The Alpha's Moon Princess

The Alpha's Moon Princess

By:  Raelyn Karson  Completed
Language: English
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BOOK ONE OF THE MOON PRINCESS TRILOGY: A Prophecy, spoken by the three Goddesses known as The Fates, foretold of a child born with a white wolf. The child would become the ultimate destruction or the ultimate balance. On the night of a full moon, nearly eighteen years ago, the child was born and she would be known as Kyra, the Moon Princess. Kyra spent her life as a rogue, never belonging anywhere, constantly on the run. Until one fateful event lands her just outside the borders of the Night Blaze pack. The Alpha, Hunter, learns that she is his fated mate, but she doesn't believe it. The truth of who and what she is revealed. Kyra has to decide if she will stay with the devilishly handsome Alpha, who makes her question everything or face her past alone. For the first time in her life, more is at stake than just her life. Will she become their undoing and end up being the one that brings destruction to them? Life as Kyra knew it will never be the same, she will have many obstacles to overcome to learn who she is. Though will it be enough to fulfill her destiny? What will happen when she decides to stop running and face the past that haunts her?

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Kyra was a girl who was born with a mysterious status. It’s said that she is born with a white wolf and will be an influential person who can decide the situation of werewolf packs. She is a rogue who has enough freedom to go anywhere she wants to go. However, on the way to travel, she encounters the Alpha Hunter. He claims that she is her fated mate. Although she doesn’t believe it, his words make her confused about her status. Who is herself on earth? The handsome man let her question everything that she experienced in the past. Eventually, she has to decide whether she begins her journey continuously. How choices will she make? Read The Alpha's Moon Princess.

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175 Chapters
"Dad! Please wake up!" I screamed out as I shook his limp body. I didn't understand what was going on. He only left to hunt for food. I was supposed to stay in our little cottage and wait for him to return but after the sun started to set, I became worried and went out to look for him.  Then I smelt so much blood. I knew instantly who it belonged to. I remember the training my father gave me and a constant reminder that if something ever happened to him, he wanted me to run away and keep moving and not to let anyone ever catch me.  Yet I couldn't bring myself to do that. I needed my father. I fully expected my wolf to argue with me, but she just whimpered in my head and didn't say anything.  When I found him, I knew immediately he was dead, his throat had been ripped open and he was covered in blood
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Chapter One
Four years later Kyra- How much longer must this go on for? I'll be eighteen in a couple of weeks and yet I have once again just evaded a rogue trying to kill me. At this rate, I'm starting to believe that there will no longer be any rogues left if they keep attacking me this way.  I am tired, hungry and even with our unique healing abilities, it's getting harder to heal. My wolf and I are barely speaking because for the past two years I've been fending off attacks almost on a daily. Not to mention we are using more energy just fighting off the elements and trying to keep our strength up from barely eating.  At this rate, we didn't know if maybe we were just unlucky, or my father was just really good at taking care of us. No matter how long or how fast I ran, I was const
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Chapter Two
Kyra- "Kyra, please open your eyes." The masculine voice that filled my head was strange. I've never heard that voice before.  Looking around I don't see anything but pitch-black darkness. Where was I?  I tried to remember something, anything. Yet everything eluded me. Who was Kyra? Was that me?  "Hello? Is anyone there?" As I spoke, the only thing I could hear was an echo of my own voice. I was alone. I didn't like the idea of being alone, but oddly enough it didn't seem to feel wrong. What was this place? No idea of which way I needed to go, I just started walking. Just point my toes in a direction and let my feet carry me forward. I felt uneasy and scared. I didn't know where I was or who I was. I just kept
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Chapter Three
Kyra- -Dream- "No, we can't tell her Alice. She cannot know." I heard my father talking softly, just outside of the apartment we were staying in.  I'm not sure if he knew he left the door opened slightly, but I could hear him clearly as if he were standing right in front of me. He sounded distressed as he spoke to whoever was on the phone. I hadn't even known he had a phone. He had told me it was too dangerous to leave a trail for someone to find us. "I don't care, Alice, she needs me. Where was Selene when she was being hunted by the others? Who raised her as their own? She is my daughter." My father told whoever was on the phone.  I wasn't sure what had him so upset, I wanted to go out to comfort him. Something in
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Chapter Four
Kyra- "Alexia?" I hadn't heard from my wolf since I woke up and it was a little weird. I could feel her presence, but she was unusually quiet.  Deciding to go look around, I quietly opened the door to the room and peeked my head out. I didn't see anyone in the long hallway. I stepped out of the room and went towards the staircase and once again didn't see anyone. Trying to be as quiet as possible I slowly made my way down the stairs and came into a large open foyer. Looking around I saw a couple of old antique chairs sitting against the wall under the staircase. In between the chairs was an identical small side table with a notepad and pen sitting on it. There didn't seem to be any other furniture. There was just an open space covered in a light brown carpet. I cou
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Chapter Five
Kyra-  Why I needed to stay until my birthday was beyond me. Yet Alexia and I had both agreed. It would give us plenty of time to figure out what we would do next. I didn’t want to continue to fear who was after us. It was time to start coming up with a plan, instead of always running and having nowhere to go. After talking it over with Alexia, she also agreed it was high time we stood our ground. We needed to stop running in fear and figure out who was even after us. My father had not disclosed too much information, we seen no reason to ask questions. We knew that the alpha from the pack we ran from, considered me an abomination and that my mother stayed behind to give my father a chance to escape with me. He claims my mother is still alive, but it has been nearly eighteen years, and four years since my fath
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Chapter Six
Kyra-  It was now Sunday evening, it's been three days since I've agreed to stay until my eighteenth birthday, and tomorrow was supposed to be my first day of school. I had spent my time trying to keep to myself. I hadn't really seen Hunter since the other night when he walked me to my room and wished me a good night, not that I was really complaining. I liked the reprieve a bit. I still wasn't sure how I felt about him. I made friends with the kitchen staff, I've actually spent most of my time in the kitchen. There was an older lady that I came to think highly of. Her name was Lucille, though she went by Lucy   She was probably the sweetest lady I had ever known, and I couldn't help but think that if my mother had been around, I imagine she would have be
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Chapter Seven
Hunter- I was happy Kyra was letting her walls down and connecting with my pack members. I wanted her to feel safe and welcomed. Though watching her with others, brought on a burning rage that was so intense that I felt as if I was being crushed by an elephant. Others got her smiles, laughter, and even her carefree attitude. She was my mate, even though she didn't recognize it yet, but I didn't know how to reach her.  I thought by giving her time and distance that she would not see me as a threat. Standing against the frame of my office window, I watch her wolf run towards the tree line, Caleb's wolf struggling to catch up. She was sublimely astonishing. She ran with grace but was exultant and powerful. Jealousy started forming at the pit of my gut.

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Chapter Eight
Kyra-  The next morning, I laid in bed completely awake. I hadn't slept all night and I tossed and turned as I tried to understand what I had just witnessed. Had I really been wrong about him? Was he really my mate?  I admit I felt something for him, his touch was light a light electric charge over my skin and he smelled like sandalwood and pine, which seemed to soothe me when I was around him. But other than a few minor things, I didn't feel any pull towards him. I think perhaps I am just reaching, trying to understand what it was I felt for him. I admit I didn't essentially hate him, but I didn't really like him either. I was intrigued by him.  I don't know what happened between him and that girl, but whatever it was, I doubt it really concerned me. Turning over onto my side, I faced the window and could see the sun just peeking out over the horizon. Today I was supposed to start school. Not sure how good of an idea it was, bu
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Chapter Nine
Sitting at the table in Hunter's office, I looked over the test. I had already completed it, but I kept staring at the subtext at the top that said to show my work. I didn't know how. It hadn't been a difficult test for me, I was able to figure out the problem in my head. If I didn't show my work, would I not be able to attend? "Do you need help with a question or something?" Hunter asked from his desk across the room. I didn't respond right away, which caused Hunter to come to stand behind me, peering over my shoulder.  " You finished already? " He sounded surprised by that and I wasn't sure if I was done, I still had to figure out how to show my work.  "I am trying to figure out how to show my work." I admitted. "Well, how did you figure out the problems?" He asked as he gazed over the test. "In my head. The math was uncomplicated for me, my father taught me a lot about different topics. I understood the problem and
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