Sweet poison

Sweet poison

By:  Lulu Bells  Completed
Language: English
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Nadia Vladimir was only eleven years old when she witness the merciless murder of her entire family, She was adopted and trained by the only family member she had who happened to be her Father's twin brother. She was trained to become one of the best snipers in the Russian Mafia. Nadia's only obsession was to give a painful death to all who has ever wronged her. She disguises as a to gain entrance into the Italians home, and that is when she met Ghost, the Italian Mafias Lord. She thought she had seen all types of darkness until, she found herself in his never ending tunnel with no hope of light. What scared her the most was that, she was beginning to like it. But, Just how much love is enough to forgive a monster who ordered the killing of her entire family?

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58 Chapters
Prologue/chapter 1
Ten years before   Nadia's POV   “Come on darling, make a wish,” Daddy said, with a big smile on his face. The light from the candle that was carefully placed on the cake sparkled through his eyes. He was so excited to have made it home in time before I slept, even though he came late from the factory where he earned his minimum wage. “Can we just wrap this up, she needs her beauty sleep,” Mum said, yawning tiredly. My little brother who was five months old at that time was stressing her out, he feeds every thirty minutes interval. But dad wanted to
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Chapter 2
Nadia's POV “So what? are you going to kill me? send my soul to the hottest part of hell?” he asked, teasing me with his breath. There was something about the way I felt around him, I couldn't just place my head around it. I felt different, a good different if I must admit. “I could give you all the pleasure you have ever imagined, and perhaps it's bad luck to kill a man on your birthday bell... Beautiful” he said softly to my ears, I could feel the warm moisture between my increase, as I felt my hand loosen its hold on him. Despite the calm aura he wants to storm up, there was something else about him. That felt dangerous, and I could almost taste the danger that radiant from him on my tongue. But, if he is that dangerous, why am I not scared of him? Why do I feel shy around him? Nadia get it together He probably is just playing a
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Chapter 3
Lorenzo's POV I came back home and went straight to my room. I was angry and out of place. I can't believe she passed out after eating the chocolate I gave her. why would a stripper want to drug her? Well, technically that would have made my initial job of wanting to kill her very easy but I couldn't fucking bring myself to do it. She is so young. She is a fucking Russian, I can't be all soft around her, I'm so sure she would kill me at the slightest chance she gets. What the fuck is wrong with me I was about to take off my clothes when I heard a knock on the door, my gaze immediately shifted to the door as I listened to the pattern of the sound again. The sound came again, and I immediately knew who the person wants to speak with. "Come in," I said. The door opened Vicenzo came in
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Chapter 4
Nadia's POV  He walked out of the room, closely followed by his guards. The door was closed and the whole place was thrown into a deafening silence. The bright light came back on, with no voices. my foot was seriously wriggling from the bloody heels I had on. The whole place was stinky from blood and corpses, I have been desperately trying to avoid looking at the dead people and the mere sight of them freaks me out. I may be a badass and all, but I am still a girl. I turned to look at the other survival, she looked frightened and stunned at the same time. “What is your name,” I asked. I wasn't sure if it was the right move but seriously I needed to just have a conversation with someone. The day has been hectic. I thought about the stripper who was murdered on his way to my place and the one that got me drugge
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Chapter 5
Nadia's POV I groaned loudly when I heard the stupid alarm go off. With my eyes still shut tight, I googled my brain for some sort of reason why an alarm clock is pissing me off early in the morning, I can't seem to remember owning an alarm clock. You are not home Nadia Oh, snap! I slowly opened my eyes, thankful for the fact that I wasn't killed in my sleep, as scenes from the previous day flooded through my mind. My feet were still partially bruised and aching badly from the stupid heels I wore yesterday. I waited for loud noises of hungry men, or hasty movements of maids, but I heard nothing. Instead, there was this serene calmness everywhere. This was a big relief, in my ten years of staying and training with the Russian mafias, I can't seem to remember waking up to a noiseless house. I blinked my eyes repeatedly and took in br
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Chapter 6
Lorenzo's POV I walked towards my office trying to control the rage that was flooding through my veins. I was in the middle of something when Viz told me that Nadia was not in her room. I had told him to go find her, but later changed my mind and went in search of her myself. I almost lost it when I saw one of my men flirting with her, touching her, and inhaling her scent as I walked in. It was hard not being able to fist my hand into a tight bow as I moved closer to them. I had to restrain myself from actually punching him, till he has all his teeth shattered in his blood-dripping mouth right there. I can't believe a bloody Russian bitch is making me want to beat up one of my men. She drives me nuts without having to do anything. And I fucking hate that. As I got closer to my office room, which happens to be a standard plain room
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Chapter 7
Vicenzo's POV I pulled her hand across the house while also ensuring that my grip on her isn't too tight, so she doesn't get hurt.  I could feel her reluctance in following me but she dares not take her hand away from mine. I will never forgive myself should anything happen to her, as she is the only piece of sanity I have left in my fucking black wretched soul. She is too trusting and thinks everyone has a kind and open heart like hers. Only if she knows what her new best friend was capable of. “Where are we going to,” she asked after  I took her out of the main building and we were headed for the woods. Her voice was laced with lots of heavy breathing as she had to take faster steps to measure up my long strands. I stopped after some time so she can catch her breath. I can't believe he is asking scarlet to become a spy to a well-trained mafia widow. “Let's go,” I said, after some seconds walking way ahead of
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Chapter 8
Nadia's POV It's been over four hours since scarlet left, and I have been all by myself. Saying I was bored will be a fucking understatement. It won't be such a bad idea to take a walk around the house, www If for nothing sake, but to exercise my legs and possibly fish out anything I can get on Ghost. Scarlet sounded like she knew the person behind the mask earlier, hopefully, she can tell who it is when she comes back from wherever Vicenzo took her to. But before then, I should do my findings and if I get caught, hopefully not. I will have to think of ways to get myself out I came out of my room and noticed that everywhere was empty and very quiet. I started touring past the various rooms, some of which were slightly opened and others closed. I stopped unconsciously at a door numbered thirteen and lingered a while. I wondered who will be living in
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Chapter 9
Nadia's POV  I don't know how scarlet managed to get me to agree to go with her on this shopping shit, but here I am seated glued to a spot in one of the world's most luxurious cars. Aside from the fact that I currently own a zero dollar to my name, I have been saddled with the unpleasant reality of been in the same car with the dude I almost crashed his dick a few hours earlier. Scarlet and Vicenzo are in a separate car behind us. If someone had given me a headstart about the seating arrangement, I would have outrightly refused to go on this trip. I can feel his eyes poking my skin behind those thick dark sunglasses he is putting on. I had earlier unconsciously stopped in my trackswhen I saw him walking out of the mansion to join us in the car.  I have never seen anyone look so damn good in an all-black suit, that seems to perfectly fit his body and not in any way hiding his well-toned abs. The dude is too cute for h
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Chapter 10
Lorenzo's POV The ride back from the shopping mall was hell, I thought hurting her would make me feel better after what she did to me, but it made me feel worst. I feel as if I did something terrible. This is not the first time I will be getting a blow job from one of those girls at the shop, but I feel this might be the last. As soon as the driver got into the garage, Nadia stormed out of the car. I was about to go after her when Vicenzo stopped me and told me of an ongoing robbery taking place in one of my warehouses. We quickly got into one of the cars that had Enough ammunition and zoomed off. Throughout our ride to the warehouse, my mind kept replaying the moment Nadia walked into the private dressing room to see what she was not supposed to. I liked it when she called my house home, but just how far can these feelings I think
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