The Wild Adventures

The Wild Adventures

By:  Asia David  Updated just now
Language: English
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Please be advised, words and scenes can be very, very steamy. Sex is delicious. No one in their perverted mind will claim otherwise. So when a chance for a too good to be a true moment of one's life knocks at its door or when what happened a while ago was something you would never think it would have happened, some people grab these chances, while some regret it for a lifetime not indulging. A one-night stand or a quickie with a consenting individual is an easy fix. This book is a collection of wild erotic adventures and fantasies. Adventures to some and fantasies to others.

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267 chapters
Adventure 1: Getting Laid
“Welcome to adulthood!” Dina was practically screaming to make herself audible to her friends amidst the loud beat of the music in the bar they were in.“Yeah! Let’s rock the world!” Marlyn, or Marlon, the gay in the group, raised his mug of beer for a toast that everyone clinked mugs with.They just graduated high school. They will soon be college students. Considered adults. Meaning they are free whatever an adult can do, harmful or harmless. It will be for them to decide. A stage of age, every young person dreams and awaits to do whatever they want to do. Go to clubs or bars without the worry of being thrown out due to being minor. And tonight, although some of them had turned legally of age earlier than today according to their birthdays, this is officially the day they can prove to everyone they are adults by claiming they have graduated high school, which everyone in town won’t miss knowing as this is the time of the year when school ends."I am going to get drunk and
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She was about to find another dance partner or just sit with her friends at their table when a man who looks like the manager came to her and politely greeted her. He said someone wishes to meet her. She frowned but nodded in agreement.“This way, please,” said the guy ushering Lexy to the private booth's corner. She didn’t feel scared. She wasn't drunk yet, they had just started, and the dance made her sweat that she is sober like she never had a mug of beer already.“Can you tell me who is looking for me?” She stopped. "Come to think of it, why do I have to go to him and not he come to me?" She has no intention of walking another step if he doesn’t tell her what she wants to know.“He is actually the owner of this club. I don’t know why but don’t worry. He is a decent man. And if you refuse, I might lose my job, so please…?” He pleaded to Lexy, sincerity visible in his face and gestures that she chos
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Her First Time
“Oh, Baby girl, I know just what to do to make me fit perfectly fine in you,” he nipped on her earlobe as he tried to bring her to the brink of arousal that she won’t be able to turn him down.“Mmmm…. Do you promise it won’t hurt?” moaning from his caresses, she softly asked.“It won’t hurt like the first time, I promise…” he is so turned on by her whimpering sounds that he can’t stop kissing her while his free hands were groping her everywhere.“But…. mmmm… It’s my first t….mmmm,” her words were cut off when he realized what she was about to say as he slammed his lips to kiss her harder and cursed.“Fuck! Please, baby, I need you to say yes before we go on. I will only feel at ease to make love to you if you let me.” He kept pecking on her lips as he tried to finish his words. His club has very strict rules against minors so he was confide
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Euphoric Feeling
In return, he wanted her to feel the tingly sensations she is giving him so he moved his other hand from her tits and touched her still cloth-cladded crotch. He could feel wetness on the fabric. He kissed her down south from her breasts. He teased her navel as he passed it by, then he playfully bit on her pubic bone still covered with her lacy black thong underwear. Lexy tried to move away from his mouth, so she moved to her side but failed as he was in between her thighs. Ethan slowly pulled her panties down her legs as he lustfully gazed at her, and threw them down somewhere on the bed. He started showering kisses from her ankles to her knees and thighs, making Lexy shiver and tries to move away as he goes up and up. But Ethan held her thighs by both hands, he wrapped his arms around her thighs, and he nuzzled on her hidden cavern.She smelled divine, and he wanted to taste her, but at the same time, he wanted to savor the moment. His hands rubbed lightly on her exposed skin
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Popping Her Cherry
“Yes, baby girl, what do you want? Tell me,” he encourages her fondly like he can do whatever she asks of him from this moment on. Crawling his way up to kiss her passionately, he whispered. "Do you want me to stop?" he didn't know how he was going to deal with himself if she said yes, but maybe he was also confident she wouldn't say she wants him to stop. To his relief, she didn't. Instead of saying what she wanted to say out loud, she cupped his cloth-cladded cock, looking at him in the eye, pleading. She looked so irresistible that Ethan can do nothing against her wishes but comply. He unbuckled his belt as Lexy unbuttoned his pants. She slipped a hand inside his boxers while the other hand unzipped.Her actions were clumsy like she wants his cock out right away, so he helped her take off his remaining clothes. He stood up beside the bed and took his pants and boxers all the way down. He stood there like a mighty warrior, all firm muscles, six-pack a
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Sawing into her like a stubborn log
He made sure she was wet and ready before he pushed his way into her tight honeypot with her consent."Fuck!" Both groaned. One in pain while the other in pleasure.He was aware he was huge, and she was so tight, so he made her feel as less painful as possible. But as it was her first time, she couldn't avoid feeling the tearing pain inside of her as she welcomed his now as hard as steel manhood."Lexy, baby..." He felt divine. Funny as it may sound, and women may not understand it, but men like it when their thing is feeling almost squeezed to its possible or maybe beyond limits. It's an incomparable delight. It is even indescribable. No words would perfectly define it. "Fuck!" He couldn't help groaning in pleasure. He was also cautious not to cause her more pain, so he slowly pulled out of her just to be stopped."Wait... Please stay for a while." She whispered as she grabbed him by the waist with her arms as her legs felt numb. They couldn't move a bit. He pus
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Adventure 2: Sweet Haven
"Welcome to Sweet Haven.” The receptionist sweetly greeted the arriving guests by the entrance desk.“I made my reservations, right?” The man asked, looking tired and needing booze. He is just at the right place to be in, right now. His favorite spot to hang out when he is drowning in work-related stress and fatigue.“Of course. We have kept the VIP room reserved for you, Mister Vero.” The lady receptionist answered with her sweet smile never fading. Mister Vero is one of their employer’s close friends. Aside from that, he is never rude. Although he isn’t friendly or flirty either, he is still respectable. No one has ever complained serving him. As a front desk receptionist, she was just supposed to stay on her post, but she would always stand elegantly from her seat to personally guide the guest towards his booth when it comes to this VIP. “Please make yourself comfortable. I will send our new service girl to assist you very shortly.”The guy nodded as he sat on the black
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Extra Service
The girl wasn’t surprised to hear the customer’s second order, for they are well briefed on this service job they have applied for. Denny didn’t want to wait too long whenever he would be here for relaxation that he declared his usual order to be given to him when he asks for it. It only changes when he is with some clients or with someone else to have fun in here. They will have to order what they like, and he would most likely get whatever they have. But when he is alone like this, he would ask for his usual order.Denny Vero is from a well-respected family in the country. His parents are from generations of Medical practitioners and business people. His siblings are also with them. He even finished medicine to follow their family tradition, but his heart isn’t into it. He did well in his studies, and it was one of his goals to satisfy his parents with an impressive certificate. He was well praised. Being the youngest, his parents were even more prou
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Delightful Indulgence
“Fuck!” Denny’s head felt limp, falling backward to lean on the backrest of the couch. He felt all his stress of the day leave his tired body and mind as he floats in the ecstasy of her service. He didn’t have to tell her what to do. He felt like every move of her was what his body just needed. She is new, but she knew just how to take his soul away from his tired and stressed body. He groaned and growled his reactions to her sensual ministrations. And when he felt like he was soon to burst out, he asked the girl to sit on his lap. Just right above his cock, rubbing it against her still cloth cladded pussy. She obediently obliged, honestly, because she felt her legs are starting to cramp kneeling for quite a while.He started to caress her breast as she began to take off her clothes. Her smooth and aromatic skin added fuel to his excitement and urged him to knead her everywhere he can reach and touch. The service girl started moaning in pleasure, but her
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To the Abyss of Sanity and Jouissance
"Baise-moi!!! Groaning, he cursed. (Besmwoa)(fuck me) "Now, come closer. Mon chéri" (Mosheri)(Sweetie). He put his drinks on the table and leaned his head on the armrest of the couch, making his body lay flat on it with one of his legs up on the seat while the other was still stepping on the floor."Sit on my face, I wanna have a taste of that sweet-looking pussy." He ordered.A command Trisha was not sure how to obey. She has never heard those commands in her training. They were trained to please the client, not the receiving end of pleasure. But in fear that her client would be displeased, she did as commanded, reluctantly. But her qualms faded when she felt his warm tongue fervently devouring her aching core.He teased, licked, and sucked everywhere his mouth and lips could reach, even to her butthole. She could feel the intense fervor of his enthusiasm eating her out that she could not help not to make erotic sounds of pleasure."Ahhhh, ummmm..
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