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A tale that vanished in the ravages of time. The saga of an immortal who was cursed to die from thousand invisible arrows. To lift the curse and thus attain her goddess-ship she reincarnated as a human but was caught in the cage of love and betrayal. This is her ballad that narrates her love and life; her curse and redemption

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112 Chapters
It's about midnight. The long howling of wolves was heard from Darya van, the forestboundary between Amai and Hirangan kingdom. For the past many decades, it has alwaysbeen peaceful in the Mekong continent ever since Hiranga officially announced that they willno longer participate in any war unless they are provoked. It can be considered as therewon't be any war from part of Hiranga since no other country, even the Amai kingdom, woulddare to provoke the mighty beast Hiranga and its renowned Serpent and Hawks army.Amanya, the commander-general of the serpent army had a meeting with the othermembers of the army and was preparing for her usual night patrolling in the outskirts of thekingdom. General Jatin who usually accompanied her in this night patrolling was busy andcouldn't make it today, so she went unaccompanied.All was good in Hiranga and she was about to return, suddenly she heard a scream nearbyDarya van. She was perplexed as Darya v
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In the dayspring houses were busy making their morning tea and preparing for today. Shopkeepers were setting their stalls and some were purchasing. The streets were full of hustle and bustle. Loud neighing of horses were coming from the end of the street . As people turned they could see three big horses galloping and were approaching the streets at the speed of wind. They immediately paved the way for their commander as they could instantly recognize the mighty mascot and its master. The horses were followed by a squad of pythons. As she passed, her long hair with the scarf was waving in the wind leaving her majestic aura in the air. They could see the flag waving in the clouds high,  piercing through the air. They slowed their pace and the horses reared on reaching the gates of imperial court . "Respect to the commander " the soldiers guarding court gates bowed and welcomed them. They went through the fort and the pythons stopped and assembled at the f
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Amanya walked out so fast that she reached the fort within minutes. Jatin and Dhruv literally had to run to catch up with her. She was waiting for them at the imperial garden. Whenever she felt stressed it was her habit to visit a garden to cool down. "Amanya are you fine? don't stress out yourself" "Yes Amanya. Even if they really have ill intentions, don't you have faith in serpents and hawks? " "Hmmm." Amanya smiled but her face changed red instantly. "Now since they forced us then I can only reassure my reputation as the cold blooded Serpent Queen " A demonic smirk flashed behind her smile. "Ok jokes apart, now let's get down to business. Dhruv ask the cobras to report everything once in a week and immediately if they sme
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Jiva and Aram rode back to the imperial palace. Jiva was riding really fast that they reached the palace quicker than what Aram expected. Even when the cold wind was embracing him he was still sweating. Jiva was very disturbed to an extent that even Aram was concerned. Jiva directly went to the king's chamber without even informing the king. He was behaving like he met some national emergency. "What happened to the crowned prince that he even woke up his majesty from his sleep." "Maybe something really urgent." The guards standing before the door whispered to each other. Aram was standing outside the chamber thinking about his odd behavior just now. "Did he just get shocked from Amanya's behavior? Such a drama queen!! Or coul
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Abhik and Charan followed Yuvan closely . After the conference he went to his mansion ; The white pearl. He was staring at the white rose for a long time in his reading room. The atmosphere was too quiet for Abhik. "bruddah (meaning brother in slang), you have been staring at it for almost half an hour. And actually what does this white rose mean. I just know it's a symbol of cobras. Does it have any other meaning? " Yuvan smiled at him, something he is good at; to ease the situation. "Charan, what do you know about it?" "Little prince, Actually white flowers represent Serpents. White rose symbolizing cobras and White chrysanthemum for pythons. Finally white Lily symbolizing the serpent Queen. Usually if they are involved in any activi
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Chapter -6
This morning will be carved in the golden history of Mekong as it was going to witness a miracle. Even before the moon obscured, the streets of Hiranga were in full life. Soldiers were bustling here and there, preparing their parade. Jiva and Aram were thumbing in Lexicon to observe the final preparation and soon others joined Lexicon and started practicing welcome rituals and other ceremonies. The sun slowly painted the sky from pink to blue. With reference to the only request put forward; princes were the representatives of each country and only three invitations were sent to each  Mekongian state, that is three were going to participate in this conference from each state. When the calculated profit in this whole case was still with them as they can enter Hiranga, they agreed. Time stopped. The chariots of the prince and their subordinates arrived. They all looked at the majestic fort of Hiranga and they were welcomed by hawks who led them to Lexicon after che
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Chapter -7
"Prince Abhik, what our commander means to us you can simply infer it from the power and unity of serpents. For an army commander, power gets from his decisions and victories his tactics and ability but unity is formed from respect. She may be a devil for others but for hirangans she is a source of light." Abhik and Charan were perplexed by his words which were full of passion and honor. Even though Abhik dislikes Amanya for her rudeness he had an appreciation for Shankar's loyalty and humbleness. "Shankar, can you tell us what today's program is?"  While Yuvan was asking, their lunch arrived and the maids served them those delicacies. Shankar went to the guard who tagged along the lunch cart and they discussed something. The result was not pleasant
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The dawn break and its here, the main day of the conference. They all were given today's agenda. It mainly focused on a friendly talk with Hiranga and some experience sharing to improve peace in Mekong. But it's funny that the person who is like a sword hanging above the peace of Mekong is not attending. They went to another place with a garden setting for this talk. "Bruddah to be frank, other than that devil I liked everything here." Abhik was sitting with his brother while Charan was nowhere to be seen. After some time Charan came and whispered in Yuvan's ears. Abhik looked curious but he didn't ask because he knew that it was out of his concern. His majesty arrived at the scene with Jiva. It was a silent entry and it matched the atmosphere. Following
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"Frankly Amu, it was a brilliant act. They are double crossed in their own game and that too without even realizing." Jiva smirked in sympathy. "What else do you expect other than their defeat. They think cobras are a joke; ridiculous. They should know even the trustworthy guards of Amai who are beside their king are cobras." Amu laughed in satisfaction. "Amu now you said it I remember, you should not take that crowned prince of Amai Yuvan lightly. He was calm this entire day. Do you think he prognosticate our plan." "As for the case of Vira, we know it was Amai's plan and they were simply scapegoated. And for him he was calm not because he predicted our plan but because he knew it would be a flop. I think after all these yea
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The uninvited chaos that came along with the Mekong conference which gave the hawks and serpents a busy month finally started to fade. This start was welcomed with celebrations including wine which was supposed to be unbottled on the last day. The following week was also hectic as they were ordered to increase security in the borders and to bring Lexicon back to what it used to be but with certain changes; they decided to make it a hub for military recruitment, a hostel and a place for gathering. As the week was over Hiranga was back to normal. To celebrate the peaceful winding up Jiva suggested a drink and they decided to meet at where all this started- The Lexicon. That night they all gathered. In between all those drinks and food they started recalling all the incidents and analyzed it one by one. It was their hobby to get together and analyze following an important event. While chatting she was suddenly reminded of something. "Oh no! During all this hustle and bu
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