The Bad Boy's Heart Is Broken

The Bad Boy's Heart Is Broken

By:  Kiyen  Completed
Language: English
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He was a bad boy swimmer while she was an innocent aspiring chef. She broke his heart and he was left wondering why. She was his world and life - his everything. She successfully changed him to become better, but when they were already doing well, she suddenly betrayed him. Worse, it was with a friend he knew too well. But no matter the reason, he will never accept it. He would rather die than completely break free from her. Feeling betrayed and broken, the famous bad boy emerged once more, deciding to claim his possession back. She has been his and forever she shall be. The bad boy's heart is broken and only she can mend it.

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Mouth hanging open and tears slowly rolling down his face, Zachary was left frozen in his feet, unable to take his eyes away as he watched his girlfriend being pulled closer against another man's body. From the angle where they stood, Zachary could see them kissing, and the way their arms wrapped around each other showed they were intimate. That there was something going on between them. Disbelief swarmed inside his mind to his soul, asking where he went wrong. Though despite the mixed confused pained emotion, the anger he felt surfaced as it pushed everything else away. He balled his hands into fists, biting his lip until it bled as he stormed his way out of Kathryn's apartment.The sound of the heavy slam of the door should be enough for the two traitors to know he'd seen enough of the truth. The fucking bitter devastating truth.Read more
Zachary gripped hard on his drink, not giving attention to the woman's hand caressing his thigh and her lips licking his neck as his eyes remained on one person alone: Kathryn.Kathryn still wore that small smile on her face as she sat neatly in the far corner of the club, the one their friends decided to use with David's birthday party. Despite the colored smoke, the upbeat wild songs, and people who screamed trouble with the way they dance and make out surrounding them, Kathryn still looked like an innocent sweet being on her seat as she gave out sweet smiles to people she knew who would walk past her table.The table was empty except for a can of Coca-Cola, which Zachary knew was Kathryn's favorite drink. Kathryn never really wanted any type of alcohol as they considered them "unhealthy" like she once had told Zachary. She was the purest, innocent person Zac
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Not another minute later when David noticed Kathryn was starting to have a more worried expression on her face. She looked at David seriously and spoke a few words David wasn't really expecting to hear. Though in the end, David could only sigh and look where Kathryn was secretly glancing at."All right. Just give me a minute," David said, determined and clear.The club started getting wilder than he thought, the people on the dance floor doing more lewd things than an ordinary birthday party should have. Well, fuck it. It was his birthday anyway, David thought to himself as he walked towards Zachary's and Earl's table. Earl had just arrived a few minutes ago actually, and so Zachary was left alone with the others who he considered as friends for the past few hours. Women in short dresses flocked around their t
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"David! Why did you- ah! I can't do this. I can't! David, please," Kathryn said, knees almost bending down as she pleaded with David.Plead not to meet up with Zachary.David's eyes were still on the side, purposely avoiding Kathryn's as he still felt sorry for what he just dealt with Zachary. With a drunk, childish Zachary."David!." Kathryn almost wailed.Ah, that pout again. The powerful pout not anyone, even the baddest human on the planet, could resist.Chad was taking a sip from his coffee, seemingly oblivious to what was happening with the two youngest in their circle a few feet away from him. David gave Chad a silent stink face at that. How could he be so calm? This
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"I don't want to," Zachary spewed, glaring at his father, causing his mother to gasp loudly."Zachary!" Mr. Robertson looked extremely pissed as he slammed a fist on the table. It made Mrs. Robertson jump in surprise again."Honey.." She was trying to calm her husband down but her hand was brushed off by Mr. Robertson."I told you I don't want to. If you like her so much, why don't you marry her instead?" Zachary indifferently said as he placed his fork down the plate. The action and words only made Mr. Robertson more aggravated. His son's rude behavior was something he couldn't control ever since he was a kid."Zachary. Your father only wants what's best for you," his mother tried to join and help his father. Zachary smirked sarcastically at the words she used. When did
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It was already nine in the evening when Earl arrived at Zachary's apartment. The living room was a mess, there were inks on the see-through glass dividers, litters and papers, and cans and bottles of different liquors scattered everywhere.Earl found himself swimming through the ocean of trash before he finally saw Zachary, sitting on the floor by the edge of his bed, a bottle on his grip. His head lulled as he turned to look at his best friend on the doorframe."Oh.. it's you."Earl sighed. Zachary was indeed drunk. He grabbed the bottle away from Zachary but was pushed by the latter. Earl was getting more pissed than ever. Zachary has been pushing him away lately, to the point that he'd lost his balance and landed on something or someone. It was embarrassing and if this happened to anyone, a fight would've already
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A fresh-drained and mashed eggplants were placed in a bowl. Kathryn's eyebrows were knitted in concentration as she grabbed the other ingredients, being cheese, eggs, parsley, onion, garlic, and salt, and mixed them all in the mashed eggplant.Professor Lesley was on the roll, checking for each student’s surprise food for the week. She wanted to be surprised, that was what she had always said to her cooking class before giving them exactly thirty minutes to decide and cook their food.Kathryn heard the loud footsteps of their teacher as she carefully shaped the mixed eggplants into patties. Adding a quick few special ingredients, Kathryn rounded the patties in cute tasty flat balls.The heated oil in a skillet was already prepared and so she placed the patties down and waited for them to boil. Professor Lesley
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"Fucking asshole! You.. piece.. of shit!""Damn.. you, Zachary!"Zachary was fighting with three other men on the grass. Punches and kicks were thrown everywhere, but despite the number, Zachary wasn't the one to be left behind. Zachary was outnumbered, but the three were clearly outmatched. Zachary was winning the fight. It didn't make Kathryn happy."Zachary! Stop!" Kathryn shouted.Zachary turned at Kathryn, surprised to see her standing there. A fist flew to his face but Zachary was quick to dodge and kick the attacker's stomach. "Fucking shit."The shaking three men staggered getting up, their faces looked like they couldn't fight anymore and Zachary, being the cruel ev
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Zachary stared at Kathryn's face full in concentration, her smooth flesh getting in maximum view for Zachary to see as she treated Zachary's cuts and bruises on his face. Zachary's heart was starting to get warmer. Just having to see Kathryn this up close was enough for all his anger, bitterness, sadness, to ebbed away. Just when he was about to touch Kathryn, Kathryn got up."I think you'll be fine after-""No." Don't go, Zachary whispered inside.Kathryn blinked. She couldn't utter a word for a second there and Zachary found it cute. Again, it made his heart swell."I'm hungry," Zachary said. Well, he wasn't really lying, he honestly was hungry. A bit. The sudden growl from his stoma
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He slowly turned Kathryn to face him, capturing the younger's lips before she could get back to her senses. Kathryn whimpered, hands pushing Zachary's chest but soon stopped resisting as she slowly opened her mouth and let her and Zachary's lips meet in an intense passionate kiss. Zachary held the small of Kathryn's back, pulling her closer against his body as he kissed her deeper and fuller.Both were moaning as their lips met, with tongues meeting and dancing in an erotic pace, producing a sloppy sliding sound each time they'd try to devour more and more of each other.Zachary slowly pulled away, giving them both time to gasp for air, a trail of saliva erotically hanging in between as their mouths separated. He took the time to look at a panting Kathryn, finding a deep flushed messed-from-a-kiss face of the woman he loved and would forever love, that brought
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