The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth

By:  Authoress Damsel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Scott! Scott! Scott! Scott! Scott! Scott! Scott! He is the school hottie, He is handsome, He is cute, He is hot! Everyone loves him, Everyone fear him, He is rich, He is every girl’s crush, but; He is so arrogant. And I, Lillian Mandela despise him so much, he is too arrogant, he looks down on people. I had developed hatred for him ever since he looked down on me and spoken to me arrogantly. I will make sure he regrets what he did to me. I will make sure I tame him. In summary, this story is all about the lifestyle of high school students. This story talks about a high school girl who on her first day at school met a rich and arrogant guy. She developed hatred for him since then but as time goes on, they started developing feelings for each other. How is she going to make him regret? How do they manage to get along? What made them develop feelings for each other? What was the reason behind Scott arrogant behavior? Who fell in love first? Lets go together in this novel and find out about all these numerous questions

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31 Chapters
Chapter 1 - First Day at School
FIRST DAY AT HIGH SCHOOL)Genre: Trilling romance and suspense⚡Written by:              Jesudamilola Abiola⚡...💝💖LILIAN POV💝💖“Grrrrr grrrrr grrrrr grrrr grrrhfjsf,” The noisy alarm woke me up."Gosh!! What’s all this now? This crazy alarm won't allow someone rest again, I murmured and stretched my hand towards the table and turned off the alarm."Arrggggh," I yarned stretching my handsI stared up at the clock and my eyes widened"Oh my gosh! It's late!" I uttered and quickly stood up from the bedI ran to the bathroom and started taking my bathOops, Sorry, I forgot to introduce myselfI am Lillian but people call me Lily, I am the only child of my parents and they took good care of me. Hmm, I have a best friend named Nicky; she is my partner in crime. I am a gem to my parents, they do not use me to play at all, they love me
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Chapter 2 - He is arrogant
(HE IS ARROGANT)Genre: Trilling romance and suspenseWritten by:              Jesudamilola Abiola 💝💖LILLIAN’S POV💝💖“Hmm…actually, there is no problem ma,” I said feigning in annoyance“Alright, can you go seat beside that guy in earpiece? She askedWhat? I cant, I cant seat beside him, I muttered shaking my head as I moved my gaze towards her“Please ma, cant I just sit in another seat? I asked her silently“Why? She asked with a frownI just keep on shaking my head. I could not tell her the reasonsWell, alright then, She said and faced the class“Hey guys, is there any other seat? She asked and I heaved a sigh of relief“No maam, there isnt, that’s the only empty seat, a guy who looked like the class governor said“Gosh! Why? I so much hate this guy, I ju
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Chapter 3 - What does he wants to say?
(WHAT DOES HE WANTS TO SAY?)Genre: Trilling romance and suspense⚡Written by:              Jesudamilola Abiola❄....💖LILLIAN’S POV💝“Hello, please who is this?” He said on the phone“Son, I really wanna hear your voice, the caller replied“Mum, i thought I told you I am not a kid anymore so stop disturbing me, my voices are still the same please, He said arrogantly and hung upI stared at him and shook my headGosh! You are the worst person I had ever known, I said to him and he shot a stare at me.Hey, Scott, do you realize I am still here standing? Arianna asked angrily“Ohh, so what were you talking about? He asked facing Arianna“Hmmm, you know what; never mind, the lady said and walked away angrilyImmediately, I heaved a sigh“Whats wrong? he questioned“Why are
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Chapter 4 - Who is in the picture?
 (WHO IS IN THE PICTURE?)Genre: Trilling romance and suspense💝Written by:💝       Jesudamilola Abiola💖LILLIAN’S POV💝“What’s that?” I askedHe moved closer to where we were and heaved a deep sighI stared at him curiously“What does he wants to say?” I thought to myselfHe coughed and stared up at meHmmm, actually, I’m so sorry,” he muttered staring down shylyWhat? I could not believe my ears, is he really apologizing?” I thought to myself staring at him in disbeliefI stared at him still wondering why he could think of apologizing“Its still surprising though," I thought again“You should apologize to her not me,” I said pointing at NickyI am sorry,” he said staring at Nicky“Alright, no problem,” Nicky said and nodded“Thank you, he sa
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Chapter 5- Who spoke
(WHO SPOKE?)Genre: Trilling romance and suspense❄💝Written by:💝             Jesudamilola Abiola⚡💖SCOTT’S POV💝“What the fuck!” I muttered angrily to myselfWhat did you say please?” The house help asked“It’s nothing, never mind, you can go, I am coming downstairs soon,” I said to her and she nodded“Alright sir,” She said and walked awayI stared at my phone and started reading the comments💝Wow, she is so beautiful💝How I wish she seated beside me💝Gosh, her lips looks soft and pinky💝I wish to kiss these lips of her💝I am falling in love with her and so onI rolled my eyes feigning in annoyanceHow could this immature boy’s comment nonsense on my woman’s post….I stopped immediately I realized what I saidWhat? “Woman, Lily?&rdqu
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Chapter 6- Who entered the class?
(WHO ENTERED THE CLASS?) 💝Written by:💝Jesudamilola Abiola 💝💖LILY’S POV💝💖 "Hmm, well, it’s not a……..bout y………ouuuuu," I said stammering I don't understand you, what do you mean?" He asked with a frown on his face "Well, (paused) actually, you know what? We were just talking about one of our friends," Nicky cut in "You mean you guys were talking about one of your friends that loves her?" He asked "Gosh, what else are we gonna say now?" I thought "Answer me, who is the guy that loves you?" He asked facing me as he stares at me with a serious face "But, why is he taking it too serious?" I thought furrowing my brows "What the hell are you thinking about right now?" He asked "Guy, Its none of your business, you don't have to know," I said and stared away "Its my business, tell me, who is in love with you too?" He asked unknowingly and I was surprised "Too?" I muttered and move
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Chapter 7-Oh my God
(OH MY GOD!) Genre: Trilling romance and suspense 💝Written by:💝Jesudamilola Abiola 💝💖SCOTT’S POV💝💖 "Hey, get into the car," I said to the driver when I got to the car park area "Okay sir," He replied and opened the car door and entered I also entered and he started the engine He drove out of the car park area After some minutes, we got to the gate and he horned but the security man refused to open the gate "Whats wrong with this old man?" I asked my driver "I dont know either, he just refused to open the gate and told me to park the car," My driver said "Park the car at that corner," I said pointing at a corner behind the security post "Okay sir," e said and parked The driver opened the window and the security man stared inside through the window "Who are you?" He asked my driver "Well, I am his driver," he said pointing at me The security man mov
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Chapter 8-Oh my God
(OH MY GOD!)Genre: Trilibg romance and suspense💝Written by:💝Jesudamilola Abiola💝💖LILY’S POV💝💖Oh my God, I felt his soft skin and our eyes metMy heart could not stop beating fast since he came back to classI think am in lov.Oh no, I can never fall in love with someone like him, he is so arrogant, I thought shaking my headGod, but he so cute, I thought as my heart keeps poundingHey lovers over there, let it be after class please, the lecturer said breaking my thoughtsI was startled and faced the lecturer immediatelyHe was also startled and heaved a sighSo we have been staring at each other since without saying anything.My God!!!The lecturer continued but my mind wasnt in class at allMy mind was just filled with ScottI dont know whyNot long after, the bell rang for closingLets stop here for today, have a nice day, the lecturer s
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Chapter 9-Confessed, what happened?
(CONFESSED, WHAT HAPPENED?) Genre: Trilling romance and suspense 💝Written by:💝           Jesudamilola Abiola 💝💖SCOTT’S POV💝💖 I stared at her in the eyes and tried kissing her but the elevator suddenly opened We moved away from each other immediately… I was really startled I used my hands to cover my face as the rays of light reflected on my face. It must have been repaired; I thought to myself God why now? How am I gonna face her like this? But wait oh, Did i really confess my feelings towards her? Oh my! I cant believe this I hope she loves me too I slightly removed my palms from my face and set to go out from the elevator but suddenly noticed we arent yet on the 5th floor where the lecturer office was Gosh, I muttered silently to myself and walked back into the elevator We are still on the 3rd floor I closed it and
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Chapter 10 - In love with each other
(WHO CALLED?) Genre: Trilling romance and suspense 💝Written by:💝                  Jesudamilola Abiola..... 💝💖SCOTT’S POV💝💖 As soon as i confessed my feelings towards her i felt a little bit relieved. I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks as she was also in tears  She couldnt control the tears anymore "Lily, do you love me?" I asked her calmly "Yes, I really do love you," She replied breaking into more tears "Oh my, thank you," I said and hugged her tightly I fell so happy within me After some minutes, we unlocked from the hug and stared into each others eyes Gradually, we moved our lips closer to each other and in tears, we kissed I bit her lips softly as we kissed Suddenly, the driver entered We quickly unlocked from the kiss and stared away You back? I asked stammeri
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