Venomous Revenge

Venomous Revenge

By:  Abby Blair  Ongoing
Language: English
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At a young age, tragedy strikes Aiden Miller (a.k.a Jake Tyler) forcing him to leave home with his only determination which is to take revenge soon. Years later, Aiden believes that he has conquered his demons and is now ready to face his past and returns home. However, after returning home, he soon discovers the brutal reality of those tragic events from years ago. Who knows how many more things are hidden? On this journey, Aiden encounters a young and beautiful girl, Layla Smith. They both share similar pain and are the ones who could help and heal each other. Will their hearts finally open for each other? What has fate stored in for them? Lastly, To what extent are they willing to go for their Venomous Revenge? A gripping novel, packed with thriller, suspense, the sparkle of love, and loads of life lessons. New update: 1 may 2022

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83 chapters
Chapter 1: Accident (PAST)
16 years-old Jake: Nothing here seems familiar. I was still me, but I wasn't quite myself. Everything near me stopped. I felt like the world is coming to an end. All this happened in a glance. Light flickering, pieces of glasses, and blood near me. It took me a moment to realize whose it was, and a drop of tear fell from my eyes on the realization that it was my blood, and I was the one lying on this cold ground, once again all alone. I got hit by a truck. Was it all meant to be? Was it all plotted? I was badly hurt, both physically and mentally.      I just wanted to scream at the People who dragged me down here, but I couldn't. I was lying on that cold ground, totally hopeless. It was just about a few minutes making me realize how I could have changed what just happened now. But everything wasn't my fault completely.      It was his entire fault. I was t
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Chapter 2 : Shameless Him
Jake's perspective: We were sitting opposite each other. I was waiting for my father to say what he keeps saying. I was waiting for him to give me lame excuses. He always gave me lame excuses after doing everything like that. He would buy me gifts and sweets to shut up my mouth and never say anything against him. I never went against him because I wasn't afraid of not getting gifts. I was afraid that if I speak up against him, he will lock me in the room for hours and days. After all, that's what he always does if things didn't end up like what he wishes for.  All I can do was waiting for him to speak, but this waiting was killing me from inside. Something I was sure about was that whatever he says I would not forgive him. Anyone in my place would never forgive him. Finally, after observing me for 10 minutes while I was thinking all the worse things he could say, he started speaking. "You are going to leave this country and go abroad." He said co
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Chapter 3 : Leaving For Good
Everything was the same. Everything was just like that night, the night almost a year ago. But this time, what different was that no one was there to gather around me, no one was there to take me to the hospital. This time, the accident wasn't caused by someone unknown. It was caused by my father, which hurts more. Once again, I was lying on this cold ground of the basement all alone, covered in bruises. That man did it. He just beat me to death. I expected this, but it hurts more than I expected. Well, I'm almost dead. How can my father be this cruel? He isn't even worthy of the title father.          X_____________X Two days went by, and I was still sitting in this cold basement without any food. We didn't have any blankets in here because my mum never lets anyone go to this basement. At this rate, I might be dead, but I couldn't help but think about taking revenge, and for that, it was best to leave this country because first, I ne
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Chapter 4 : Beggining or an End?
• Present AIDEN:   Observing the city while standing in my glass penthouse wasn't the thing I predicted. According to my schedule, it was very difficult for me to rest just a few years ago. I was determined to be successful, and when you are determined, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving your dreams. Now I'm standing at this point, lost in my thoughts. It took me 11 years to stand here. Eleven years of my life that changed everything for me. I realized many important lessons in those 11 years. It took so much time for me to achieve everything, but I still felt lost, still feeling incomplete.   When I was sure that nothing could stop me from taking revenge on my father, it was proven wrong. As soon as I woke up, I received a call f the hospital in New York City. The place where my father or, you can say, my enemy lives. He got into an accident and eventually went into a coma because he might be suffering from a brain tumor too,
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Chapter 5: Her
Aiden's perspective:   I walked towards her and stood in front of her while she was still crying and she held her head in her hands. She must have gone through so much that she couldn't hold her tears anymore and started crying as soon as she confirmed she was alone. She was surely a strong girl. I wanted her to stop crying because i don't know why, but I felt hurt too. "Do you want some?" I offered her my cigarettes nervously without knowing how to comfort someone. That might be the foolish move I made in my life.   She might be shocked by knowing that she wasn't alone.She finally looked up at me with her big hazel eyes which turned red because of her crying too much. She was the most beautiful creature I've ever observed. She wiped her tears like a kid. "Is this your way of comforting someone or mocking someone?" She asked. For the first time, I wanted to explain myself to someone. "N-no, I don't kno
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Chapter 6: True Dreams
Previously, "Well, dreams can be sad if you aren't able to follow them," she said while giving a half-smile. She was very mysterious. I wanted to know more about her, and that's why I was interested in someone's else life for the first time. I wanted to tell her that you can follow dreams.  I wanted to help her in fulfilling her dreams. ____XxX_____   I looked at her with curiosity. This girl can surely fly if she gets the chance. It looks like she is afraid to take that opportunity. "I want to help you out," I said because I wanted to help her. I caught her attention and continued speak
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Chapter 7: Unexpected News
Aiden's perspective:   I called my Secretary to ask if he had done the investigation I asked for yesterday. As the call was ringing, I thought about how desperately I was waiting for any news regarding my father's accident. "Hello, Sir! I was about to contact you, but some problems occurred here, so I was trying to solve them. I'm sorry I wasn't able to contact you earlier." He spoke as fast as he could as soon as he picked up the call. "It's okay, Charlie. It's fine that you didn't contact me earlier. I was busy too," sure I was busy thinking about the girl I just met..."So, anyway, what information do you have," I asked curiously. "I've confirmed the information, and it's confirmed that Mr.Tyler was planning to leave the country to get some international help and discuss all of his business." He said.   I knew it. I received this information before, too, that Tyler might be thinking
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Chapter 8 : Liam's Achievement
  I was staring at the reflection of this girl in front of me. Her deep blue eyes were piercing right through me, which were These eyes were hiding down deep feelings which no one knows. She is a broken girl. But right now, those eyes were filled with proudness. Proudness of seeing her little brother achieve his dreams.   I saw myself in the mirror. This black off-shoulder top and white skirt were kinds of making me look like a peaceful girl. I was staring at my reflection when suddenly Amy barged into my room. "Oh, come on! Are you still standing in front of the mirror? Even mirror wants you to go now, Lil," she said. I turned around, giving her a warm smile. I was happy today, but something was bothering me, and she can see that."Woah, Woah! Now I can understand why you were standing in front of the mirror for almost a year. You look awesome, my love!" She exclaimed while staring at me from up to down. "Stop it, A
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Chapter 9: Fated!
  "What a beautiful name, Liam" I smiled at this little kid. "Thank you, but I think you need to talk to my manager about this," He said this mischievously while giggling, which had me thinking that he must be thinking something else too. "There she is, you can talk to her, and I have some urgent work to do." He pointed towards a girl who was standing and staring at one of the massive paintings." I need to go now. I'm a busy man, you know," he said. I smiled at this kid. He was sure a bit playful but innocent at the same time. I patted his head and waved him goodbye. "Goodbye, young man!" He smiled at me, waving me back, and ran in the opposite direction.   I remembered what he said and walked towards his manager, still surprised that Liam painted this masterpiece at such a young age. I was very sincere when I said I wanted to buy it, but I didn't realize that the painter would easily purchase his paintings.Read more
Chapter 10 : Aiden Needs Layla
Layla's Perspective:   I was looking at this album made by my dad. He made this album for Liam and me to see our moments in the best way possible when we grow up. He decorated this album very beautifully and created every moment like we are living in the moment. I miss my mom and dad a lot today because they would be really happy to see Liam coming this far. "I wish that you guys could see this today," I thought.   I was still lost in my thoughts when suddenly my phone buzzed. It was a notification from an unknown number. I smiled at the realization of who it was from.   "Do you wanna grab a coffee sometime? ~P.S: This is someone who wants to buy your brother's painting but is unable to." I replied and closed the album I was seeing. Liam was really happy when he told me about Aiden wanting to buy his painting. They both were getting along pretty well when we went to grab some
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