The Billionaire's Bucket List

The Billionaire's Bucket List

By:  Fourth Gonzales   Completed
Language: English
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Dizen Lopez grew up a life he always had everything he could wish for because of money, power and wealth their clan holds and as the heir of the family, he should be as perfect as his life on every responsibility given to him. Then there's this young lady, Elizabeth Castro, who's the total opposite of Dizen. She grew up in a poor environment, far from city, always dreaming for the best in her life and wishing to be rich like others but, unfortunately, she's not blessed with talent and intelligence—even diligence and perseverance are out of her coverage. However, she still wants to survive and doesn't want to die poor. Destiny played its role very well, made an incident that ensued to the part where the poor woman met the rich man and asked her if she is for rent. Elizabeth accepted Dizen's offer to be his lover in exchange of money. There's no way she'd done it only for her own sake but she did it for her loved ones-for them to accept her and prove she's not the black sheep of the family. Now that Dizen's bucket list are almost completed, Elizabeth does not have any idea what is that bucket list for and the man had no intention to talk about it anymore. He's at this point where he will keep it a secret till death. But as they say, secrets will never be secrets forever. Elizabeth figured it out and she was all surprised when she knows that history might repeat itself again. How will she able to handle Dizen's secret when it is not just a bucket of list but there's something else deeper than it.

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    Chapter 1
      A tiring day but it's all worth it for this young man named Dizen who's sitting down on the passenger seat, watching the street lights as they travelling back to their home and then the car stopped as the traffic lights are now red. Beside him is his best friend Celo who always keep him company whenever he's up to something especially about doing all the things included on his bucket list which is their current errand. "Are we gonna rest for tomorrow or will run some another errand?" Celo asked, waiting for the lights turn to green. "I have no idea what is happening in the company since I started to have a leave, maybe I'll go there tomorrow," Dizen replied, not giving a look to Celo. "But your dad already know your condition and I guess he understands you, he loves you..." Celo paused before he continued, "besides, he can clearly manage the company so what are you worrying for?" 
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    Chapter 2
      Dizen is now drying his wet hair after he took a bath but his best friend Celo is now snoring, seems like he's really comfortable with the bed and pillow he has on his sleep. This pretty guest room has two bed so there's no way Dizen would deal with Mister Snore. Once his done with his hair, he stood up and made his way out of the room to return his wet towel to bathroom. Maybe peeking at the lady once again before he sleeps is another reason because why not? Who would have thought it might be helpful or for at least can induce sleepiness. Now he's yawning but he still manage to look at the girl when he got out of the bathroom, he stood there outside the door of his bed room as he watch the girl sleep. His yawns are now a smile which was bigger than his usual and it is one of the unusual thing he did for today. He carefully closed the door and the slid his feet way toward the guest room right
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    Chapter 3
        “What's with your voice? Stuttering, huh. Didn't you know your name, did you?” Celo glared at the woman who had just introduced herself and she's Eli, beautiful as her name.   Dizen turned his head and caught the staring eye of his best friend, Celo and he started blurting out, “You shut up and ready the car.”   “Yeah, right—” panicked Celo, “I mean, that's what I'm suppose to do.” He moved his feet three step backwards before finally turning his back towards the doorway out.   “Is it really all right to you?” asked Eli.   Dizen who's eyeing the footsteps of Celo, turned to face the woman. “Nope. Seeing you like that isn't all right that's why I'm inviting you to go with us so I can buy you some clothes.”   “But I don't have money.”   “Don't think about it. It's on me.”   “Okay,” she sighed, “I'll pay you soo
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    Chapter 4
        “Yeah, you should calm down.” Celo let his guard down as he's so shocked seeing his friend flipped out.   Dizen looked at the woman on his side, and the woman crept out a little smile on her lips. Is she feeling nervous or upset on me? Dizen thought.   “You both are match made in heaven.” Celo said after he had remained silent, looking and observing what the two is doing. “What a perfect two. You both love to complain. Hope you find peace with each other.” He shook his head and turned his back, making his way toward the pile of dresses.   Dizen stepped his one foot forward to argue with his friend who rolled its eyes before cutting their discord in a rude way. “Hope you find a better dress for her or else you'll find yourself dead.”   Celo increased the volume of his voice when he turned to the two and talked while walking backwards. “So I'm a nanny now, huh? Not a best
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    Chapter 5
        They're just walking their way earlier outside the mall after buying shoes for Eli and some other needs of the guys like tissues and petroleum jelly and they're still walking now but on their way inside Dizen's mansion.   “The old man's not around,” Celo after the two waited him to get out of the car. This man really enjoyed being the driver of his best friend.   “Yeah, probably busy at the company.” Dizen started to slid his feet away when Celo's at the same pace with him while Eli is just trailing behind.   “When will you get interested on it?” Celo continued asking as if there are only him and his best friend around.   Dizen tilted his head sideways to glimpse at his friend. “Maybe when crows became white.”   “You absent more than you visit your company.” Celo glimpsed sideways to Dizen and then turned his attention to the key he played in his fin
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    Chapter 6
        Celo and Dizen's knuckles were a little bit strained as they both gripped on their vintage coupe glass the bartender had served them, gently hefting it up to make some cheers so that the clinking of their glasses now complement the background music inside the club as the burbles of champagne streaming into gorges down to their insides.   They both heaved right after they took a sip of their drinks, looking to each other and that's when their smooth talk began.   “What did you see on that woman? Why do you still want to find her even if she already dumped you?” Celo asked Dizen, waiting for his friend to satisfy his curiosity. It was running at the back of his head for a long time so he has now got some courage to ask about that matter. Maybe a good answer will do with a better explanation but all he has got was...   “I don't know,” said Dizen and he paused for a while, “maybe I was thinking
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    Chapter 7
        Darkness were vanished by the light as the sun rises to say it to everyone that the morning has come yet it was so hard for the two, so as their tools who had awakened first than their eyes, to get out of bed but when Dizen remembered what he has to do, procrastination left his head.    “Hey! Celo wake up!” said Dizen as he was doing his best to shade the hell out of his best friend who was seem to be barely asleep.   “I'm sleeping.” Celo murmured, pulling back the blanket that his best friend holding right now but he is fighting so that he could still cover is timid face of course his body who is still feel cold because of the air conditioner.   Dizen snickered, giving up the blanket because he found a new spot to torture. And that was the both ends of Celo's belly witch was known to be his weakest spot and when you poke it repeatedly and again and again, it ticks more than the ticklis
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    Chapter 8
        Dizen who is sitting at the passenger seat of his own car but the one who is driving as usual is his friend Celo. As he reclined his seat and put his head on a headrest of his seat he threw a glimpse on his friend that both hands are on the steering wheel of the car and move the other one to enter the key so that the engine is now starting, so is the car right after a mere seconds.   Dizen have not said any words toward his friend as he was just want to look at him and then he took back his eyes, close them and then humming a song in his head and sooner came out of his mouth and when his friend come to hear it, he turned on the radio. And now they are both jamming to the song they both like.   But little do they know is that the moment they sing was the moment they are a little bit further on Eli's whereabouts. As they sing as the car keep going, when Celo looked at the left side throughout the window he saw the
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    Chapter 9
        Dizen is now heading his way out of the car while Celo is needed to park it. He entered the big building which is their company. Everyone that sees him greeted him.   He walked quickly until he got inside the elevator which was empty earlier but now there were some employees coming in. After waiting for the last person who will come inside and when there is none, they closed the elevator and select each floor they were going to.    Going out of the elevator, working out on his feet just to get in his father's office. Once he reached for the door knob, he twisted it and then once opened it without knocking, he barged inside.   “Looks like you aren't sick.”    “I am.” His father was just drinking a glass of tequila on his hand.   “What? Don't you know I have an important thing to do but I prioritized you because according to you, you are not
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    Chapter 10
        They're having the most happiest meal they ever had as what it seems and written all over their faces. But the one who is really enjoying is Celo, he ordered a lot of food even if it is not included in the package his friend promised. That's how he was called a thick-skinned person by his friend. But it was all right because they have known each other for so long it was not a big deal anyway.   “Since Eli accepted the offer to be your lover, you too should be start dating as in today.”   Dizen and Eli didn't listen on what Celo was saying. They continue eating without saying any side comments towards it.    But Celo began talking again, “You both, I'm being serious here. Look at me. You should be doing like this.”   He started to slice some burritos and put it on Dizen's plate. “Come on, Dizen do what I did on Eli. Oh, come on! Don't give me a face like that, just d
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