How Could This Work?

How Could This Work?

By:  Phia Neu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ashley, the want to be alone outsider, can't believe what hit him when he met Austin, the goodlooking, nice soccerstar. Which leads to a marathon of emotions and some secrets from the past.

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    15 chapters
    13 years ago I don´t have many memories of that day, because I was bearly 3 years old.This October day I was playing in our backyard, it was later in the evening but still pleasantly warm.Dad and I had built a tree house, which I liked very much, and played in there this day too.My attention were caught when there were noises and loud voices. The voices of my parents, they were fighting inside.Nothing new for me, but I think no kid appreciates it, if their parents are fighting. So I climbed down the ladder to dispute their argument.Shyly I peaked into our living room, were my Mom gesticulated wildly and shouting at my Dad. He, on the other hand, stucked his hand in his side and holding his head as if he had a bad headache.I stand there awkwardly, not confident enough to interrupt them, fidgeting with my fingers.After a while their fight was interrupted by the bell of the front door. My Dad broke away
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    1. Massachusetts and Florida
    Massachusetts is cold, totally different than Florida, so I tightened my jacket and scarf around me for the 100th time this morning.6 a.m. is way too early to wake up especially in my new cold home. I only lived here at my new families house for a month and today was my first day at my new school.Even the gloves aren´t helping anymore, my hands are freezing and breathing into my hands can only help so far.“The Honey Budgers, a dangerious street gang in Florida, involved in blackmail, murder and extortion, with around 10.000 members, had a fight with another gang, The Sk8ters. Weapons like knives and guns were involved, during this fight 100 people were killed, another 150 people were badly wounded. Not only gang members, but innocent people got hurt during the fight. Honey Budgers boss Keith Kingston were taken in by the police for questioning.“, the reporter on TV behind me in some shop said.When I saw the news behind m
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    2. School life
    When I wake up the next day, my head hurts, my stomach flips.  I had to force myself to go downstairs for breakfast, great my parents and to calm Vanessa. “Ash, dear, you look pale. Are you not feeling well? Do you want to go to the doctors?“ “No, Mom, I´m fine. Still feeling a bit nervous because of the new environment.“ Out of respect to both of them, I call them Mom and Dad.  It wasn´t always an easy task to calm Vanessa, because she worries a lot and cares for her family. But ultimately she was soothed and would let me go to school   To get my mind off of things, I focused on studies. My classmates would ignore me like I was dead, I liked it that way to be honest. Still, another person would be more than alive. This person would be the Hottie from the soccer team. He would lean against my locker, when I got something from it and smirked at me. "Hi!", was all he said while I stared at h
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    3. Friends and Family
    Austin seemed to have caught himself again.On our way home, he was talkative again. He told me about his team, his friends, his family and his other hobbys.It was nice seeing him happy and smiling so brightly.Our whole day spent together were funny and the soccer guy is a good person.Eventhough I can't make friends, but Austin would be a good choice. My companion bumped into my site from time to time, that I almost believed he got dizzy."Are you ok? You're swaying.", I asked, trying to hide my worries."No, I'm good, thank you. Just thinking, I would like to hold your hand.""S-stop joking. We're not girlfriend and boyfriend." My blushing was definetly not hiden by turning away."Who says a couple has to be a boy and a girl. It's about love between two people, no matter who they are. Also, I don't have a problem with boys." He just looked at me, but I felt the shame showing on my face."Calm dow
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    4. The call
    "Hello?", he asked."Hey …". First I hesitated, but then I asked the redhair, ,,Did you just cry?"The other side of the phone stayed silent.For the first time my redhaired little friend stayed this silent and I got nervous."Gab ...""Don't worry Ash, nothing's wrong. ... You wanted to talk?"After hearing his sad try of an excuse and his voice cracking, I was really undecided between bawling my eyes out because Gab sounded horrible or being the cold asshole and pretend I hadn't noticed."Can we meet up in 10 Minutes? Do you know the playground near our school?" I didn't know if it was the right decision, but it was everything I could do in this situation.Finally he gave me a quiet ,,Ok." and I have to admit that I hurried to cancel the call and to get to this playground.Damn me and my weak heart. When I arrived, Gab already sat on one of the swings.Honestly I was a bit scared to a
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    5. Discussion with BF
    “That day your parents, my son and daughter in law weren´t only murdered by The Honey Budgers … you were a witness of that day. And I´m afraid that the gang found out, that you were there and saw them.“What? That can´t be true. This is just too surreal.Grandma Nona wouldn´t just be telling me out of nowhere that the murders of my parents are now after me."Nona ..." Words failed me."Listen, my sweetiest, you have to be careful. I researched the case of your parents for years now, I thoroughly collected all evidence about this case to be able to protect you, when they searched for you. ... A few weeks ago, when I wasn´t at home, it was broken into my home. They didn steal anything, but they were interested in my notes of the case. They took some of them and also a picture of you when you were younger. Please, be careful. I will talk about this with the police how we can protect you.""You got robbe
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    6. Gab and Ash need help
    The last few days were an emotional rollercoaster. First there was this call from my Nona, the fear of the murders coming after me and now the realisation that I had a crush on the hot soccerguy. To be honest, I didn't expect that I would have already been falling so hard for him. Of course he's good-looking and always being nice, but thats not enough reason to fall for someone, is it? ,,Whatever happend between you two, I think you should make up. He seems to be important to you." Vanessa proposed. ,,And don't worry about a home, you're always welcome at our home.", Jack was being nice. It was nice, that I would get a new family with 16 years of age. But would it all end like in a fairy tale? I'm quite pessimistic! ... Well, old habits won't die. Because, honestly all my past adoptive parents were nice and the first few times I was quite optimistic and believed in a future. Thats why it was that words had such an big i
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    7. Bathroom incident
    Suddenly the door to the boys toilet opened and would show Austin standing in the doorway, looking surprised."What's going on here?"He looked at the situation, almost seemed like he tried to figure what happend with these guys and us."Dude, nice that you're here! Come here, we're having some fun with these weaklings! Do you want to mess with them too?", shouted the biggest guy, who was with Gabriel.Austin only exchanged a look with me, most likely to check if I'm ok, before he turned back to the guy."Daniel, what were you thinking to pick on people again?" Austins voice was menacing and ice cold. ,,The last time you messed with people, you promised me to stop this bullshit! Because I beat the shit out of you, have you forgotten that already?""Calm down, man! This tiny crybaby here is crying no matter what you do to him. And the other one walked in, so we had to keep him from telling on us. So it's no big deal."Austin grabbed Da
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    8. My Crush
    "And here I thought you wanted to talk about how you called me your crush.", I faked ignorance.Hot soccerguy choked on his own salvia."Uhm ... that was ... abou that ... I'm sorry." He  stuttered so bad, he didn't know what he was saying."Don't worry, Austin, I just wanted to tease you a bit." I tried to reassure him."So, I can call you my crush?" With saying that, he seemed more confident."It's your choice who you fall for. What do I have to say how you feel about other people?"His smile in that moment could compete with a hot summerday."I really love you, Ash!" He looked like a child who got his favourite candy.While I didn't respond and just turned my head to hide my blush. Eventhough I was sure he saw it. Because he put his hand on my shoulder, turned me to face him and looked dead serious."You're blushing again. And I still don't know how your feeling about me."I felt like getting dragged into
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    9. Of dreams and nightmares
    Shortly after that, Austin and I were laying in my room.Luckily my new family wasn´t home tonight and were staying with some friends, or the sleepovers with Gab and Austin wouldn't have been possible.Austin was taking a shower right now and I switched through the TV channels to search for something good to watch."Thanks for letting me stay over and for the change of clothes ..."Austin stood in the doorway, looking funny but also sexy in my way too tiny top and shorts.My top was too short on him and showed his belly and therefore his packs.Sadly it was embarrissing for him, so he pulled the top down."Hahahaha, your way to big for my stuff!""Thats not funny! I can't do anything about it, that I'm taller than you." The shame set his face on fire. "Thats the biggest stuff you have?""Sorry, I didn't meant to be rude. I don't like it if my stuff is too big for me, so I don't have many wide shirts."He acc
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