Pregnant and Favored: See You in the Morning, Young Master

Pregnant and Favored: See You in the Morning, Young Master

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She got involved with the most noble man in Darlsbury in an accident. She was forced to leave and go far away after giving birth to a child. Three years later, she encountered the man again by accident. She desperately hid from him, avoided him and stayed far away from him! Who would have known that he would bring the baby to her doorstep? “Woman, why are you still running when you’ve already given birth to my child?” Xavia Lockhart: “…” He was renowned as the king of the business empire and he was the Young Master Burton that everyone was in awe of. She originally thought that it would be impossible for the both of them to be together. She did not want to become the person that he doted on the most. He doted on her, loved her and cared for her every day! After that, he said in an affectionate voice, “Mrs. Burton, please think about your second pregnancy.”

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2672 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Harder!”“Ahh!” A baby came crying into the world accompanied by the sound of Xavia’s painful cry.The doctors exclaimed excitedly, “You just gave birth to a boy!”“He looks just like Young Master Burton. He’s so handsome!”Xavia’s whole body was limp as she laid on the bed. Her face was pale as she looked at the child.He was the size of a kitten with fair skin and a loud cry. He had inherited Zivon’s godly and beautiful appearance indeed. She had a smile on her face as she reached out her hand as she wanted to hug the child.But…“Sister, thank you for helping me to give birth to this baby. I’ll take the child away now.” A beautiful woman suddenly took the baby away one step ahead of Xavia as she laid down on the portable bed on the side. Her face looked exactly as Xavia’s face under the light! They were twins!Before Xavia even had the time to touch the baby’s face, she watched as her elder sister carried the baby away. Xavia felt as though there was a knife stabbing he
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Chapter 2
Three years later.S City.“Xavia, the guest from Siena International has called to rush us again. You still haven’t delivered the takeout yet?” Xavia’s best friend urged her over the phone.Xavia walked through the intricate and complicated single-family villa area with the takeout in her hand. After looking for a while, she finally saw No. 99.“I’ve reached the place. I just found it.” “That’s great. The guest’s voice sounded very cold over the phone. People living there are all extremely wealthy, and he should be a powerful figure that you cannot afford to offend. You have to be very careful when dealing with him.”“Mm. Okay.” Xavia hung up the phone. She stood in front of the door as she rang the doorbell. She decided that she would get off work and go home after delivering this order.But when the luxurious electronic door was opened, Xavia was instantly stunned on the spot.This was because the man standing inside the door was extremely gorgeous and handsome. His handsom
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Chapter 3
Ding dong~ Just As Xavia was at her wits’ end, the doorbell suddenly rang, followed by a gentle female voice outside the door.“Zivon, open the door. I’m carrying something in my hands.”This was her elder sister’s voice!Xavia’s body trembled uncontrollably. As she was already nervous beforehand, the emotion intensified. She didn't even know how she gained the strength to push Zivon away.She was done for!Her elder sister was here!What should she do?Naturally, Zivon also heard the voice outside the door. He frowned as he looked at the woman who looked extremely pale in front of him. He raised his hand to open the doorbell video and his pupils dilated when he then saw a woman who looked identical to Xavia standing outside. What was going on?Why was there another Jenna outside when there was already a ‘Jenna’ in his arms?The atmosphere suddenly became very stiff.Xavia was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof and she could not be bothered about Zivon as he took her in
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Chapter 4
Zivon was still sitting on the sofa with a noble posture and he continued tapping the edge of the armrest with his slender fingertips, and he looked extremely elegant and noble during such a critical moment. It was as though all of this had nothing to do with him!This cold and indifferent man. Save her!The sound of Jenna’s high heels stopped in front of the curtain.Xavia was about to cry!She closed her eyes tightly and she was still making up excuses in her mind as she prepared for her death…But at this moment, the man on the sofa finally spoke up.“Jenna, there is no more red wine at home. Go out and buy a bottle for me.”Jenna stopped abruptly.Although she wasn’t close with him, she had spent quite some time together with him and she knew about his fussy and picky personality. How could he possibly drink red wine bought in such a small place?But she has never refused anything that he said before. “Okay.”After saying that, Jenna immediately left the villa.However
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Chapter 5
Outside the villa.Xavia walked out of the neighborhood in one go. The night breeze was cold and Xavia sniffed slightly. Although she had never once thought about the possibility of being with Zivon, she still felt uncomfortable because he had seriously misunderstood her and was even trying to use his power to suppress her. He was a narcissistic, arrogant and self-righteous man. How many innocent people would have to die if he was a detective?“Xavia Lockhart! It’s actually you!” A familiar voice suddenly sounded.Xavia raised her eyes and she saw Jenna coming out from behind the fountain!Jenna had a very elegant and beautiful temperament. She was also very arrogant and pampered. However, she looked slightly shocked with a hint of savagery at this moment.Her elder sister!“Sister, why are you here?!” Didn’t she go out to buy wine? The supermarket was not over this side.Slap! Jenna had already given Xavia a tight slap across her face before she could even react.Xavia fel
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Chapter 6
Xavia went home directly after delivering the takeout.She stood in front of the door before raising her hand to knock on the door. Very soon, a deliberately lowered voice sounded from inside…“Rooster, hen, chicken stew.”Another round of giving passwords again?Xavia smiled helplessly before replying, “Thank you my old friend for the double strike.”“Circle, steel ring, hula hoop.”Xavia: “The magic of love goes round and round.”Click! The door finally opened with the right answer. A little girl dressed in a white princess dress came running out as she hugged Xavia’s long legs. “Mommy, congratulations on getting all the answers right! You’ve won the qualification to come home!”The corners of Xavia’s mouth curled into a smile. She often worked the night shift. Yulia had always had a very strong awareness of safety. So, she would basically always ask for the password. Yulia was a very sensible and well-behaved girl.She was also Xavia’s biological daughter!Three ye
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Chapter 7
Luke grinned and he used his big hand to hold Xavia’s delicate hands. “Nothing much. I simply heard your foster mother saying that you like to drink plain water. So, I put a little something in it. Don’t worry, your mother had already promised to let you marry me. So, we will go and get our marriage certificate after tonight. I’ll dote on you and love you and your well-behaved daughter.”As soon as he finished speaking, Luke pulled Xavia into his arms. Deep down, Xavia was extremely shocked.It turned out that her foster mother asking her to deliver something was actually fake! Instead, her foster mother was selling her out!Xavia was still too simple-minded after all!She raised a hand to push Luke away, but ended up being too weak to do so. It was so soft as though it was completely boneless.It seemed like an embrace to outsiders!When Nathan had just stepped into the clubhouse and saw the two people in that position, he was extremely shocked. “Young master, that…isn’t tha
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Chapter 8
Xavia did not see Zivon or Jenna. She felt extremely distressed on the inside as she was getting dragged by Luke.When she was born, the fortune teller said that she would bring bad luck to her parents and her entire family. This was the reason why her own biological parents abandoned her. Her adoptive parents only adopted her for money and Xavia had never experienced the warmth of a family before. Now, she got set up like this!What kind of person was Luke? She heard that several of his wives were tortured to death by him! If she were to get married to him, Xavia was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to survive, let alone lead a happy life!Moreover, he also had a weird fetish! Xavia was afraid that Yulia would fall into his hands!No, she had to protect herself and Yulia!She struggled desperately. “You fatty! Let me go!”Luke had already desired for Xavia for a long time. So, how could he possibly let her go when she was already right in front of him at this moment? He grip
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Chapter 9
Zayne would not have expected that he would hit someone, let alone Jenna! He was extremely shocked.It took him three full seconds before he finally came back to his senses and hurriedly ran over.“Sister-in-law?”“Sister-in-law, are you okay?”What he got in response was utter silence.She had obviously fainted.Zayne was extremely anxious and worried. He took out his cellphone and dialed Zivon’s number.“Young master, I’ve accidentally hit sister-in-law!”“How did this happen?” The man’s tone rose slightly. His voice sounded naturally pleasing to the ears.Jenna had just sent him a message saying that she was downstairs. So, how could she have gotten into a car accident?Zayne looked down at Jenna’s pale face and explained, “I just picked Maison up at the airport. I made a turn too quickly, then sister-in-law suddenly rushed out. I already bumped into her before I could step on the brakes…I also did not expect this to happen…”Zivon originally had his doubts but when he he
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Chapter 10
Villa.Zivon’s noble figure stepped directly into the infirmary on the third floor. “How is her condition now?”It wasn’t because he cared about Jenna. It was just that Jenna was his future wife and the mother of his child. So, he naturally had to show an attitude of responsibility toward her.. Upon noticing Zivon’s return, Zayne hurriedly replied, “There’s no big problem. Maison is safe and sound and sister-in-law’s knee is slightly bruised. The reason why she fainted is mainly due to physical exhaustion. But young master, I seem to recall that sister-in-law used to be in good health before this. However, all of her health indicators during the examination this time seems to have been significantly reduced. She has a very poor physique. Do you usually mistreat sister-in-law?”Zivon was very conceited and he did not respond to Zayne’s series of questions because…The woman lying on the hospital bed was very petite and she looked extremely pale. She looked just like a rag doll tha
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