his hat and brings it to his chest ... Jack was bringing one of the horses to the stable when he saw the scene; the man gestures saying something to the women making them laugh ... Jack is s
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"He Was Correct!"
... "Good morning Jack." "Good morning soldier! Can you 'touch' the cattle today?" While the boy enters and Jack closes the gate, analyzing it, and Billy replies: "Sorry for the delay Jack is that ..." "That's right ... Let's go to my office." Billy thinks: "Here comes an earful!"... The two walk to the office next to the stable ... Jack sits in his chair behind the bureau ... Opens a drawer ... Opens another, and finally takes a small can and drops it on top of the bureau: "Take it. Pass it on your face, it's good for bruises ..." "Ah! Thank you, sir." It opens and passes a little on the chin, and hands it back to boss. Jack tosses the can in the drawer ... And then says: "It reminds me of my times ..." "Oh yes?! I can't imagine you getting into fights!" (smile) "Well ... But we all have our 'crazy time'! (Laughing) One day some Mexicans arrived in the Dusty Coyote and William Johnson ... At tha
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Crystalline Waters
... "You are not the same as the other time ... are you from another pack?! ... Ah! I already know! The big guy over there came to introduce me to you ..." Jack while smoothing the animal's fur, he can't help but notice the connection that already exists between Judy and the wolves ... And again Mallborn's face with that phrase: " They chose a guardian ". The man keeps watching ... Now the wolves, one by one, rub against Judy in order for her to touch them ... She, in turn, shows total love for the beasts, touching one while "itches" behind the ear of another ... So Judy pays attention to all those wolves. Jack turns to Alpha saying: "After all, who would be the guardian of whom?! ... You are very grown-up, you must already know how to take care of yourself! No?!" The Big Wolf just grunts low when addressing the woman and rubs himself in his trunk passing his snout on his belly that says: "Ah! (laughing)! He's jealous ..." Judy strokes
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