Agent Night (Tagalog)

Agent Night (Tagalog)

By:  Maria Luna  Completed
Language: English_tagalog
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Four dead students, one dead politician, one dead secret agent. What do they have in common?—Four punctured wounds in the neck and a strange burnt mark in each dead missing body. With a trusted team member missing, a partner who nearly died because of a trap, a stressed team leader, and a traitor in the team, how will Agent Night be able to solve a crime with an unidentified suspect? Will this case be the light to her dark past? In this line of work, there is only one end. You either live or die.

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51 Chapters
Chapter 1 – Night and Day
I revved up my black Ducati and raced past the red sports car. Ang tagal na mula nang maranasan ko muli ang ganoon—speeding up along a traffic-free province road, with the fresh morning air fanning away my denim jacket along with the dark part of my soul. Ni hindi ako nag-aalala kung mahuli akong nag-o-overspeeding as long as I was feeling good.I heard the frantic beeping of the car’s driver, but I only smirked and let him know I didn’t care. Then I felt my phone vibrate inside my jean’s pocket. I sighed and slowed down a bit. I reached for a button on my helmet and pressed it. The internal speaker and microphone of my helmet activated and I heard a mad voice of a madman.“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”I clenched my teeth. What the hell?! May balak pa yata siyang bingihin ako.“Don’t shout at me! I’m not deaf and for your information, I’m driving!” I shouted back.<
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Chapter 2 – PUGITA
Our organization spoke for its name. It was literally underground.Napapalibutan ng mataas na pader ang headquarters just like the other headquarters in different parts of the country. We gave our passwords before we reached the main and only building which was five kilometres away from the gate. Before they could enter, agents from other headquarters were provided a password through a cryptic message which only the members of the organization could decipher.Apollo parked in front of a huge white mansion. For an outsider’s eyes, it would look like a vacation house of a rich family, but we knew better. I parked my motorcycle next to the sports car. There were other cars too, pero walang ibang motor. Ako lang talaga siguro ang mahilig gumamit ng motor sa trabaho.Sinalubong kami ng dalawang security guards. They were both wearing black t-shirts and black fitted pants na bumabakat sa malalaki nilang katawan. Each had a pistol tucked in their belts.
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Chapter 3 – The Top Secret Coded in Black
We don’t yet know what kind of monster the killer or killers are, but we are sure it isn’t human.I stared blankly on the dark horizon before me while my mind drifted off to the far corner of imagination. The case was by far the most ridiculous thing that would ever happen to me.Hindi ko maitatangging naexcite ako ng ibigay nila ang kaso sa amin. Unang beses ko kasi iyon na hahawak ng isang kasong coded Black.All cases the organization handled were sorted according to how dangerous the case was and how much time it required. It was sorted in four colors: White, Grey, Brown and Black. White coded cases were the easiest. Three days was the longest timeframe for those cases to be solved. It also needed only one agent to solve it. Grey coded were the cases that required a week or two. Often it involved one or two agents. Sometimes it required a team. The brown coded ones were the cases which remain unresolved for the long period of time.
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Chapter 4 – The Argonauts
The next morning, we went underground after eating breakfast. Kasabay ko si Apollo samantalang nauna na daw si Justin sa amin.Dumiretso kami sa conference room tulad ng bilin ng guwardyang sumalubong sa amin sa labas ng elevator. Wala pa masyadong tao sa building sapagkat maaga pa naman, pero may mga mangilan-ngilan na abala na sa kanya-kanyang opisina at halata mong wala pang mga tulog.Resident agents of every district could go in and out of the establishment depending on them. Minsan may mga field agents na pumapasok lang para magreport ng mga nakukuha nilang impormasyon tungkol sa kasong hinahawakan nila. May iba naman na magre-report lang sa opisina kapag tapos na nila ang kaso. Ang mahalaga matapos nila ang kaso base sa timeframe na inilaan dito.Agents were classified based on their experience. It was not based on age or sa kung gaano ka na katagal sa organisasyon. New recruits were called Novice Agents. Sa kanila ibinibigay ang White coded cases o
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Chapter 5 – Undercover
The meeting didn’t last long. Xander just discussed what had been included in the folder, but he didn’t mention the ridiculous theory. It was either he didn’t know or he didn’t want to share it with the rest of the team. Like I said, trust no one.After the meeting, Senior Agent 7 led us to our office. Nasa iisang opisina lang kaming apat which was irritating. Buti na lang hindi namin kailangan araw-araw magkita…or so I thought.I checked myself in the mirror one last time before grabbing my handbag and a brown envelope containing my school documents. I was a college student again.Dumiretso na ako sa parking lot kung saan naabutan ko si Apollo na naghihintay. Tulad ko, naka-school uniform din siya. White polo, dark blue slacks at black shoes ang suot niya. Ganoon din ang kulay ng suot ko: white blouse, dark blue pants at black shoes. May idinagdag silang palda sa ‘costume’ ko pero ayokong gamitin ‘yon.
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Chapter 6 – The Burnt Insignia
Bago pa man mapatay ni Justin ang makina, nakalabas na ako ng sasakyan. I was fuming!Why on earth didn’t they tell me that the evil brother of mine was also working on that goddamn case?! Why?!Justin came out of his car and faced me. His handsome face was blank and I couldn’t read any expression on it. Or was I just so upset?“Huminahon ka nga!” Utos nya sa akin.“Sino bang hihinahon sa napaka-awkward kong sitwasyon? Oh, please!”“We don’t know yet kung ano ang role rito ng Dominic na ‘yon kaya ‘wag ka ngang aburido diyan. Ilalaglag mo tayo, eh!”Marahas akong bumuntong-hininga. Of course, it was possible that they would seek the help of Dominic in that case. It was a homicide and he was an excellent police detective!“What would I do now? Should I hide every time I see him? At tsaka you just said that you already met him. Then he probably knew you already
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Chapter 7 – December 24, 1850
Pagkatapos ng klase namin, hindi agad kami nakaalis ng classroom. Sasadyain sana naming magpahuli na lalabas tulad ng mga nakasanayan kaso inulan na agad kami ng interview ng mga kaklase namin.Ang daming tanong—kesyo, saang school daw kami galing, bakit kami lumipat, gaano na katagal ang relasyon namin (na masayang sinagot ni Apollo ng dalawang taon), paano nanligaw sa akin si Apollo, anong pabangong gamit ko, paboritong ulam, pangalan ng aso ko, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. May nag-imbita rin sa amin na umattend ng Acquaintance Party sa darating na byernes ng gabi.Hinayaan ko na si Apollo na sumagot sa mga tanong nila. Matipid na ngiti, tango at iling lang ang isinasagot ko. Kahit na kating-kati na ako lumabas at sundan ang lalaki sa unahan ko, hindi ko na nagawa dahil mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro itong lumabas pagkasabing ‘class dismiss’ ng professor.Paglabas namin ng room (sa wakas!) ay dumiretso kami sa canteen ng college para bumili
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Chapter 8 – The Fall of Olympus
“Nickie?”Naikuyom ko ang mga kamao ko dala ng pinipigilang inis.Lumapit sa amin si Apollo. I swear, kung hindi kami undercover agents sa mga oras na ‘yon malamang nabugbog ka na ang lalaking ‘yon. Siya ang maglalaglag sa amin, eh!“Halika nga,” I grabbed his right arm and tugged him to the stairs. Hindi naman pumalag ang loko. Natigilan kami pagdating namin sa second floor.Puno ng mga naghihintay na mga estudyante ang corridor pag-sapit namin doon. Inilipat ko ang pagkakahawak ko kay Apollo sa kamay niya. I acted as if I was in love although I was really fuming out of rage inside. Magkahawak kamay naming binagtas ang corridor.Pinagtitinginan kami ng ilang mga estudyante kaya hindi ko masesermonan si Apollo. Hinigpitan ko na lang ang pagkakahawak ko sa kamay niya.“You’re hurting me, sweetheart,” matamis na bulong sa akin ni Apollo. Kung sa ibang pagkakataon siguro, natunaw na ak
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Chapter 9 – The God of Poetry, Apollo
I kept on running. I tried to fly, but I only succeeded in jumping high before falling again. The rice field seemed to go on forever and they were still in pursuit, then I arrived at a wide yard in front of an old grim-looking wooden house. I went inside and descended a stair. Yes, descended.A smell of something burning welcomed me upon reaching the foot of the stair. I looked around. I saw a four poster bed in the middle of the room. There was a wooden cabinet next to it and a side table on the other side of the bed. I saw a revolver on the table. The room was familiar as if I had been there before.Then I heard a gunshot and the scream of a woman. I turned around, but no one’s there. I could only see smoke. Then someone whispered my name directly in my right ear, “Anicka…”Dala ng pagkabigla, napabalikwas ako ng gising mula sa mesang kinayuyukyukan ng ulo ko at awtomatikong lumipad ang kaliwang kamay ko. Subalit bago pa man luma
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Chapter 10 – The Erased Inferno
Justin did not show up in the mansion the next morning. Wala ring balita tungkol sa kanya matapos maputol ang tawag niya ng gabi. Thus, Apollo and I went underground to see Xander before we went to the university.We were already outside our office when I noticed the paper pasted below Justin and Xander’s names on the wall beside the door. I took the paper revealing my name and Apollo’s.The paper reads: Mrs & Mr Torralba which looked like it was hand-written by a kindergarten.I heard Apollo chuckled before going inside the office. Malamang siya na naman ang gumawa nito. I made a face and was about to crumple it when I noticed something odd about the way it was written.Oo, mukha iyong sinulat ng bata, pero parang sinadya iyong gawing ganoon. Kaya sa halip na lakumusin at itapon, itinupi ko iyon ng maayos at ibinulsa bago ako pumasok ng opisina.Naroon na si Xander na nakasandal sa mesa niya habang pinag-aaralan ang mga idini
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