Blessed By the Moon Goddess

Blessed By the Moon Goddess

By:  Hawley Pavone  Updated just now
Language: English
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Felan and Keyne must fight for their lives. Felan's dad wants to use them for their powers and Keyne's mom wants them dead. They are not alone as several packs come together to help, but will they be enough to stop their parents?

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    Chapter 1
    Mack howled excitedly at the moon. It had been 5 years since Mack had last seen his mate and he was going to be able to see her tomorrow. Mack had to let his wolf out to release the overwhelming joy they both felt. Lincoln ran through the trees stopping at the edge of a cliff to howl once more. His wolf bounced and hopped for joy. He ran all night! “Lincoln we are going to see them in less than twenty-four hours.” Mack told his wolf. ‘I can’t wait to see her beautiful face, to take in her scent once more. To hold her in my arms and look into her deep blue eyes. Matilda it won’t be long now!’ Mack thought as he shifted back to human form. ‘It has been far too long.’ Their punishment is finally over, and they could finally be together. Mack caught a faint and familiar scent when his thoughts were immediately interrupted. Lincoln quickly shifted back; Mack hurried to get dress so he could follow the scent immediately. It was his mate; Mack could tell her scent from others. It always sme
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    Chapter 2
    Even though Josiah and Aaliyah were mated, they were not each other’s mate. Josiah would often visit our pack when Josiah was a young boy. Every girl would follow him around as if they were lost puppy dogs, but at the time, he only had eyes for my sister. They had it bad for each other. Sneaking out to see each other. One day Aaliyah comes home with tears in her eyes. My father was instantly on edge readying to pounce on anyone who had hurt his girl, but my mother was the calmer one. She went in and after speaking with my sister found out that Aaliyah and Josiah both had drank at a party and lost their virtues to one another and my sister came up pregnant.Both of my parents and Josiah’s parents agreed that the two would marry regardless of if they were mates or not. Josiah and Aaliyah had no choice but to obey orders as both were commanded by the Alphas their fathers.” Adelaide said. “Things were good as you two well know until the night their daughte
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    Chapter 3
    What remained of the pack gathered outside as we marched Josiah out front, for them to bear see his reign had ended. My rogue army joining them as my father knocks Josiah’s knees out from under him causing Josiah to tumble down the steps and onto the ground. My sister begins to address the pack.‘Josiah is no more. His reign is over. We shall no longer suffer at his hands. I appreciate those of you that tried to help me during the past two years. I leave it up to you all to decide what his punishment shall be as you all have endured as much suffering as I have. Over the next couple of days, my sister and I will hear from all of you on your suggestions. For now, though this man will remain in the dungeon of his own making. In the very room where he chained me down and commanded others to have their way with me, as he too will be chained in those same chains waiting for the decision of his fate.’ She says as the pack howl in rejoice. Aaliyah held up a hand to
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    Chapter 4
     “I just want to say how happy I am to see you two.” Josie says looking back in the review mirror to the couple staring at each other. “Josie, it’s really good to see you too.” Matilda says back. “So, Beta, if you don’t mind me asking,” Mack starts to say but Josie cuts him off. “My dad was amongst the members that fled. We have feelers out for him, but no luck yet. He blocks my link every time I try to reach out. Given the fact baby I have Beta blood and after proving myself to Alpha Adelaide by giving her lead after lead on who bought her niece and the fact, she doesn’t trust most males asked if I would be her second in command.” Josie finishes knowing that was what Mack was getting at. “What about your brother?” Matilda asks, “Jeremy joined another pack six month after your punishment began. It never sat right with him what Josiah did to you two and when things began to happen with Luna Aaliy
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    Chapter 5
    Mack moved his lips to Matilda’s clitoris and starting sucking on it. He took two if his fingers and inserted them into Matilda. She had his cock deep in her throated when she felt his fingers go inside her as Mack sucked on her. This caused her to moan, and Mack could feel the vibrations causing him to suck harder on pussy and his tongue to move faster against her clit. Her legs began to tremble, and she started to rock her hips against his face. “Hell, yeah baby.” He told her, shoving his fingers in her and curling them upward. Her climax was building, and she started to rock harder and faster against him. She was almost there when he felt her pull away. Mack grabbed her hips and moved her back to him. “No, no.” He said holding her hips tightly and picking up where she left off. His whole mouth came down on her vagina. Her moans growing to a growl, the intensity being almost unbearable as her whole body started to shake. She sprayed him w
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    Chapter 6
     “What do you think we should decide about Josiah?” Mack asks. Matilda sat up on her elbow and stroked Mack’s chest. “I want Josiah to suffer.” She said sitting straight up. “After knowing what he did with his own daughter and then punished us, so he could pretend to be the concern dutiful Alpha and father. It makes me sick Mack; I honestly never would have thought that he did that to his own daughter or to us.” “I know Matilda, I want him to suffer just as much as we have, but I have a confession to make.” Mack said as Matilda slightly turned to look at him. He raised his hands and said, “Before you give me that condensing look, let me explain. After our banishment from the pack and the curse that would last for 5 years, I started doing some digging and looking into ways to break this curse. I came across some information that led me to have my own suspicion toward Josiah. I could never find anything that proved Josia
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    Chapter 7
    Felan and Nerezza climbed in. “Evening Alpha, I trust you had a pleasant trip?” asks the driver in a Husky voice. “It was, and how about things here? Nerezza asked. “There have been no issues, and your son is waiting for you back at the cabin.” The husky voice said. “Why is he there and not at the pack house?” Nerezza asked. “He said he didn’t feel comfortable there without you!” The driver answered him. The alpha seemed to give this some thought before stating. “Take us to the cabin.” “Yes Alpha.”Nerezza looked over at Felan who was staring down at her hands. The little girl had been silent for most of the trip. She sobbed a little, but never fully broke down. He gently grabbed the girl’s hand and said, “I promise everything will be ok.” Nerezza again did not know why, but he had a strong urge to protect this child. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she would
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    Chapter 8
    Ashur was carefully watching, the wolves follow the wind leading them away from the house, when he thought he recognized one. His gaze grew cold at the realization that one was the former Luna of his pack, Luna Shaba. Shaba had once been Alpha Nerezza mate, but the moment her son was born, she rejected the child. Shaba called the child cursed, demonic, and wanted to kill the child. Alpha Nerezza tried to reason with her, but Shaba just would not listen. Nerezza knew in his heart he would have to kill his mate one day but could not bring himself to do it so instead he banished her.Ashur blood turned cold the minute he saw Shaba. He knew the rogues and she would be looking Keyne. Ashur watched as the wolves slowly made their way east of the cabin realizing that the wind must have carried their scent away. He glanced over to Felan and asked, “What kind of wolf are you?” “A blessed one!” is all she would say as she turned to slight movement on the bed. Al
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    Chapter 9
    Ashur, Felan, and Keyne finished packing the SUV. They filled it up with as many supplies as possible. Ashur, ready to get on the road looked down at his watch. An hour had not passed by, and he looked at Keyne and Felan saying, “I am going to the restroom, I would advise both to go and at least try before we get back on the road.” They both bounded up next to Ashur each one taking a hand in their own. Felan on his right and Keyne on his left as they headed toward the bathroom. Felan suddenly stopped and her grip tightened on Ashur’s. He looked down at her and noticed her face had a complete look of pure horror on it. Ashur and Keyne stopped when Ashur bent down to face her. “What is it?” He softly asked her, “About ten Rogues just outside, but as long as we stay here, they can’t get in. I don’t know how long they will stay, but the rest have moved on trying to pick up our scent.” Felan responded.Ashur quickly mind linked
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    Chapter 10
    When Matilda entered, she found Josiah sitting in the den holding a glass of whiskey. Aaliyah was pacing back and forth waiting for some news. They both looked up to see Matilda enter the threshold. She immediately bowed her head, before looking up and shaking her head. “Whoever took her had a plane waiting for them. They were gone by the time we got there.” Aaliyah drops to the floor tears overwhelming her as she cries out from the pain that now feels her heart. Josiah downs the rest of his drink before slamming the glass against the fireplace. Matilda stayed still waiting for Josiah’s wrath. He stood and started pacing the room. As if he is thinking about what to do next, when in fact he was secretly mind linking his mate telling her it wouldn’t be long now before they would be together.  “Alpha,” Matilda began as Josiah looked at her. “I have sent Ethan and a few others to check out who owns the airstrip and see if they can get an it
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