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Men Of Manhattan #3. Christopher Royce had a hard life since the beginning, which led him to be a withdrawn and serious man. This is further aggravated after an event that marked his life, so Christopher decides to focus only on his work, making him even more lonely if possible. Nowadays, he only trusts a couple of people because it's impossible for him to open up once more. Full of resentment, distrust and tired with the life he's living, he accepts the present his best friend gives him for his birthday: A trip to Hawaii. What Christopher doesn't expect is that this trip will become the best experience of his life when he meets Helena; a happy, outgoing, tenacious woman determined to make the man with serious face and melancholic eyes see that life is too short not to take risks. The problem will come when the trip comes to an end and they have to say goodbye and walk away.

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New York, 20 years ago. I heard the screams even when my room was the furthest from the family room. I guess the place wasn't as big as they used to tell their friends it was. “Locked up again, boy?” I turned to smile at the dark, wrinkled face of Sarah, the housekeeper here. "I'm just in my room, Sarah." “Would you like to come to the kitchen and help me with dinner?” she asked stretching her wrinkled hand towards me. I got out of bed, took her hand, and let myself be guided by the only person who had shown any kind of appreciation for me. We were going down the service stairs when the scandal became even more intense. “You bitch!” "George, keep your voice down, can you? The employers don't have to listen to our discussion.” “This is my house! And you, filthy bitch... How dare you say something like that to me so coolly?” There was a female lau
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“... So happy birthday......” "Thanks, Fred...” "You did hear what I told you... Right?" Hmm. “Of course...” I heard the snort of my longtime friend, Alfred Marton, and without seeing it, I knew he had an exasperation grimace on his face. We had known each other since we were 13 after he saved me from a fight on the streets on The Bronx. I still had a small scar on my right cheekbone thanks to the stitches I received that day. But contrary to what you might think, I come from a rich family in Manhattan, although I have always hated that pompous atmosphere my family environment loved, that's why I used to roam all over New York whenever I could, and that's how I got into trouble with multiple teenagers at once. I was always considered the black sheep of the family and not because of my bad character, disrespect or because I was a bad kid, but actually because of my physical appearance. Get an idea why: I
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“Mr. Royce? Your plane is ready to board, follow me here please,” said the pretty flight attendant, leading me through a corridor until I reached the entrance of the company plane. “Have an excellent trip, sir.” she finished without taking her eyes off me. "Thank you," I replied kindly; she was very beautiful to be honest, but I didn’t feel the attraction. I guess I was stressed. Yeah, right... I immediately discarded the thought, it surely was due to work stress, so I soon hoped everything would change for the better with this time of peace; I’d decided that I was going to enjoy my birthday present completely. I hadn’t brought my phone with me or my computer or anything that would connect me with the rest of the world; I’d find out about things when I returned to the offices, which made me happy since I had a little premonition, tomorrow would be my 33th birthday and no one could congratulate me. I was ecstatic about that, I
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"Follow me this way, Mr. Royce," a petite brunette said, leading me through an Asian themed hallway. There was a small waterfall of porous stones that protruded from the wall at the end of the hall and a mixture of smells that made you feel transported as if you were floating, add to that the instrumental music that came from ceiling speakers. "We’re here, sir," we stopped at a closed door. I realized she was looking at me with some fear, making me feel uncomfortable at that fact. Maybe if I told her how much I had in my bank account she would see me with some interest and not fear that I would slip some of her Chinese ornaments into the pocket of my ridiculously short robe that made me feel completely exposed. "You're not Helena," I said hopefully, "Are you unoccupied then? You could make the change?” The girl looked at me confused and then smiled at me with amusement. "I'm Candace," she answered still smiling, "And I don't do
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“Goodbye...” The door closed quickly and then I was alone in the room again. For such a big man, Christopher moved quite smoothly. "Christopher," I mumbled grinning like an idiot in the middle of the room. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched the door open, but my hopes were dashed when Candace's face peeked out. “What's up?” she asked closing behind her "I almost got stiff neck trying to see the man's face." "It was very good," I said, starting to clean the table, "It was his first massage." "He asked me if I'd be his new masseuse." Candace's laugh filled the room. "The poor man didn't want to come in here." “I know, he made it very clear when I called him to confirm.” “We were all very nervous, you know? We thought you were going to scream for help or that he would disrespect you, that man looks dangerous.” She couldn't be more wrong... “Dangerous?” I asked confused. "He wasn’t dangerous a
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This couldn't keep happening to me. I popped my head out of the water and started gasping for air. "Soon you’ll be able to stay on the board," said Kailani, my surf instructor. “Yeah, sure,” I answered pushing myself once more to get on the table “I don't think this is for me, Kailani.” "We've only been on this for an hour, Roy,” he said patting me on the back. "You just have to keep your balance and let yourself go... Come on, here comes a good one." How the hell did that man know it was a good wave? I hadn’t the slightest idea, I only knew how to fall, be rolled by the waves and swallow water. I got into position and waited for the ideal moment to get back up and end up being dragged again. “Forget this!” I exclaimed when I returned to the surface, "I refuse to try again, God... I'm so tired!" I heard his laugh as I came out of the water and threw on the sand. "I have a better idea," he said sitting down next
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What the hell was wrong with that man? I threw myself on the bed asking myself that question over and over as I bounced off the water mattress, and the truth is that no answer came to mind. I was upset. And very mad. First, I didn't see him at lunchtime, so I had to sit with some tourists talking about banalities to give Chris time to show up, but no, he never did. And I didn’t see him for the rest of the day anywhere, I asked kailani if ​​he knew about his location and he’d replied he hadn’t seen him since the morning and of course, I wasn’t going to ask for his room number and embarrass him yet more. I couldn't help but smile when I saw him approach me in that ridiculous outfit and looking all embarrassed. And about to boil. The poor thing was melting under all those clothes; I really needed to think a bit before doing any of my shenanigans. I felt really bad seeing how embarrassed he looked because of me when
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I covered Helena's mouth when I felt her shudder against me. "Don't you dare laugh," I said almost without a voice against her ear, "They're going to discover us...” She shook her head, released my sex, and set about adjusting my clothes in the process. "Man, it's all dark and believe me I'm not going to go near there," one of the men remarked a few meters from us. “What if it's a snake?” The other exclaimed excitedly. “Exactly, idiot!” I felt something wet touch the fingers covering her mouth and was surprised to find that she was crying. My heart began to hammer even harder in my chest at the thought of me hurting her. "Then we better get away, right?" The other idiot continued saying “I know those things jump several feet...” I heard them walking away and when I didn't hear any more noises, I removed my hand. “Did I hurt you?” I asked when I saw that she re
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“Forgive me, is all that you can't say, Years gone by and still, Words don't come easily, like forgive me, Forgive me.” I smiled at a very serious Chris who got into the jeep and went over to kiss him on the cheek, all while singing one of my favorite songs. “But you can say baby” I veered the wheel to get in the road and head to our destination and placed my hand on his thigh “Baby can I hold you tonight, maybe if I told you the right words, at the right time, you'd be mine.” I felt him tensing more and more as we drove away from the resort and understood that something bad was going on. “We will take the Hana Road, a very popular one for tourists,” I started to say, taking my hand away from him and placing it on the gear “We are going to start climbing the mountains and see incredible passages and waterfalls from where you least expect, I brought a camera in case you wanted to take pictures.” I Kept saying. Though
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"Hmm…" I felt her nails gently scratching my scalp as she continued making those soft sounds. I kept my eyes closed and kept my face buried between her breasts for fear of what would happen when I moved. Could I be more stupid and weak? This shouldn’t have happened, at least not this way, so resigned, I turned away from her, lying on my back with one arm covering my face in shame. I was really ashamed of myself at that poor performance and it's not like I could tell without further embarrassment that it had been about three years since I last had sex. I felt her hand gently caressing my chest, but I couldn't turn to see her. I knew what she would say to me; she would mock, or possibly ask me not to see her again while I was here. If she'd put the poor bastard who worked with her aside, I guess it would make it easier with me. "Chris..." her voice sounded languid and light "That was...” "I know," I mumbled gettin
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