By:  Muleba Makukula  Ongoing
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"Do you think her highness went to talk to our king?" Cindy asked. "No way, that would be a mistake" Amore answered. "Why is that?" I asked curiously. They looked at each other for some minutes. "Girls we are all servants here," Miriam said trying to make them spill anything they know. "The king is busy preparing the wedding" Cindy answered in a whisper. "Oh yes preparing it on lady Grace" Amore answered with laughter. "Lady Grace?" Debby asked. "Yes, lady Grace the beautiful daughter of lord Ridder" Cindy answered. "You mean, he is having sex with her right now as we speak?. As in he sleeps with her?" I asked trying to understand what I thought I was hearing wrong. "The king sleeps with Almost half of the castle ladies, the king finds pleasure in all the women here, mostly the younger ones, but his best is lady Grace. I can bet you five tails of gold right now, when you go upstairs you will hear the screams, he can never get enough of lady Grace. Every time we walk by, we could hear their moans and groans, and at times when the king sits with lady Grace on his throne, he touches her almost everywhere, his not afraid to show everyone how much she means to him," Amore said. "Poor princess, she will be marrying a man who is in love with another, rumor has it that our king only agreed to marry the princess because of the ministers who advised him to do it, he wanted to wed lady Grace but the ministers couldn't agree on it," Cindy said as I sat down powrlessly. "It seems our princess is really unlucky" I whispered sadly. I truly was unlucky to be marrying such a horrible man.

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56 chapters
1. Finalized wedding
Paula's P.o.v I stood in front of my father the king who sat on his throne with a calm expression plastered on my face when in truth I was panicking on the inside. "It's been finalized, your wedding to our neighboring kingdom will be in two days, I hope and believe you are happy with the arrangements I've made" father said loudly so his advisors could hear his authority lance through his voice. "Yes my king, it's for the greater good of our people after all" I answered with my gaze stuck on the floor. I bowed then stood upright, I notice the happy smiles that came from all the advisors. "You raised her well," one advisor said in admiration. "Of course" father answered with pride. "excuse me," I said then turned and walked out of the throne room. I found my ladies waiting for me at the doorway, when I walked past them
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2. Disrespect
Paula's P.o.v I woke up with a slight headache and found my ladies ( servants ) looking at me quietly, I sat upright and cleared my throat, those days I used to wake up with their eyes on me I felt so uncomfortable, but now I was so used to it.  "Morning princess." They greeted together.  I smiled happily, they were like my own 6 blood sisters. "Isn't my hair a mess?" I asked while standing up, I moved and sat on a chair that was opposite my big mirror. Bridget got a brush and carefully started brushing my hair.  "My Princess aren't you nervous about tomorrow? You know you will be wedded to the king right?" The new servant asked. "Cleo Know your place!" Lauren yelled at her angrily.  "What did I do? I was just asking politely, we can't all just pretend to be calm, we are about to take a journey to
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3. Discovering his hidden character
Paula's p.o.v Today was one of the worst days of my life, immediately I took a bath, my ladies dressed me up, a servant came to inform me that my carriage was ready, I wanted father to see me off but he refused, he was busy with one of his concubines to even say a simple goodbye to his only daughter.  I got in the carriage with Lauren while the others got in the other carriage, when the carriage began moving, I sighed sadly.  "My princess are you okay?" Lauren asked with concern.  "Yeah" I answered then leaned against the couch and closed my eyes. . . .  I was woken up by the sound of loud trumpets, I quickly sat upright and found Lauren asleep, I looked outside the window, it was no longer morning but mid-evening.  The carriage was moving slowly in the street where people were gathered and cheering, Lauren woke up and looked at me th
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4. Can't turn back
Paula's p.o.v Weddings were mostly a symbol of love and Union, but to me, it was a symbol of fulfillment, my people needed this kingdom's protection and guidance and that was all that mattered to me, even if it meant me hurting or marrying the worst man on earth. "You look very beautiful princess," Lauren said as I looked at myself sadly. I wore a long white wedding dress which had diamonds on the front and spots of gold, giving it a royal breathtaking fit, a beautiful white long veil was covering my face up to my waist and my ladies wore beautiful light blue bearless dresses that went up to their feet. "Let us go," I said as all my ladies covered themselves with dark blue veils. we walked out of the room quietly, each step I took my breathing was becoming laboured, I was scared and felt lonely. I gasped when I made a turn going towards the door and found fat
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5. I'm a stranger
Paula's p.o.v "My queen please think this through, you shouldn't do this," Deby said as I sat upright and glared at her coldly, she quickly knelt down in fear and lowered her eyes to the ground. "Then want should I do?, Tell me who that woman was, the bastard had guts to dance with her instead of me" I spat as my ladies gasped loudly. "Please refrain from bad mouthing the king, despite you being the queen and his wife you can be hanged for that" Lauren said in concern. "That lady you saw dancing with the king is called lady Grace" Amore answered as the door opened. When Henry walked in, my ladies quickly stood up and bowed in respect. "leave us" he ordered. They quickly left the room without a second glance, I lazily stood up and picked my veil from the ground and put it back covering my face. Despite hating everythin
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6. Hurtful words
Paula's p.o.v Early in the morning after a bath, I sat in front of my dressing mirror with Miriam combing my hair, while my other ladies were taking care of my room and choosing a worthy dress for me. "Pardon me my queen, but you look happy this morning," Miriam said with a smile while she continued to comb my hair. I was more than happy, as much as I hated the stupid bastard's behavior, I wasn't going to let him ruin my mood. "Well, what do you expect?, Today is a beautiful morning and we are in a new palace, you know how we have been raised alone in a locked up room, but today I'm a married woman and I'm free, I can go anywhere I want to," I said then stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I wore a simple beautiful peach dress which showed off my curves, and my hair was nicely let down, in the afternoon I was suppose to change and put on another dress that the Ladies were
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7. Change of character
Paula's p.o.v Today I dressed up with one thing in mind, to get Henry's attention, I was so happy when jack came to me a few hours ago.                        Flashback  "My queen?" Jack called outside my door. I quickly put on my veil and came out if my bedroom. "Are you ok?" he asked Softly. "Yes, why," I asked. "You seem sad and yesterday some servants were gossiping on how they saw lady Grace leaving the king's chamber's immediately you walked in, I know it's none of my business but is everything ok?" he asked. "I'm ok Jack, don't worry about me, everything is going perfectly fine" I answered while trying so hard to smile under my veil. "Ok if you say so my queen, I came here to invite you and your ladies to
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8. King's return
  Paula's p.o.v "My queen, today you are suppose to be happy, the king is returning, you haven't been your usual self since he left, do you miss him?," Lauren asked, I choked on my saliva then laughed. "No I don't, I'm actually annoyed at him, can you believe him?, he chose a concubine over me, he is such a disrespectful man," I answered angrily. I had been whining over his act for a week now, I couldn't help it but get upset every time I thought about him. "Do you love him that much?" Lauren asked as I blinked in shock. "Me, love that man, are you seriously asking me that? What I feel for him is respect because he's the king, I don't love him," I answered then swallowed hard, I really wasn't sure what I felt for him. "And by the way where is Miriam, Deby, and Janet?" I asked while looking around. "They went to admire the jewels at t
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9. His past pain
                     Paula's p.o.v I sat sighing in my room for what felt like forever, I wasn't happy with Henry's words, I was very much bothered by them, but despite feeling dejected I couldn't help myself from thinking about how he looked, I didn't know if it was my eyes or my imagination but he looked very calmer than usual and so handsome, he wore his royal robes without a crown on his head, his hair was brushed back for the first time and it really suited him. I stood up from my bed and picked up my veil, I covered my face and looked at my ladies who were all sleeping on their beds, I felt bad that I was still sleeping with them, technically they all deserved a room each, and my room was suppose to be Henry's but he couldn't even look at me without showing disgust. I slowly walked to the door and opened it carefully after glancing behind to make sure that they
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10. Let's go back home
                 Paula's p.o.v "My queen be reasonable," Lauren cried as she and my ladies stood at the doorway. "Get out of my way all of you," I demanded as they shook their heads in refusal. "You can't go back to your father's house now, you will be made into a laughing stock and they will call you names, they will say you failed to do your duties as a wife and it will bring shame to you and his highness your father," Deby cried. "Deby let me go before everybody wakes up," I ordered. "No my queen, who will marry you after you leave this kingdom, please think about that. They will think you are impure and tainted when you still are pure," Bridget pleaded. "I would rather die pure than stay here with him when I have no duties to his kingdom, for heaven's sake I'm his wife but he treats me like
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