Light & Darkness: Book 3

Light & Darkness: Book 3

By:  Katherine Monroe  Completed
Language: English
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Christina McQuinn, a 16-year-old witch, and her mother, once again change residence out of fear of being exposed to mortals, this time ending up in Italy. Christina is dissatisfied and fed up with constantly moving, but knowing her mother, she has to come to terms with this decision. However, the young witch does not know yet how much her life will change in this country - especially when Christina meets the mysterious Oliver.

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27 chapters
Oliver was standing next to me, his burgundy eyes filled with sadness. I looked away, unable to look at him, after all, what was going to happen now was my fault only. Maybe if I hadn't been looking for him, if I had really given up on us... And now I will probably lose him forever.I can see clearly my mother's eyes, so hateful, so full of fury. I'd never seen her like this before, and I knew one thing - it was over, Oliver's end. He's about to die, and it's because of me. Tears are streaming from my eyes and falling down onto my checked shirt. My mother looks at me sympathetically for a moment, but I know she won't change her mind anyway.- Vampires are enemies of life, they kill and suck it out of others, mostly innocent humans. And therefore they are our enemies, because our job is to protect whole life. That's why any vampire who stands in our way must die. - I hear my mother's firm, but slightly fluttering voice, and then I see as she raise her hand to attack Oliver.
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Chapter 1 - A New Place to Live
I arrived in Rome, Italy on June 16, 2004. My mom was very excited about this move, but I wasn't. The only reason I didn't want to leave California was because my mom thought someone had started to suspect that there was a mystery behind the two of us. Yes, we had to be careful, but my mother often exaggerated and considered every act of greater interest in our lives as a threat to discovering our true identity. And we are not normal people, although at first glance we are no different from them. We are not normal, ordinary like the others.We are witches, although my mother always preferred the term sorceress, because witches usually had bad associations, but for me it does not matter now or before. And just because some nosy neighbor started telling others about our strange behavior and habits, which she somehow managed to notice by sneaking up on our property, it was because of her that I had to leave my friends, good school and boyfriend. We lived in California for quite a
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Chapter 2 - Mysterious Stranger
I was walking down the main street of Rome, looking around. I had to admit that this city captivated me with its beauty, but all the people here were strangers and that overwhelmed me. The thought that I had to make friends again, from the very beginning, terrified me.No. I decided to stay away from everyone else this time, in case my mother wanted to move again. Why would I need to worry myself unnecessarily? My heart was already broken, and I didn't want to break it into more pieces with another break-ups and disappointments. All I wanted now was to get through high school, finish it and start my own life when I reach the age of majority, preferably away from my mother and her paranoia. And for now I will stay aside, alone, without friends, it will be better for everyone this way.On the way I stopped at a nice, cozy cafe, about two hours away from the hotel.Tired of walking around, I went in mainly to rest a bit. I took a table by the window and sat there sipping cappu
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Chapter 3 - Cape of Storms
The next day I woke up early in the morning, but my mother was gone, I only found another note saying that she had gone to the outskirts of the city to see the house she had found for us. She was probably going to buy it right away and enroll me in some school, because my papers were gone.I sighed heavily because I didn't feel like going to high school here. While we were still in California, Johnathan got me a place in a high school he went to himself. I was glad that I would join him after the holidays, but unfortunately, fate had other plans for me and I landed in Rome, Italy.I wasn't feeling very well that day, so I stayed at the hotel. I spent most of the day lying on the bed, staring at the TV and watching some shows or parts of soap opera's. Then I started flipping through channels mindlessly, not even looking at what was being broadcast. Finally, I turned off the TV and tossed the remote on my mother's bed.As I lied down there, staring at the white ceiling,
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Chapter 4 - New House
The next day we checked out of the hotel and in the same rented car we drove to our new home. It was located on the outskirts of the city, right next to the forest. Its back was already slightly hidden in the branches of forest trees.The house was painted white and consisted of a ground floor and two floors. It looked like a 16th-century mansion, had beautifully carved columns that supported a canopy covering a large porch, which in turn had three wooden chairs and a stylishly matched table, all of which looked like antiques. The front door was made of oak wood with beautiful floral ornaments carved on it, and in the center there was a golden knocker and the door handle was the same gold, and it looked like a blooming rosebud. In the middle of the square with the driveway there was a lovely fountain with a carved angel holding a jug in his hand and the water was pouring out of it. The entrance gate, as well as the entire fence around the house, was made of black painted metal.
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Chapter 5 - Meeting with Mother Nature
As soon as I was upstairs, a sigh of relief escaped from my mouth. I couldn't watch my mother being so excited about all of this. I was suffering all the time and she didn't seem to care at all.Once in my room, I threw myself on the bed and closed my eyes. I didn't even change, just lied down in my clothes, because I didn't care if my new long, dark green dress was creased. Only the corset bothered me a bit, but I was too tired to take it off. Suddenly a soft clatter could be heard, so I slowly got up from the bed and went to the window, because that was where the sound was coming from. As I guessed, the oak branch tapped lightly on the window, moved by the wind. I looked longingly at the rustling forest and sighed softly.- I'll take a walk...- I decided, throwing the window wide.With the agility of a cat, I stepped onto the windowsill, then jumped down onto the branch that initially swayed heavily, but that old oak was really strong. I walked nimbly down the branc
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Chapter 6 - First Days In New School
September did not fill me with joy, because I had to go to a new school. It meant a new environment, new people, who mostly knew each other from elementary and middle school, because the high school my mother enrolled me in was not far from those schools, the only ones in the area. Walking down the corridor during a break, you had the impression that everyone knows everyone here quite well. Everyone looked at me as if I was UFO, but it was probably mainly "thanks" to my unusual outfit. With a slight dissatisfaction, I stated that there aren't many goths in this school and there aren't many different subcultures of one or another type in general. Mostly you could find here Italian football fans, school team players and their cheerleaders, and a whole lot of rich kids - self-righteous girls with the appearance similar to a Barbie doll and types of guys picking up girls for expensive brands of clothes, phones and, of course, cars. There were also some typical nerds among all of this.Read more
Chapter 7 - Playing Hide and Seek: Part 1
In the first two months of school, I never spoke to Oliver - on the contrary, I avoided him. Yes, I wanted to know why seeing this boy made me feel strange, but didn't have the courage to talk to him. Besides, I was afraid that would also want to be friends with him. Besides, I preferred to avoid meeting with Oliver to stay sober-minded.My studies were pretty good, and Luna was helping me. Soon, with her, I took the highest place in the class in terms of grades in various subjects. History and literature became my favorite subjects at school. My mother was proud as a peacock, especially when people in the area started praising my school achievements.I was pleased with these successes as well, but persistent thoughts about Oliver haunted me day and night.- "Could I fall in love with him?"- I thought while lying down in my bed in the evening.-"No, it's impossible. There's only room in my heart for Johnathan.”- I shook my head, staring at the moonlight shining t
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Chapter 8 - Playing Hide and Seek: Part 2
The following days of November passed for a kind of hide-and-seek between Oliver and me. When I glanced at him, he didn't even bother to look my way, but I always surreptitiously eavesdropped on my classmates talking that Oliver was looking at me more and more with some unreadable expression on his face. At the end of the month, it became one of the hottest rumors in school, and I didn't like it at all. Sometimes I was affected by my mother's psychosis, and that made me not like drawing too much attention to myself. All in all, it was a pretty good defense mechanism since I was a sorceress, and sometimes did things that would seem very strange to others, and to keep doing them safely, I couldn't allow people to follow me around and care too much about what I'm doing, especially after school.And there were quite a lot of these weird things I did. First of all, on the night of the beginning of each season, my mother and I performed rituals to ensure the favor of the spirits cari
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Chapter 9 - Natural Sciences Competition
The next day, after the unfortunate incident with me, Laura, and Oliver, things got a little awkward in my classroom. Some people stood behind Laura, especially her closest friends, and the rest laughed at her secretly. I tried not to worry about it and reassured Luna that I was completely okay and didn't care. Of course, my words did not fully convince her, because Luna, unfortunately for me, was one of the people with a very sensitive intuition. If something was wrong, it was hard to hide from her, because Luna sensed your emotions as well as I did, even though I could see the auras around everyone and it gave me a lot of advantage.Anyway, that day people forgot everything for a while, because a Natural Sciences Competition was announced. Yes, the natural sciences may not have been my favorite, I liked Literature much more, but as a sorceress I felt everything around me much more intensely, especially nature, therefore such subjects as Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Biolo
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