A Million Galaxy Away

A Million Galaxy Away

By:  Jupiter  Completed
Language: English
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Alexa is a hardworking person. Always helping her mom after her dad disappear. One day of her existence, she met a guy named Daniel. Mirana the sister of Daniel have search planets by planet in order to kill her older brother. Daniel is the heir in Aleris and Mirana wants to kill him to take the throne. As soon as Mirana finds out that he’s on earth, she send thousands of ships to attack earth. Daniel without knowing the planned attack contacted one of his friends to help him get out of earth, so that his sister might not find him. But everything’s too late. Earth is now a warzone. So Daniel have to go, leaving earth behind and hoping that no other planet will suffer the same faith. Before leaving, Daniel met with Alexa and tells her everything. She also has some questions about her true being that is describe by her mother before it died due to the attack. Alexa without a heartbeat, leaves with Daniel. As they were on the ship, Daniel needs an army of himself to fight with his sister. Knowing how powerful Mirana has been after she killed their parents. Daniel now seeks out people from different planets and galaxies who are willing to fight beside him. Alexa, still searching for herself within the stars have been hoping to know who she really is but Daniel doesn’t care whether what she is. As soon as Daniel have gathered his own army, he plan to attack Mirana. He finds a way to lure Mirana and fights her for the throne. Then he finds out something he didn't expect. Now he must decide whether to kill Mirana and acquire the throne? Or save Mirana to save Alexa?

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1: A New Beginning
Life has always been so heavy lately. Every day passes quickly just like riding a bus on the central avenue. “Today I was scolded by one of my boss and it is irritating because I don’t really know the reason, maybe old age is approaching,” Alexa muttered to herself. She needs to go home as soon as possible to take care of her mother that has suffered from dementia. Dementia that has slowly eaten her mother’s core memory of her and couldn’t even recognize her own daughter. Alexa felt a little bit of pity and longing within the deepest part of her heart. She is always bothered by her own existence. She has also forgot about her father who left them and made her mother like this because of all the things that bothered her. She thought of what it might have like to have a father by your side. Someone who takes care of everything else. She couldn’t continue thinking because the bus where she sit unto tightly had already stop in front of their street and she still needs to walk a
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Chapter 2: Earth (Daniel's POV)
Daniel is an aleric from the planet Aleris. Not long ago his parents died in front of him. He is the heir to the throne not until his sister, Mirana led a rebellion against him. He didn’t get the chance to sit on his throne because his sister already succeeded it. Mirana being power hungry knew that she has to kill Daniel so she can now control all power in their planet. She also knew that as long as Daniel is alive he can take away the throne from her. Daniel together with his right hand man, Arthur and his friend Isolde escape from Aleris. Right before Mirana launch an assignation for Daniel. Mirana is so furious because of this and decides to kill their other relatives that can take her throne away from her. She also killed people who doesn’t obey her. The whole planet is sitting on her foot. Daniel together with his friends, have travelled from different planets to seek refuge. They first landed at Kriskit the planet of merchants and traders. Arthur barter their
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Chapter 3: Destiny
Weekends pass very quickly. Alexa now works for Daniel. A brand new car pulled outside her vicinity. She glances at the window and saw a tall slim girl waiting outside the car. She hurriedly rush downstairs and get her bag. She has already made breakfast for her mother and a food that can be cook for lunch. She got her eyeglasses and make way for the door when her phone rings. “Hello? Who is this?” she said as scanning the unknown number. “Alexa, it’s me Harold,” Harold replied. “Oh it’s you, what’s the problem?” she asked. “I’m sorry by how my fiancée act last time. I told her to hire you again,” Harold said calmly but with a little embarrassment in the tone of his voice. “I’m sorry Harold but I already got a new job, I can’t go back there” Alexa replied. “Already? Oh well I just need to talk to you. Can we meet somewhere?” Harold asked. “I’m sorry but I have to call you again, I’m going to be late for work,” Alexa said. Then
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Chapter 4: Us
Alexa’s past instantly haunts her again. She remove her mother’s arms from her and then smiles at her. “Mom, don’t worry okay,” she said “Fine, by the way a guy name Arthur left some fruits and other stuffs here. He also hands me a note. I put it in the basket and it is at the kitchen. Go see it for yourself,” Alexa’s mother said. “That Arthur guy isn’t your boyfriend right?” her mother asks. “Mom no,” Alexa argued “Okay just making sure because he is a bit older for you,” her mother explained Alexa then head towards the kitchen. She saw a big basket with fruits in it. She also saw some paper bags at the countertops. She scanned the paper bags and sees lots of food in it. Alexa got shocked at what she sees. She then searches for the note her mother said. She saw it at the back of the basket. She read what’s in it.     My Dear Alexa, Everything is usual here at the company. Everyone has been talking abo
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Chapter 5: Dating and Problems
Alexa doesn’t know what to tell Daniel. He immediately confesses at her. Now she doesn’t know what to do. Whether to acknowledge it or leave it be. After what happened to Alexa’s house. They arrive at the hospital. They entered the room and sees lots of people in it. Some are Alexa’s workmates and Lily’s family. Their family friends are also there. Her mother is now awake and when she see Alexa she cried. “Oh my baby,” Rita said “Mom,” Alexa said. “I’m so sorry,” Alexa added. “Oh baby, it wasn’t your fault. Please don’t blame yourself my poor child,” Rita explained Daniel makes everyone leave the room to give some space for Alexa and her mother. They all sat at the chairs in the side of the hospital and waits. Alexa and her mother talk for a bit. Alexa confess everything that her mother has done in the past. Her mother couldn’t take it in and cried. She didn’t know that Alexa has led a troubled life because of her. Her mother says sorry for everything
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Chapter 6: Conflicts
After a long ride in the cab. Alexa felt the sudden urge to cry again. She and Daniel wasn’t even in a relationship yet but she has already experienced some post relationship conflicts. She goes home after everything that has happened. She fight that urge to cry and enters the house. She saw Lily lying at the floor, sleeping. She also saw Arthur who is in the kitchen. She goes upstairs and tries to calm down at what is happening. Alexa puts down her bag and lie at her bed. She closes her eyes and then sleep. She wakes up after seeing a bright blue light shining at her eyes. She stood up and see a woman standing in front her. Alexa couldn’t see her face because she is facing behind her. She got startled when the woman speak.“You’re here,” the woman said“Where am I?” Alexa ask“In my subconscious,” the woman said. “We are somehow connected,” the woman added.“I don’t understand,
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Chapter 7: The Plan
(Mirana’s POV)“Mirana, we still haven’t found Daniel,” Allegra saidMirana stood up from her chair and looks at Allegra. She doesn’t seem happy about the news.“We have to find my dear brother Allegra or you and your family will die,” Mirana threatened AllegraAllegra nods and walks away from Mirana. She has ordered hundreds of their ship to scan every planet in their universe. Mirana ordered an all-out attack to every planet who will not cooperate. Mirana is ruthless and witty. She wants to find her brother and accused him of treason for killing their parents. That is her plan not until Daniel escape with Arthur and Isolde. She is very angry that day that their own friends and relatives are executed in front her. Mirana is the younger sister of Daniel but even though she is young. You can tell that she is ambitious. She said to herself that she is destined to make great things and one of this is ruling Aleris.
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Chapter 8: The Attack
Alexa is astound to what Daniel did and have said. She couldn’t believe Daniel is a man-looking handsome alien. She couldn’t even grasp the fact that she dated an extra-terrestrial. Alexa just stood there, looking at Daniel. She doesn’t know what to do. Whether to run or confront him.“Now might be a good time to say something Alexa,” Daniel said“Uhmm…” Alexa said“I know you will get frighten at me,” Daniel said“No, it is not that I am frighten. I can’t believe that people like you existed,” Alexa explained“Do you still love me?” Daniel ask“Nothing change. I don’t really care what you are,” Alexa saidDaniel walk towards Alexa and hugs her. They smile at each other and hug for a while till they hear people screaming. Daniel looks at the window and see people shouting and running for their lives. All car are abandoned and p
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Chapter 9: Leaving
They all look outside and saw earth got blown into smithereens. Alexa couldn’t help but feel emotional on what had happen. Earth is no more. She remembers every place she has been. She thinks of all the innocent people who have been affected by a simple grudge turn into hate. She couldn’t no longer look outside so she sat on a seat. Daniel looks at her and then sat beside her.“I’m sorry,” Daniel saidAlexa stayed quiet, not wanting to talk or any.“I shouldn’t have come here,” Daniel saidThey all flew away from earth’s tiny pieces. Alexa just stayed there and rest for a while. For the last months many things have happen. She couldn’t grasp that this is her reality now. She couldn’t even think that her mother is dead and so does her best friend and everything else she had known is gone. Everything, everyone is gone. They were leaving when something hit their ship.“Isolde?&rdq
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Chapter 10: Who Am I?
They were travelling soundly when Isolde cried. All of them look at Isolde and ask.“I can’t do this anymore,” Isolde said“What is it Isolde?” Arthur ask“We left Aleris and let the people suffer. We need to go back and fight for them,” Isolde said between sob.Alexa also felt sad for the people in Aleris. Daniel and the others just left everyone. It seems like they abandoned Aleris without doing something. They didn’t even fight or do some effort to save everyone from Mirana. If earth is destroyed, Alexa is sure many other planets have suffered the same. She is also sure that many innocents have lost their lives. Isolde keep crying that Arthur replaces her. Then Isolde goes to one room and lock it. She stayed for hours and Daniel just stared outside. Alexa also goes inside one room and Daniel follows her.“I’m sorry,” Daniel“Oh!” Alexa said as she is startled
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