Can't forget you, My love

Can't forget you, My love

By:  udhaya  Completed
Language: English
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This is the heart touching story of three beautiful peoples Dhiya, Akshadh & Janu. Dhiya and Akshadh are Famous Oncologists by profession. Janu is a Social worker. How these three peoples get connected? What will happen if Dhiya and Janu falls for Akshadh? Whom did Akshadh choose to be with his life partner? Who is the sufferrer? What did the destiny plan for them? Let's together travel with the beautiful journey of love...

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61 Chapters
1. Can't Forget you, My love
This is the heart touching story of three beautiful people Dhiya, Akshadh & Janu. Dhiya and Akshadh are Famous Oncologists by profession. Janu is a Social worker. How do these three peoples get connected? What will happen if Dhiya and Janu fall for Akshadh? Whom did Akshadh choose as his life partner? Who is the sufferer? What does the destiny plan for them? Let's together travel with the beautiful journey of love...********************************************Story Begins....Dhiya's POVEarly morning"I landed in U.S safely. No need to worry about me. I am not a kid Mom",I pressed the phone in my ear and stepped forward taking my luggages."You are always a kid to me, my girl" my Mom said with a bit tension in her voice. I heard my Dad who is in urge to talk to me."Dhiya!" My Daddy's voice."Daddy, I reached U.S, within few hours. Your daughter is going to attend the world class conferenc
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2. Can't forget you, My love
All the selected members arrived in the meeting session and they took their respective seat except him. Without my knowledge, my eyes rolled right and left in search of him. He found nowhere.The last 5 minutes session was about to start. I got up from the seat and went out in search of him. I knew it was strange and I never behaved awkwardly before. I am the type of girl who doesn't start the converse first to the strangers but now something is pushing me forward to find him, what something? I don't know either his social service nature or humanity.I was searching him in all the places of that floor then rushed to down floor. A man was standing in the corridor facing outside, talking in phone. I stepped towards him to find whether he was Akshadh? I stood back to him silently. I was occupied with confusion, hesitation to talk etc but I didn't move from there.Unexpectedly, he turned towards me. I lost my grip and about to fall. He grabbed my hands b
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3. Can't Forget you, My love
The next dayAkshadh's POVI rubbed my eyes and dismissed the ringing alarm in phone. I woke up earlier and practiced the Yoga. Then, I took hot shower and came to the corridor taking the newspaper. I sat out listening to the gentle breeze of wind, chirping sound of birds added additional beauty to the morning scene. I read the morning news paper silently.My phone rang, I attended the call."Sir, I heard you are in U.S. Don't forget to come here before you are leaving,""I will be here for a week and I definitely come there Mr.John,""Ok sir, we shall meet there." said him and disconnected the call.I wore light blue color shirt covered with dark blue overcoat and match pants. I ran my hand over the hairs.I prepared myself and get ready for the training programme.I reached there at the correct time. All the five members were there including Dhiya. I took the empty seat
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4. Can't Forget you, my love
Dhiya's POVI was searching for Akshadh. I knew he will be with Allen? Who is Allen? I was thinking deeply and wished to meet the child.Mr. John was standing outside the room. He signalled me not to enter into the room."Why? Anything wrong?" I asked suspiciously."No madam, Akshadh sir was talking to Allen and you have no permission to enter inside,""Did Akshadh say this?" I asked furiously."Yes Madam,""No way, I will enter," I said and pushed the door."Madam please don't go," said Mr.John but I refused to do itIt was an empty hall. I stepped forward and I noticed a dim light in a room beside the hall. My eye balls get widened and I am focusing my vision to clear the view. Yes! I can see Akshadh in that dim light.I entered into the room. I saw a small child in the bed and Akshadh was running his hand through her hair. I went slowly
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5. Can't Forget you, my love
Dhiya's POVI was following Akshadh as he ran towards Allan's room. I got scared to enter into that room because already Akshadh warned me not to enter that room and also he told about Allen's reaction towards the strangers.Did anything bad happen to Allen? I was walking here and there with impatience. I prayed to God to save Allen. I stood there for ten minutes and I  couldn't stand there without knowing Allen's condition. Slowly, I stepped into Allen's room.Unexpectedly, Akshadh was coming opposite to me. I was shocked and stood in that place itself. I knew he would scold me now but that is not a  problem for me, Allen should get better that is the only thing running in my mind.Akshadh came closer to me. He grabbed my hand and walked towards Allen's room. I couldn't guess what is happening around me.Before the entrance of the room. He stopped and looked
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6. Can't forget you, my love
Akshadh's POVDhiya looked at me shockingly. What?? sinner!! What have you done to that poor family Akshadh?I hold my tears in my eyes and pain in my heart."On that day, I reached the U.S and as usual I went to my friend's home. They welcomed me and we had fun times together. My friend and I visited this same orphanage for many times before. My friend started this orphanage 6 years ago and after my friend's death the orphanage was under the control of Mr.John who is the younger brother of my friend....." I stopped in between as I can't control my emotions."What? Sorry to know that your friend is not alive. If you are not comfortable to share, no need any information regarding it, Akshadh. I will do everything as what you say in the case of Allen. Don't worry about it," said Dhiya  "Days shall pass but his death is still in
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7. Can't forget you, my love
"Stop saying compliments Akshadh, I have something in my mind and hope you will understand my feelings. Shall I tell you what is in mind if you don't mistake me?""Ok Dhiya!"She paused for a while, "Why can't we adopt Allen as our child legally?" Said Dhiya shocking me.I never ever thought Dhiya would say these words to me. I was shocked and at the same time, I was happy too. I could understand her love for Allen but I can't spoil Dhiya's life. In countries like the U.S, It is not a matter of adopting a child even without marrying but in countries like India, People would judge the character of the person if they adopt the child without marrying, It will affect Dhiya's life. She should be happy marrying someone and have children."Akshadh, What are you thinking? Did I said anything wrong?""Did you think about our Indian culture, Dhiya? Did you think about your life? People may misjudge your character etc...Don't worry Dhiya,
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8. Can't forget you, my love
Akshadh's POVI am not the guy to look upon girl's eyes with a kind of certain feelings. I am not the type of guy to stay in other's flat even if a girl begged to stay? What happened to me? I was thinking of turning the other side in the bed. Then again I turned to the opposite side. Oh my God! Her image flashed in front of me, This girl is not allowing me even to sleep. I stood up from the bed and sat in the nearby couch. My eyes get caught at her photo pinned in the wall. She looked flawlessly beautiful in that saree. I looked at her attractive eyes, I have no guts to look at her eyes more than a minute. Then slowly I moved my eyes to her sharp-pointed nose and then to her lips totally she deserves the title of Miss. India. It is the first time, I am noticing her to this extend.Then, I noticed a diary on the table. It is not good to read other diary so I kept it aside.
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9. Can't forget you, my love
Akshadh's POV"Dhiya, I don't know how to thank you. You are the wonderful gift of God to us. I have none to share my happiness now. Shall I hug you once, Dhiya?"She stood shockingly with no response. She looked into my eyes with a blissful feeling. I could read her eyes and then, She bends her head down with shyness.I hugged her and she hugged me back. I felt complete at this moment. Also, I felt that I have a better half to share all my happiness and sadness. Then a minute later, we loosened ourselves. I found Dhiya in tears."Dhiya! I am sorry if I am wrong" I said worriedly."Will you & Allen be with me forever, Akshadh?" She asked me.Meanwhile, I got a call from the training committee regarding the reports."Dhiya, Don't worry about anything. We shall discuss this little later. Now we shall examine the patients a
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10. Can't forget you my love
Akshadh's POV"Ok, daddy! When will you take me home? I wished to stay with you both," said Allen. I looked at Dhiya and Dhiya looked at me without replying."Tomorrow, we will take you to home, Allen," said Dhiya."Ok Mumma, I am very happy,""Have this food, Allen. Let me feed you,"A few minutes later, Dhiya feeds food to Allen. She ate everything. Then, she gave the prescribed tablets to her. Allen was adamant to have it."Allen baby, You are so sweet right?" I asked her."Yes, daddy!""Then, have the tablets so that you will get discharged from the hospital and as you wished we shall be together,""Ok, daddy!" She had a tablet. Within a few minutes, she slept peacefully.It was about 8.00 p.m. Let me drop Dhiya to her flat."Ok, Dhiya! Let us go,""Will Allen be alone here?" She asked caringly."No Dhiya! A special Nurse was there to loo
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