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Faye Maria Antonio Castillo, the only daughter of Gabriella and Anthony Castillo. she's also known to be the princess of the Royal Mafia because of how beautiful, gentle and kind she is to everyone around her especially to her family. She has everything she ever wanted except..... Jonathan Ryder. The only son of the other most dangerous mafia couple that runs one of the most powerful and ruthless mafia all over america, called the 'KnightRyders'. He's hot, he's dangerous and badass and the number one player in relationships in Pendleton high and he used to be best friends with Faye's brother, Jake Castillo. She liked him ever since freshman year but because of the bad blood between her brother and Jonathan and because of his reputation with girls, are the only things stopping her from going after him. So, when Jonathan finally noticed her and asked her out, it was like a dream come true for Faye. But little did she know, that he only wants to be together with her just to piss her brother off and used her against him. So what happens when she finds out the truth about Jonathan's secret motive? Will she still like him like she used to? Or will it make her snap out of the good girl front, and be the bad girl she truly is when she learned the truth? Read To Find Out.

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41 Chapters
Faye's POVI gripped the gun with tight fingers and aimed at the target sheets in front of me, while dad guided me by telling me where to aim."Left! Nine o'clock. On your right! Focus on your angle Faye! Shoot!"The firing of the bullets blocked out the last of dad's remaining instructions, and I smiled in satisfaction when it perfectly landed on the big red circle in the middle of the target sheets.I placed the gun on top of the counter and removed the ear muffs from my head."Good job sweetheart. You've improved." Dad said and I smiled up at him."Thanks dad. I think I nail
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Faye's POVThe next day, Kaycee and I met at a local café called 'The Box'. It's quite popular around this part of Los Angeles because a lot of people from different schools came here just to hang out and enjoy coffee, so the customers that this café gets are only teenagers. But in my school, Pendleton high, this cafe is like considered to be the only spot where you can find the most popular group from school.On one table, you have the cheerleaders that were ogling at the hot barista that personally went over to their table just to get their order. No surprises there. The cheerleaders from my school are not those typical ones that parades around in their tight fitting cheer leading uniform with pompoms in their hands.

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Jonathan's POVI stared blankly at the can of beer in my hand while the distant sounds of Tj's and Luke's constant yelling about the video game they were playing, echoed in the background.  I kept thinking back to what had happened at the cafe yesterday afternoon between me and Jake Castillo and his, pretty innocent sister.Jake and I have been, let's just say, enemies, for a long time now. I hate his guts just as much as he hates mine and every time I see him all I can see is red. But thanks to my mother who taught me the skills on how to mask my emotions very well, I'll say it came pretty handy nowadays.The Royal siblings. That's what they're known as in the entire world. Their mafia is known as the Royal Mafia and because
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Faye's  POVMr Samuelson, my English teacher, continued talking about whatever he was talking about in the first place, his words were too far for me to hear, yet I kept jotting down important details on my notebook. My mind was blank and my eyes were glued to Mr Samuelson's mahogany table right in the front of the classroom.Then, just before he was about to add something else, the bell rang indicating that our fourth period just ended. Now, it's lunch time. I leaned back on my chair for a moment and watched the rest of the students filed out of the classroom and then I closed my notebook and placed all my pens and other small items inside my pencil case before putting both inside my bag.The minute I looked up, I saw Jonath
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Faye's POV"Hot pink? Or aqua blue?" I held up both the two dresses I just mentioned their color and showed them to Kaycee who was lying lazily on my bed, typing on her phone while popping her gum at the same time.She stared at the dresses with narrowed eyes before lifting them up to stare at me instead."Wow, you really know your colors more then fashion." I frowned and watched her swing her long legs over the bed and strolled towards me and grabbed the dresses from my hands and tossed them back inside the closet."I'm about to go crazy. Jonathan is gonna be here in an hour cos he said that when I texted him a while ago, and I'm still looking for a dress to wear."

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Faye's POVI have never felt this much happiness before in my entire life. My excitement never runs out and every little thing that I do, makes me think about him and just smile to myself. I was on cloud 9. Even my own family started to notice my happy change of mood, and they started to wonder why so they decided to ask Jake about it, which was the last thing I want for them to do, but luckily, Jake never said a word because he knew absolutely nothing about what's been making me happy nowadays.He never stopped texting and kept face timing whenever he got the chance, which makes me even more happy and excited just to hear his voice and see his handsome face on the screen of my phone.The next day for school, I quickly got dressed and then drove t
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Faye's POV"Which one do you think is better? The blue one or the red one?"Mom asked while I continued texting Jonathan on my phone with a smile on my face. We were in mom's walk-in closet, and I was helping her choose a dress to wear at a boards meeting in Paris that she's gonna go to in a few hours. Honestly, I didn't even hear what she was saying not till she start flicking her fingers right to my face, when I finally looked up from my phone."Hello! Earth to Faye. Are you gonna help me or not?" I quickly nod my head."Of course I'm helping mom." She narrowed her eyes at me."Yeah sure, you're definitely helping by staring a
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Faye's POVSaturday afternoon at around six something o'clock, I was rushing about in my room trying to get ready. Knowing that Jonathan will be picking me up at seven, being patience is probably something he doesn't even know. So I tried my best to get ready as fast as I can so I can be on time and won't make him wait for me. I rushed into my closet and picked out a dark blue cropped hoodie with a white Adidas logo printed on the front and then quickly slipped on a pair of black jeans to go with it. I put on my sneakers before brushing my hair and putting the top half as a bun on the top of my head and letting the lower half to flow down my back, freely.I applied a thin wing of eyeliner on my eyes and then put on some red cherry lipstick and after all that, I slipped on a pair of
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Jonathan's POVI took a long drag of my cigarette and let out a big puff of smoke while I watched the street race unfold before me. One arm draped around the skinny brunette standing by my side while the one holding on to my cigarette between my thumb and index finger as our eyes trained on the racing cars rushing before us in full speed. My mind was completely focused on the race without any thought of Faye lingering in my head. It's not like I think of her anyway but something about that girl bugs me the wrong way.I think it has something to do with the way she presents herself to others. Acting so innocent with all smiles and happiness, definitely displaying the princess act as who she really is. But when I'm around her, I get the feeling that she's holding back onto something.
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Faye's POV"Hi Faye!""Hey Faye. Looking great today.""Good morning Faye."I waved, I nod, I smiled at people as I walked down the hallway with a smile on my face as I said 'hi' back to people that were greeting me. It's always been like this everyday. Random people would come up to me and say hello or just called out a greeting whenever I walked by. With a good reputation like mine here in school, these things are not hard to get for the rest of my life. The respect and kindness from others.I reached my locker and punched in my code and started pulling out books and folders that I need for my first class on first period, calc
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