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For a Captain of the Royal house to have honour, he must saves the life of the only heir to the throne, else he will be dishonoured, and excuted; and for Captain Casablanca to become the king of the sea, he must kidnap the only hier, and vomit terror all around the Western sea.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
                                                                                 CHAPTER 1In16 AD, after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, a fog covered the whole sea; at a distance, a sound could be heard faintly, from afar, on the seashore. Moment after moment, the faint voice began to get clearer more and more, and thereafter, the sound became clearly heard. “Hum- ah, aa- ah, the king of the sea comes around. Hum-ah! All you men, run-run, run away, hum-ah!” Moment later, a very rugged and scary ship emerged out of the sea, lumbering left and right like a drunken man, as it reveal itself and the crew onboard. They are sea pirates. The pirates stood onboard of the ship singing on top of their voices. Their faces were gruesome and fearlessly looking, shaking t
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Chapter 2
                                    CHAPTER 2‘Row’ Captain Casablanca shouted to the crew onboard, ‘to the blue sea for the raid.’ The pirates shouted with excitement, and sailed on. He stood on the deck of the ship, looking into the water as it flowed, smiled to himself, ‘Life is beautiful.’ He began to think of how soon, he will get all he wanted, through the raid, before Zealot interrupted his thought. ‘Captain, Captain.’‘Yes, Zealot, what’s it?’‘The cruise ship we’re expecting is now within the view.’ Zealot said, smiling. He handed the binocular lens to Captain Casablanca, as he looked into it. He shook his head in satisfaction. ‘H’m! Not far indeed. Get your men ready, and inform Thomas to sail southeast.’ ‘Aye!’ Zealo
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Chapter 3
                                CHAPTER 3It was a little chilly the next morning. There was a little fog outside. At the down side of the basement in the Orlop of the ship, were prisoners kept in the prison, captured from the cruise ship. The place was dirty. Some men were sitting down dejected, while some were standing, holding to the bar of the prison cell.  Men and woman were put in different cells. A pirate walked to the prison gate, smiling with his gaped teeth, eating a lap of a chicken. The prisoners rose up when they saw him, salivating.‘You want some?’ He tossed it before them. They’re very hungry, looking at the man as he ate it. Four out of the prisoners are young boys, while the rest are adults. When the pirate saw their reaction, he threw the remaining part of the chicken into the cell, and they scrambled for it. The pirate was enjoying the show, laughing
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4 Some pirates were singing on the other side of the deck, and playing accordion, while some later joined in dancing, and they created a scene for the others to watch. Captain Casablanca walked out of his cabin, watching them too. As he was watching a thought came into his mind. He spoke to himself, speaking out his thought, ‘could it be a good move?’ He smiled, having got a satisfactory answer within himself. He walked back to the cabin, sitting on the chair, and sat there for some minutes, thinking and then walked out, and called a pirate. The pirates were still playing music. ‘Hey, come here.’ ‘Yes, Captain.’ ‘Get me Zealot and Thomas.’‘Aye, Captain.’ He quickly moved away.Some minutes later Zealot and Thomas walked down to Captain Casablanca cabin, and entered in.‘Sit down, comrades. I have a serious matter to discuss with you. You know we have a gre
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Chapter 5
                              CHAPTER 5                                                        At night, the water current was pushing the ship away without sailing it, on its own cause. The pirates were all relaxing.  A pirate was telling a story to some of the colleagues.‘I remember when the war of Kinsale began. We all thought that it will be the end of Ireland.’ He looked at his colleagues, and discovered they were all listening to him, he continued, ‘the leader of the rebel was a very strong soldier. Hum, I’ve forgotten his name.’ A man shouted from behind, it’s because you’re telling us lie that’s why you forgot, Lukas. You’re not there, how do you know the story? Why don’t you
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6After Ritaline had changed her outfit to a more benefiting one, her dressing caught the eyes of Thomas, as she was about leaving the ship to the city. Thomas called her, ‘Hey, Ritaline.’ The young beautiful lady turned back.‘Yes, Thomas. Aren’t you prepared to go out?’ she said.‘Sure, I will.’ He smiled. ‘I like the two of us to go to the city. Don’t you mind?’‘Why?’ she asked.‘It’s just,’ he stuttered, ‘I see it as a nice thing. More so, I will be there to protect you against any enemy.’ He brought out his gun, showing her. Ritaline smiled, ‘Really?’‘Yes.’‘Okay. I’m ready. Aren’t you ready yet? Thomas looked at her, thinking she was joking, but when he saw she was been serious, he ran into his cabin.‘Just a minutes.’ Not long after he walked out of the cabin, weari
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER 7Thomas walked to the deck of the ship, as they sailed to Britain, he was thinking. ‘I think I’ve have done no wrong, by not waiting any further. That was Captains’ instruction.’ He shook his head in sadness, feeling moldy within. Ritaline looked at him from a distance, and knew he was thinking, she walked down to him.‘What’s the matter, Thomas? I can see you’re feeling sad.’ Thomas looked at her, and replied, ‘Yes.’‘But know that Captain said you should move by sunset, you should not feel wrong, since that was what he told you to do. You sincerely obey his instruction, since he has not returned after waiting till the sunset. I don’t think you should be feeling sad.’‘Yes. You’re right. Thomas said, looking at the water. Ritaline patted him on the back, consoling him. ‘May be he shall join us later.’‘I hope so.&rsquo
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8In the next morning, the pirates met in Captain Casablanca’s apartment, to decide the next line of action. After a few deliberations, one of the men said, ‘Captain, I think we should go for our ship now that we’ve completed the mission.’Captain Casablanca looked at him, and smiled, and said, ‘Comrade. The ship had sailed off.’ ‘What?’ They were dazed and surprised, they wanted to know why? ‘Oh. How shall we then join them since we don’t know where they left to?’ Another said, feeling very sad. ‘What shall we do now?’Captain Casablanca looked at them seeing they are downcasted, he said to them, ‘We’ll use the common sense.’ He smiled.‘Common sense?’ A pirate asked with surprise.‘Yes.’‘How?’ Zealot asked, not satisfied with the answer, Captain Casablanca had given. Captain stood up from
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Chapter 9
                              CHAPTER 9Very early in the next morning, Captain Casablanca woken up, ready to leave the hotel to board the ship. Captain expected his men to follow up all he had instructed them; that they must not work into the ship together as group, but in pairs. Captain Casablanca, Zealot and Adam left the hotel together at first, as others followed, few minutes later, till all were out of the hotel. They dressed like merchant men. After all the passengers had fully embarked on the ship, the ship engine revved, as the ship sailed, given out a departure sound. The journey to Britain began. ‘Jones died like a good soldier.’ Captain Casablanca said. ‘We’ll think of what to do for his family when we get back to the ship.’ He said to Zealot and Adam who was sitting next to him.On the second day, there was a hurricane on the sea,
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Chapter 10
                                    CHAPTER 10On the third day, Captain Casablanca was lying on the bed with Priscilla laying her head on his chest, when she suddenly turned to him, and said, ‘You’ll be returning back to your ship today?’‘Yes dear.’Priscilla began to cry, and he tried to pacify her, ‘Please don’t that. I will not be away forever, I will soon return back. Stop crying. You’re worried that you’re always alone. You can never tell if you will be a mother, through the sex we’ve had.’‘That’s all you often say.’ She sobbed.‘Trust me. I believe you will become a mother by that.’‘But I need you, not only that.’ She added.‘I know. I will return back soon.’ Captain Casablanca finally said.Zealot and his wife was making l
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