Falling For My Husband

Falling For My Husband

By:  Castiel  Completed
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Dangerous Desires Book One. I, Zia Walker, take you, Xavier Luciano, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. I will honor you all the days of my life. 'And above all, I vow not to fall for you.' ~~ Trapped with the responsibility to my family, fate forced me to marry Xavier Luciano. He was the perfect solution to my problems, but there was only one condition he asked before promising me his ‘I do.’ “Don’t fall for me,” was his unbreakable rule. I laughed at him that day, thinking how easy it is to follow his stupid rule. I’m in love with my ex-fiance, his younger brother Calvin, so what could possibly go wrong? I agreed without hesitation, seeing him as the ticket out of my life’s predicament. Like a raging wave, the realization of my vow’s weight crashed on me. How can I fulfill my promise, when even in the darkness and danger that surrounds him, I’m hauled like a moth to a flame? How can I fight the slow burn of falling for my husband? The man I swore to cherish and adore, until death do us part, and the one my heart chose to love. ~~ [Mature Content] ~~ Follow me on lnstagram Castiel_Lj Cover by DobolyuV

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80 Chapters
Extreme darkness has always been an enemy of mine. I hate not knowing what’s coming for me or what’s already there, but for the love of my life, I’m willing to face my fears. “Miss Zia,” my driver and closed-in security detail Erik called before I could slide out of the limo. Erik is like a father to me, but I know I’m giving him too much headache that Dad doubles his salary every year. “Come on, E,” I pouted, “it’s Calvin’s birthday. Give me some boost here.” At the age of forty-one, Erik is still as fit as a man in his thirties. He had to be in keeping up with my exceptionally stubborn behavior. He has no job other than to be with me - guard and protect me - all the time, which has proven to be a challenging task. Since I was thirteen, the bodyguards assigned to me quit even before the end of their first month
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My fiance’s room housed the cacophony of their moans. Her whimpers of pleasure mingled with his grunts of satisfaction. She screamed his name; he groaned hers - Ashley, that is her name. For a moment, I wished I reached the wrong balcony, although I am a hundred percent sure that I didn’t. For a moment, I hoped I heed Erik’s request of waiting in the morning when the party is all over to come and see him. It lasted for hours, maybe minutes, but who the hell cares? Clearly not them. I backed up on the wall beside the sliding door, needing something to lean on to, looking up at the sky, loving and hating it at the same time. I loved this place; I loved this room; I love the man fucking Ashley, only a few feet away from me. The sound of the headboard banging against the concrete wall is deafening. His commands to her to get into every position are loud and clear
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3|Shiny Packets
My throat is as dry as a desert under the scorching heat of the sun. It’s painful to quaff down air. My mouth can’t even produce its own moisture to relieve the searing pain caused by the dryness of my throat. I didn’t know how my night turned into this embarrassing nightmare. First, I heard my fiance fuck his secret lover and promised to divorce me five years after our marriage so that they could be together. Second, I am acclaimed to be an excellent climber and almost fell 40 feet because of my weak gripping. Third, I am facing Xavier, fiddling like an uncomfortable idiot. I feel so small that I wanted to shrink into his gray sheets. “Uhm…” I cleared my throat, setting the empty rock glass on his bed, reaching for my phone inside my dress pocket as I stood. “I better leave, E must be waiting for me.” As I fished out my phone, the condom I packed and aimed t
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4|Beneath the Maple Tree
Hang-fucking-over. I hate it. I was never one to hate the world. In fact, I love mother earth, being under the scorching heat of the sun with sweat gliding down my skin. Even the snow on the mountains that would chase my breath away the higher I climb. I love every season but autumn is my favorite one. It turns the landscape into burning orange, red, and brown until all the greens are gone.  Now, I hate the cold wind that’s passing through the slightly ajar balcony glass door. It’s so damn cold, freezing my broken heart that needs healing. I also love being around people. I travel every now and then to meet people around the world and learn about their culture. Now, I just want to be alone. For once in Zia’s happy l
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It’s not as easy as it looks. My actions have consequences, even when I’m just fighting for my rights. The right to be treated fairly, the right to marry someone loyal and faithful to me. I couldn’t do it. Well, I haven’t tried yet. ~~ After that eventful and fruitful talk with my ex-fiance, I threw the diamond engagement ring he gave me in his face - while he was still nursing his pained wiener. I wish I could say it was worth it, that the pain in my chest lessened, but no. It only worsened because now I don’t feel the heavy ring around my finger, a mark ending everything between Calvin and me. The black hole of desolation in my chest can’t be filled with the amount of vodk
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6|A Glass of Wine
Morning came. The rays of the sun passed through the glass door of the balcony. Its warmth prevailed inside my room, caressing my skin. I’m enjoying the last of the sun before winter, yet my eyes remain open. I’m in deep thoughts because of what I heard last night. That agreement still bothered me. What could it be? From the way my parents spoke of it, I’m sure it’ll have a great impact on our family, or if what I fear is right, on our family business. The Lucianos are a long-time friend and affiliate of the Walkers. I grew up with the tight bond of our families and as far as I know, it all began with Grandpa Josiah and Grandpa Mansueto Luciano. I was never interested in business, and I’m glad that my parents never forced me to drift deeper into it like what Pier did with his sons. The Luciano Corporation and Walker Corporation have ventured into businesses t
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7|A Solution
The nerve of that man to join this dinner! My father wears a passive look. The way he pressed his lips into a thin line is my only sign that he is in for business. This is what I was afraid of. After this night, a rift will give enough distance to the unbreakable bond of the Walker and Luciano clan, two of the most wealthy and powerful families in New York City. We exchanged pleasantries. It surprised me to see Xavier gracing us with his presence. He never comes to any family gathering, ever… so why is he here? “They forced me to come and wear this,” he said, answering my mother’s compliment about the gray suit he’s wearing. He looks good indeed. The Luciano brothers are quite an alluring sight dressed to the nines. Xavier has that hot and rugged yet smooth vibe goin
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8|More Alcohol
‘When in trouble, blame it on the alcohol.’ I reminded myself, swallowing hard, ignoring the ear-splitting silence that followed my declaration. My mother’s hands squeezed my thighs excessively tight, surely leaving a mark on my skin. Francine choked on her wine. The poor lady couldn’t even bring her hand to wipe the beads of the liquid that dribbled on the side of her pouty lips. Pier gaped, green eyes fixated in my direction while my father remained calm. It’s like he was expecting me to say something stupid. “Fuck, no!” Calvin assumed he had the right to speak his mind into this matter, announcing his protest, breaking the painful stillness. “Zia, honey,” my eyes stand glued on Xavier, watching him. His features remain still, as if he’s lounging on a beach, alone
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Something in me felt different. I can’t point out what it was. All I can say is that I don’t like what I’m feeling. I hate it. If this was part of his game to change my decision about my proposal, well, it’s damn working. He could’ve just said no. He didn’t have to humiliate me like this. I didn’t wait for Erik to respond to my message and headed straight through the door where we came in. I might have shoved one or two intoxicated clubgoers on my journey to exit accompanied with half-hearted apologies. Truly, I am not sorry because they’re blocking my way out of this suffocating place. So I’m dealing with the asshole, Xavier. He lives up to his surname. He lives up to the standard his brother imposed on my head. I don’t
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This is your author CastielLj, and I’d like to introduce my stories before FFMH if it’s your first time stumbling upon my work. If you are already a follower of mine, thank you so much! We’ve come a long way since Devin, eh ;) Here are my books on GN. 1|Devin ~ CEO/Billionaire Romance 2|Don’s Fiancée ~ Mafia Romance 3|Promise Me Jake ~ Teen Romance [A sad love story.] 4|Evan ~ CEO/Billionaire Romance [Devin’s spin off but it can be read as standalone] 5|Falling For My Husband ~~ Lastly, this novel is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. xx ~She’s the flame that melted his cold heart. He’s the glacier that calmed her burning
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