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Alessandro Da Luca is the most feared man, a Relentless businessman and a vicious mafia boss. He used to take what he wanted. He chose her. She couldn't save herself from his tricks. He gave her a choice, but there was a twist. She had to sacrifice her family. She couldn't be pathetic. So, she agreed to walk into his golden cage, willingly.

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ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED © by Seerat Kaur                The VIP hall was humming with loud music. Anger was boiling in her veins. His hand snaked on her bare waist. She fisted her hands as she wanted to claw on it, dug her nails on his skin and drew blood. She wanted to rip his hand apart. He dug his hard fingers in her soft flesh. She flashed her best smile and dug her nails in the back of his hand.       She saw a wave of anger on his face which was immediately replaced by an evil smirk. He yanked her to his side and curled his hand around her firmly. She perceived pain and shot him with her deadly glare.       The door kicked open of the VIP room. Her breaths caught in her throat as she felt his power.        Two dark bulky bodyguards scanned the room and stepped in. They stood on both sides of
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She smiled and took out her phone from her clutch and dialled her best friend's number. She answered it on the first ring, " Hye Em! Your so-called ex wants to know where his phone is? " She smiled, looking at him with challenging eyes. She shoved the speaker closer to his ear.        " Sure, Barbie! I'll explain everything to this dipshit, not just about his phone and laptop but also his foolish friends' things too. Come to my place dickhead! " She heard the phone double beep of the phone and disconnecting.        " You over-smart bitch! " He raised his fist at her.        Quickly she bent her knees and dodged his blow. It swiped over her head. Swirling she reached behind him. She hit him behind his knee with her heel. He stumbled and fell on his face with a loud thump.        " Didn't momma teach you to watch your steps? " She mocked and laughed at he
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                                      She walked on the pavement. She was staring back at the road to see any cab. But the road looked empty. A red sports car stopped. The windows were tinted. For a few seconds, she couldn't pluck her eyes from it.         She gasped at the beauty of it. Although, there were a lot of splendid cars on NY roads. But it looked special for a special person, " Wait! Barbie, I'll drop you. It's not safe to walk on the roadside in the middle of the night. " Matteo said, stepping out of his red sports car.         She spun and smiled at him, " You have a lovely car. But no thanks. " She shook her head and didn't stop her feet.         " Come on! Sister in law, don't be obstinate. " Matteo opened his arms and slung it immediately down.  
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To put the space between them, she put her both hands on his hard chest. She was perplexed as her hand felt the bulge under his chest. She patted her hand on it as it wasn't looking part of his hard chiselled body. Accidentally, her eyes met his. The corners of his lips lifted in a dark smile. He held her hand, " You wanna know what lies down the fabric. " He brushed his thumb on her cheek. Which was wet with tears.          " No, " She whispered immediately. It was a gun. She was sure about it. She didn't want to feel a satisfied smile on his face.          His smirk widened, " Good decision. You don't look prepared for my dark side. " The humour was gone far from his icy eyes and tone. His deadly glare stabbed her again, " My friends are in. Don't do anything stupid. " He said.          " What are you going to do? " She asked as his harsh words reverberated in her mind
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                                    Her breaths returned to normal when his car was taking her away from him. She stared at the ring and couldn't believe what happened right now. She was engaged to a Mafia and was unaware of it. She had a week. Running from him was already hovering over her mind. She glanced black. She gasped as she glanced at another grey stylish car following this car. She straightened herself and stared at the ring.           ' I'm going to sell your ring, and buy all the luxuries of life with your ring, away from you, where you can't find me, Mr Lorenzo De Luca. '       She made a promise to herself and waited for his right hand to stop the car. She wanted to reach home and spilt out everything to her best friend, Emlyn.                
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                                            She grabbed her toothbrush and stared at her slightly red eyes. She finished her brushing task and turned toward the showered. She checked the door's lock again.         She kept her attire casual, tight-fitting jeans and dark green crop top, makeup which showed her simple but beautiful look. The doorbell chimed and she trod at the door.        " Pancakes, " Emlyn erupted in a smile, holding the paper bag in her hand, " Ready? " She wiggled her brows.        " Just a second, " She arranged her shoulder bag over her shoulder and grasped her phone. She exhaled, biting her lip, " Ten missed calls. " She cleared the notifications. Her phone vibrated in her hand, " Gosh! " She threw her head back and frowned at it. She swiped
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                                            She sighed as she opened her eyes. It was a headache, she felt at first. She gazed around with a confused expression. She tried to recollect what happened?        Slowly, she recalled everything. Her eyes turned glassy. She pushed the thought away from her mind. It was just increasing the pain in her head.        Her searching eyes rested on his back. A pang of disappointment made her heart heavy. She wasn't expecting at least him, " Where am I? " She asked him. She wanted to lie that everything would be all right but it wasn't true. She wanted to know why his ring was on her finger? Was it some kind of a joke?        Her heart skipped a beat when he turned to face her, ' Why does he look more handsome than last time? ' H
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                                         Her mind was blown by the condo. It was beyond her expectation, the only luxury all over. The apartment was huge with marble floor and mirror works gracefully, and chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. Every time her eyes were drawn to the glass-enclosed wall, it made her wonder.     She had never been to such a place that looked so grand. She couldn't believe it, she had spent the night in his room. There were only two huge pictures hanging on the left wall of his room. In the first one, Lorenzo was with Matteo. Matteo was their youngest brother, handsome like them. He was known for his grand parties and stayed in the news because of it.       They weren't in the centre of her eyes. Her eyes were peering in the blue eyes of the third person. She felt his power. His personality was o
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                                       She opened her eyes hearing noises. Emlyn and Romero were arguing over, standing in the aisle, " What's wrong with you both? " She asked, hoarsely.        " I'm asking for my phone. But this man is a pain in the ass. " Em snorted, staring at him disappointedly.        " Emlyn, don't talk like this. Keep your mouth tight shut there. You'll put yourself in trouble." Romero said and sat on his seat when the pilot announcement echoed.        She squeezed her hand when Emlyn sat next to her and frowned at Romero, " Calm down. He's just following the orders. " She said.        " Shouldn't he help us? " Emlyn stared at him.        " We don't know his situation. We can't judge this be
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                                  Nervousness bubbled up in her, with every step at them. Her mother took her in a rib breaking hug. When she stepped back her eyes were filled with tears, " Thank you. " She caressed her cheek.       Her father embraced her, " Don't tell your brother anything. He does not know anything. " He whispered in her ear.       She could feel him behind her, " Sure, dad. " She stepped back, smilingly. Her father was staring at Emlyn.            'So he c
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