Beautiful Mistakes

Beautiful Mistakes

By:  Seerat Kaur  Completed
Language: English
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Esme was compelled to marry Jasper by her parents. It had been two years. Her husband never paid attention to her as he should give to her as his wife. He was a good person but a worse husband. She knew. He was seeing someone. She never tried to find it out. Her parents died. So she was trying to fulfill her parents' last wish. Livia! Her best friend, one day forced her to go to the club with her. There she met him, Carlos King. He stole her innocence, her heart……. That night, she cheated on her husband. Esme was a good woman, trapped in an unwanted marriage. To escape, the daily torture of her husband negligence. She shouldn't have spent the most passionate night with a stranger in the club. But she wasn't ashamed of cheating on her husband.

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45 Chapters
Copyright ©2021 Seerat Kaur       All Rights Reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.       CHAPTER ONE                Softly, I smashed my head over her shoulder. I wasn't certain about walking in the club. I should be with my husband, smiling broadly, his hand tugging me tight to his side, a possessive hold on my waist.       It was nothing like my imagination. He never plucked a step with me. He never talked to me, he never looked at me.        'I'm just a showp
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       I let out a sigh and closed my eyes.     ' He should divorce me or he should not marry me. Perhaps, we… both are compelled by his parents. I need to find a solution or a way out of this wedding before I get mad. Such an environment isn't good for my health. I'm feeling nothing more than a corpse, I have no feeling left in me staying behind the four walls of his house alone. A zombie must have enjoyed his life more than me.'       "He's looking at you. I think he likes you. He's coming." Livia whispered in my ear. I could feel her laugh.       I snapped my eyes open. Instead of Livia. I saw his blue eyes looking at me. He sat down on the empty seat next to her.      Neglecting him, I reached for my glass. I needed this one. 'Where is Livia? '      I looked around for her. My sight caught m
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           I threw my head back as ecstasy surged through my body. Our bodies were drenched with sweat. I could smell *** in the air. I could never forget tightness.       My fingers dug in the soft flesh of her waist. I was careful with her but it couldn't satisfy my heart's worry about her.       Her nails dug in my shoulders, drawing blood. My breaths turned from fast to slow but not normal. Her hot breath was fanning my chest.       I zipped up her black dress through the cracks of my eyes. She was looking ravishing in a short black dress. She was an angel in a black dress. I closed my eyes again, feeling her nearness. I would never be so close to anyone. I could bet.       My eyes snapped open as I felt something wet over my shoulder. I glanced down at her with worry. Her face was hidden behind the curtain of her dark long hair. I
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            I stumbled on my feet. I closed my eyes and his attractive features flashed in my mind, "He's so handsome," I whispered in Livia's ear.      Livia giggled softly and patted her hand on my back, "Shh!" She clamped her hand over my mouth, "We're at your husband's whereabouts. He'll hear you," She said in a slow voice, almost whispering in my ear.       I curled my both arms around her, "You're my sister, my best friend, I love you. I don't care about my husband," I pulled away from her and took a deep breath. It wasn't a lie.       I pushed open the door. It creaked. I glanced at her and put my finger over my lips. My body was feeling strange to me. There was a sweet pain in my stomach and I was sore.      "He must be sleeping. We shouldn't make noise. And we can't talk about him, he has beautiful blue eyes, handsome face,
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            My head was pounding. I couldn't forget his blue eyes. It was the first thing that flashed in my mind after waking up. I was scared before closing my eyes that I would forget him. Even I dreamed about him. His words were haunting me, 'Never forget me, Angel.'         " I would never," I opened my eyes and pushed the comforter away. It was the weekend. Livia would be home. I pushed myself up. I could smell alcohol, his cologne and *** on me. What would he be doing? He would have forgotten me? I shook my head.               'I need to focus on something else like my husband. Jasper shouldn't marry me if he wasn't already committed. And Lorraine, she's pregnant. I'm sure about it and Jasper is the father of her child. I know what I will do now. I should have done it months ago as Livia has always told me. This marriage is only causing trou
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                                           I let the tears flow down my cheeks. I stepped into the living hall. It was enormous as I always told my mother I wanted it to be. I was still dealing with the pain of my parent's death. Though they forced me into this unwanted marriage. But I couldn't deny the fact that I had spent my life like a princess in my father's home.         I wanted them right here next to me when my parents gifted it to me. I want them to see me smiling. I also wanted to see their smile, but I could only wish for it. I was too sad and too happy. Dad remembered what kind of home I wanted. It was exactly like that.        "You alright?" Livia's voice was soft as it came from behind her. For a few seconds, I forgot the rest of the world. She put her hand on my shoulder, her gentle tou
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                                              I locked the door as Livia left my new house. I wasn't sure what to do. I had explored my house. It was so beautiful. It fitted in my imagination.        I walked into the kitchen. I opened the double door refrigerator. There wasn't much. In the morning, I needed to visit the grocery store or I could order online.        I was alone. My life had turned from west to east. I met him. I returned to Jasper's house. That night revealed the truth of our wedding. And here I was now, Alone. Read more
                                     I grabbed my stuff and my heels clicked on the floor. I was wondering, would he be thinking about me? He was extraordinary and I could foresee, no one could replace the place he had made in my heart overnight. I felt my face flaming. I needed to stop this. I was drowning in his thoughts. I tried very hard to keep myself from thinking about him the way he looked at me, ran his hand on my shoulder to down my arm.         I bent down to grab my phone. I heard something chiming. I was confused at first. It chimed again.         "Oh, it's the doorbell." I
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                               The days jumped to the weekend hurriedly. I had applied for whatever job I saw in the advertisement. I was still jobless. Jasper had asked me to work in his company. I didn't want it. Ivan had offered me a job in the publication world. But I refused him too. I didn't wanna work with my friend's fiance. Ivan had mailed me and asked me to reach the place for the interview at his friend's office. I didn't know anything about the job yet. I couldn't concentrate on anything until I met his parents and knew their reaction.        I put on a red dress and grasped my clutch tightly in my hand. I was nervous like hell. I hadn't eaten anything since the morning. I was afraid to throw up any time.        I was hoping they would invite us to their place as usual but Jasper invited them.    
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                                     I could sense the passion when he kissed her. He was genuinely in love with her. I felt a soft touch on my lower back. There was only one person who would be concerned about me. It didn't matter that I was carrying a board written ' I'm perfectly fine.'     "You alright, Esme?" Livia asked. Her face was a true picture of worry.      I smirked. I was waiting for this. I glanced back at Jasper and Lorraine, "I wasn't sure. When she asked me to be her bridesmaid." I breathed, "It wasn't that bad," I smiled.      "I'm not asking this?" Livia held my hand.      "I have told you. I don't love him. It doesn't matter to me. I'm just... " I paused, "They should tell me," I muttered.      'Things would be diff
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