Girlfriend By Accident

Girlfriend By Accident

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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Henry Payne has everything, the looks, the money, the name, the good grades in Oxford university and always a beautiful girl wrapped up around his arms. He thinks he has it all until he sees the new girl at a party. She is unattainable, wild, and doesn’t care for his attempts to conquer her. Abbey Hardy arrived like a hurricane into Henry’s life, and she turns his head upside down. She becomes his little obsession when she turns him down. Henry makes a bet with his friends, and Abbey is the ultimate prize. Abbey could cost Henry more than just his sanity, and she can cost him his relationship with his father. Will Henry be willing to give it all up for Abbey, or will he chose money and family?

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66 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Moving to England
Abbey POV“MUM, MUUUUUUUM” I scream from the top of my lungs, and I can hear her running up the stairs with dad following her.“What happened? Are you hurt?” she says almost breathless as she opens my bedroom door. Dad stops right behind her with his hand on his chest, trying to catch his breath.“You’re getting old, dad”, I say jokingly, and he gives me a stern look that breaks as soon as I offer him one of my biggest smiles.“What happened?” Dad asks, “Why were you screaming the house down?” he keeps asks as they both take a couple of steps into my room.“I got into Oxford University”, I say, and mum starts to cry immediately as dad walks to me with open arms, and I hug him tightly.“Oh baby, I am so proud of you”, dad says, kissing the top of my head. He is a lot taller than me. I am just a little bit taller than mum, a couple of inc
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Chapter 2 - Moving to Oxford
Henry POVSummer has been boring as hell. I have spent it in London, but the weather has been terrible. I decided I would go to Spain for two weeks but only went for a weekend because mum needed me. Dad has spent his entire time working as usual, and my brother spent more time with my mother than he did at home. You see, my parents got divorced five years ago. Mum met a guy that gave her the attention she deserved and dumped my dad. I honestly don’t blame her. He was a dick towards her, and she deserved to be loved, something he never did.I don’t think the man is capable of love at all; I know he loves my brother and me, but besides us, he loves himself and his money; he loves his job and freedom. The guy is a player, and because I am the son of Harry Payne, everyone expects me to be like him. The difference between us is that I actually care about school work. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have fun and have my bit of fun with the la
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Chapter 3 - The party
Abbey POVMum and dad just left to go home, don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with them, but they can be a little embarrassing, they have no boundaries, and they have no sense of leaving me alone to enjoy my time before class start. “There’s a party today. Do you want to go?” Roxie asks and I nod my head, why not, it’s been a while that uses been to a party, the last one was in Milan. I went with Francesca and Mario. We partied for forty wight hours and then we got the jet back home. “Where is it?”, I ask, and Roxie tells me that it is at some rich boy house. Apparently she likes to be well connected and only hangs at rich people’s places, great.One hour before the party, Roxie walks into my bedroom, and she is wearing a black silky dress that hugs all her curves, she looks me up and dow
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Chapter 4 - First day of Classes
Henry POVI am running late for my first class, I guess having a random one night stand wasn’t a good idea on a school night. Yeah she was hot and she took my mind away from the blue eyes that kept invading my mind. I had to hook up with this girl because I couldn’t keep the girl away from my mind, it was the first time a girl said no to me, I didn’t even get the chance to introduce myself that she turned me down.  I slide out of the bed grabbing my clothes that are scattered around the floor and I grab her knickers by mistake. I smile at myself taking a mental note about how sexy that girl is, what was her name again? I can’t remember, I put my t-shirt on and she hugs me from behind. Her hands going up and down my stomach and reaching for the button of my jeans. “Are you sure you have to go?”, what’s her name asks
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Chapter 5 - First day of Classes part 2
Abbey POV As I sit in class I can’t make myself focus. My heart is beating fast, and I can’t help myself to stop smiling. What is going on with me? Freaking hell Abbey, what the hell is wrong with you? He is just a stuck up asshole. Why are you allowing yourself to think about him. I shake my head, and I try to focus on the class, but I honestly can’t. I start doodling on my notebook while the professor starts talking. “Miss Hardy?” I hear someone say, and I lift my head looking at the professor. Shit. “Oh, sorry”, I let out, and everyone turns around looking at me. I feel my cheeks getting hot. Fuck you, Henry. I think to myself. “If you think that this class is not important, maybe you should give your place to someone that actually wants to learn?” the professor says, and I dig myself down on my chair. Shit, already being scolded in my first class.  “I’m sorry”, I let out.
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Chapter 6 - Big Party
Henry POV Tonight the biggest party of the year is taking place at one of my dad’s restaurants. Every year we throw a welcome to Oxford party and it’s always insane, we always use the back room in one of his restaurants. Everyone enjoys and has become sort of a tradition. I am not looking forward to it. I don’t even know if the invite got to Abbey.  I sent the invite this morning just after her first class when she disappeared on me, and then it didn’t help that I was hugging my cousin in the corridor. I bet Abbey thought she was some random hook up. I take a deep breath as I get out of the shower.  I put on my black ripped jeans and a grey t-shirt. I pull my hair back and I look at myself in the mirror, I offer myself a big smile and I grab my leather jacket.  Alex and Richie are already wait
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Chapter 7 - Date
Abbey POV I walk back to Roxy that is now near the bar talking to a guy. I walk behind her and whisper in her ear that I’m calling an Uber and going home. She asks me if I want her to come with me but I tell her no, she’s having fun and she might even end up having some sex, I tell her that I will send her my live location and she agrees. I call my Uber and I go outside once it arrives. As I am about to open the door Henry appears next to me. “Where are you going?”, he asks and I look at him feeling self conscious for the first time. He’s looking so sexy, sweat dripping from his hair as he holds his jacket on his left hand and hold the car door with his right hand. “Going home”, I tell him and he nods his head opening the door for me, I get in the car waiting for him to slam the door on my face but he tells me to scoot over, I do as he tells me and he sits next to me. I look at him but he closes the door and tells the driver he can st
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Chapter 8 - Date part 2
Henry POV It’s been two days since the party and Alex and Richie keep annoying me saying that I am losing my touch with the Ladies, all because I didn’t get to bring Abbey home, or get her to go on a date with me, I don’t know why it hurt me so much for her to reject me. As I got home from dropping her off all I could think was her, her beautiful blue eyes and her long dark hair, I wish I could grab her hair while I kiss her, I close my eyes and I take a deep breath trying to remember myself of her scent, how good she smells and how I wish I was next to her right now. “Mr Payne, care to share what’s on your mind?”, The professor says and I open my eyes looking at him. I shake my head and apologise for the distraction and try to focus again on what he is saying. I look at my phone that is resting on top of the small desk and it vibrates as soon as my eyes meet the screen.  I pick it up op
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Chapter 9 - Date part 3
Abbey POV Once we reach the restaurant I am pleasantly surprised by what I see, it is a small and quiet Italian restaurant, it has the red and white table cloths and the beautiful wine glasses on the table. There’s candles lit up on each table creating a cozy atmosphere.  “It’s beautiful here”, I let out “Wait until you try the food”, Henry says as he pulls the chair for me to sit.  I take my place and he walks to the other side of the table and takes his seat. He is wearing dark blue jeans and a light blue button up shirt. It matches his eyes and I can’t believe how sexy he looks. He passes his hand through his hair pulling it back as we reaches for the menu passing it to me. I thank him and I decide I am going for the mushroom risotto. It’s my favourite. Hopefully they will cook it properly. 
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Chapter 10 - Second Date
Henry POV I start driving, and I decide not to go home. I don’t want to answer questions from the boys, and I am not in the mood for their banter. I just want to be alone. I drive for around twenty minutes and end up in a hotel owned by my father. I walk to reception, asking for a room, leaving deliberately my name out of the registration form. I am grateful that the old woman at reception has no clue who I am. She probably doesn’t read the tabloids, and for once, I am glad.  I walk into the room, locking the door behind me, flopping down on the bed and resting my head on top of my hands. I close my eyes, and all I can see are those beautiful blue eyes piercing through my soul. I’ve told Abbey a lot more about my life than I’ve ever told any of the boys. I showed her my true self and not the dickhead I pretend to be in public.  I roll on the bed, r
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