She's Her Mother's Daughter

She's Her Mother's Daughter

By:  Blessing D writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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After her mother got pregnant with her at age sixteenth, she also went through hell to raise her. Years later Kimberly met her father's son whom she later fell in love with.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
 She's Her Mother's Daughter **Meeting Seth**         Rose's P O VI opened my eyes and smiled to myself. Aw today is gonna be awesome.I can't believe I was given scholarship into the most beautiful and wealthy school around here.I got up from bed immediately and brushed my teeth then took my bath.I rushed to my parents and kissed them good morning. "My dear how are you?" Dad asked and I replied with a "fine."He was so happy and proud that his daughter was given scholarship, I mean not everyone gets that opportunity. "How are you my Rose?" Mom asked and I beamed smiles at her."Am good mother," I replied and she stroke my hair."Alright take some bread and tea so I can take you there for registration," she instructed and I nodded happily then went to munch on my breakfast. "Good morning mom and dad. Morning sis." Junior my younger
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Chapter 2
 She's Her Mother's Daughter **Who is Sharon?**       Seth's P O VWe continued staring at each other and I was beginning to draw closer to her.Our faces were just inches away. I wanted to kiss her but something told me not to.She might think weirdly of me considering that we just met yesterday so I withheld myself and stood up. "Em..Rose let's just walk around shall we?" I requested."I'm studying you know," she pursed her lips forward."Yeah, I know but I can't leave you here alone and I don't want people to see us alone this morning," I told her."Why?" She asked. "Well, you know...they might start thinking weirdly considering the fact that I've never arrived this early before," I replied. "Hmm.. Where do we go to then?" She asked. "Just around the school compound, let me show you places you don't know," I offered
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Chapter 3
 She's her Mother's Daughter **Get her pregnant**     Seth's POV"Get her pregnant!"He replied and I flinched."Are you kidding me?""I mean how on earth will you say such a thing? She's sixteen for fuçk sake, sixteen!" I half yelled. "You know I've thought about this carefully before bringing the idea to you," he said calmly. "Okay, what are you gonna do then? Think about it.You can't just walk up to your dad and tell him you aren't gonna get married to Sharon in future cause you love someone else and you want to spend your life with her. You know he is gonna punish your mother for that," he reasoned."I know your dad very well, Seth. And you also know what he can do. Once he learns about Rose he'll take her out," he added. "I know my dad is really cold hearted but how could you think of such things? I can't sacrifice Rose happiness for my own gain," I replied calming do
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Chapter 4
She's Her Mother's Daughter **Marriage to Sharon**        Seth's POV"Seth? Seth?" Rose called repeatedly, bringing me out of my imagination world."Um you'll get to know it soon enough," I answered her."No tell me now," she pouted but I really can't tell her."Hmm let me escort you," I proposed. She agreed and we left. We came back later and I bid her goodbye at the usual point.Marcus was waiting for me at the field.I sat down beside him on a small rock."So when are you doing it?" He asked immediately I sat down."Probably Saturday," I groaned out in reply. "Good choice, I hope it works out for you," he encouraged. I held my head with my hands not believing I made that dangerous and stupid decision.Well it's for the best.**   *Saturday* I lounged into a hotel not to far from our area.I still
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