Demon's Evolution

Demon's Evolution

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A new world with nearly unlimited possibilities. A system, classes, magic, skills and monsters. Sounds exciting? But for Jin it didn't go quite as he expected nor was there a princess or a Goddess to welcome him to this new world, his only hope was the system he received. Left alone in the darkness, How will he survive when he wasn't human in the first place?

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400 Chapters
New Life
I lost all my senses as I was enveloped in the terrifying darkness. I felt as if I was separated from everything I had a connection with, the material world, my senses. Trying to remember what happened to me, but all I could remember was that I died and found myself in a strange place before everything became filled with darkness. Yes, I remember one more thing. The voice I heard before being enveloped in darkness was saying something about some system activating. While I was dwelling in these thoughts, sounds began to come in from all directions and just as it reaches me, I hear a voice. [System Activation Successful] [Status] [Level:1] Is this what I think it is..... [Stats] HP: 50 DEF: 15 ATK: 9 [Other stats are locked] Holy shit! So if I am correct, I just got reincarnated into some world with a system. Does this mean I am some hero with OP skills like in those novels I read!?
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I saw it, something I never would have wanted to see.A beast that I have seen in the games I have played. The epitome of strength, brutality and madness.Orcs.It made me come to the reality that the world I am in now is not Earth anymore. All this time I was still going easy with everything treating it as if I am in some game.The wolflike beast that I saw earlier is being held in one of its arms as it uses the other to tear it in half. Just to remind you, the wolflike beast is at least 3 times larger than me, but it wasn't even worth comparing to that Orc.I thought that Orcs were at least twice the size of a human but the one I am seeing right now is easily 5 times the size. that also makes me realize how gigantic this place is. Even though the Orc is almost 15m in height, it doesn't even reach half the length of this place from the ground to the ceiling.Does this mean that there are monsters or beast that is larger than the Orc in fron
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Level Up
[Stealth has reached level 3]Hmm? Nice! Skill level up!But how did it levelled up? I didn't even hide...I get it. What I am doing in this hole is hiding! Does that actually count? This is such a huge opportunity to farm my skill level for my stealth. I should try and see what other skills I can level up in this way.I'll think about that later, I need to hunt today. It's not every day I'll get free food from the Orcs. But engaging in combat means instant death for me based on the monster I have met till now.I'm sure there are other weaker monsters in this place, Right!!?? If not I am totally screwed.I also need a safer place as my shelter, the hole I am staying in now may be safe for now but if I am found it's more like a death trap cause I have no way out.I'm so hungry...Hiding in my shelter there's only one thing on my mind.FOOD!!I'm starting to remember all the delicious foods I have eaten in my previous life,
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Finding Home
Checking on what I have saved up during my time here...Skill points: 4Stat points: 1Essence: 100I think I cannot hold off on saving these points up since I need to get stronger to explore and search for a new shelter.Let's check out how the skill points work.[Do you wish to buy new skills?]What! I thought it was for levelling up skills!? But it is for buying skills instead?? I could have survived way easier if I had checked this out earlier. No use regretting now.YES![Available skills]-EVASION: Dodge any attack one time. MP cost: 20  Skill point :3-BLACKOUT: Release a thick and dense gas covering 2m in radius from the source blocking the sight of all inside the gas. MP cost: 15  Skill point: 2-STEEL BODY: Passive skill which reduces damage taken by 10% Skill point:6-PIERCE: Enhances the next attack with a piercing effect that will ignore 20% of armour. MP cost: 10
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A Plan
I haven't thought about it seriously before because I was occupied with more important stuff but are Epic rank monsters that common? Aren't they supposed to be near impossible to find, more like whoever finds them doesn't live to tell the tale but I am now doubting whether Epic rank is that high of a rank at all? In just one day, I came across two Epic rank monsters even though they were newborns they were still Real Epic rank monsters. Epic rank or not, it doesn't change the fact that I am going to kill that baby dragon today. No pain no gain as people use to say in my world or do I say my previous world? Although I am worried there will be more pain than gain or quite possibly pain only, I was a person who lived for overpowered skills, I cannot live without having anything overpowered in my arsenal of skills or abilities. And one thing that could possibly give me something overpowered is killing an Epic rank monster, not just any monster but a Dragon. Maybe a title like the Dragon
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[Upgrading to Armoured skin]Ughhhh!! I feel that I will have more chances of dying whenever I upgrade myself rather than from monsters!!When will it not hurt every time I get an upgrade…. They have said in the past that great risk brings great reward and of course that is true. But I don't know whether it is worth it at all. I hoped to minimise as much risk as possible, circumstances have forced me into being aggressive and thankfully it has paid off![Condition for evolution not met]Hmm? What? What am I missing here? Is that not the last upgrade I can take… let me check my status.[status]Species: Newborn Imp(4/5)Exp:44/50HP:70                CON: 5                (1 CON= 10HP)DEF:23            DEX: 3                    (1DEX= 5 DEF)A
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The moment the shell hit the floor, the baby dragon opened its eyes as it awakens from its slumber.I could feel the pressure it emitted as if a giant weight has pressed down on me, all I could do was to remain as still as possible. My senses were telling me to go and run away as fast as I can. Maybe me being a lesser demon affected me. I hesitated whether I should just give up and run away but I wanted to try at least once, u never know until u try right?However, it only looks at me once before it closed its eyes and resume what it was doing a moment ago.  I instantly had one thought, maybe the dragon is in some process of evolution and cannot move? I could be totally wrong and fuck myself up but I believe that it is true.Before anything I want to see if analyze will show anything to me. that would be the safer and smarter thing to do.Analyze![Epic rank - Newborn Falak dragon][Offspring of the Epic Rank Falak Dragon. Excels in spe
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The Other Side
"W-what's going on here?!"Someone shouted. Geometrical patterns, just like a magic circle you'd see in anime, formed on the floor of the classroom.Then, in the following instant, the space around them changed – turning into a large ground with a large circular plate with unknown symbols.An unknown number of people out of nowhere appeared on top of the circle as the archimages finished the ritual."Hurraaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"The people, citizens, everyone was on their knees as they shouted in unison. The otherworldly heroes were their hope. For every generation, they were told the stories of heroes, of how they slew the monsters of the dark, of how they protected the empire, of how they sacrificed their lives for the people. Instilled on each citizen was a deep sense of respect and honour for the so-called heroes. And today was such a day where they would get to see a glimpse of their heroes."'One moment they were si
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Demon Vs Dragon
It's been roughly 3 hrs since I started converting the high tier essence to normal essence.[5 secs remaining].........[Coversion complete][Gained 5000 essence]Niceuuuu!It is enough to get two skills at most. I didn't hope for much but I was hoping for it to be much higher than 5000. Since 1% is 5000 essence then all the essence available here is about  500000??? Damn what a huge waste!I have not realised it before but once I looked into the skills section again, I can't decide which skills to choose.One way is to take the Biokinesis which cost 4000 essences since I don't even need to injure the dragon's exterior and directly caused harm to its internal organs. But can it really do enough damage to kill it? most likely not.The other way is to take poison generation and amplify which cost 1000 and 1500 essence each. I can strengthen myself to penetrate the dragon's thick hide and apply
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Brightwing Empire, the other-worlders are all at the magic hall of the empire to find out their status and arts.Anthony grabbed the hilt of the word as he chanted."status open!"The next moment a video-game-like interface popped up in front of Anthony. It was big enough for the people in the room to see from a distance.[Status]Name: Anthony marcLevel:1AGE: 18Species: Human (Otherworlder)Titles: HeroClass: NoneART: Holy light User (ability to wield all holy magic. Holy and light magic increase levels more easily)          Claymore Arts Lvl 1          Hydro Arts Lvl 1 ( water)          Pyro Arts Lvl 1 (fire )          Geo Arts Lvl 1 (earth)            Anemo Arts Lvl 1  (wind)            Lig
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