Alpha, Prince, Revenge: Which Comes First?

Alpha, Prince, Revenge: Which Comes First?

By:  Daisy dawn  Ongoing
Language: English
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Minty Brown found herself taking care of her lame and dumb twin sister. To survive, she had to hide her scent and take up three alias in order to feel that temporal security. She never wanted drama. She wanted a plain old quiet life but finding herself in-between two alphas claiming to be her mate and finding out that her parent's death was caused by someone close to her, her drama couldn't have been less dramatic. "You are one crazy bitch girl. You know that. Did that alpha boyfriend of yours put you up for this or do you want to whore yourself without me around..." He gave a strangled laugh and said, "I should have known. You didn't want a mate. How foolish of me? Why did I believe that you would be willing to come to me? You are nothing but a whore who is in love with some alpha wolf that wouldn't even look at you." Note: This book is still being edited.

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24 Chapters
Chapter One
        They say life is a game but I think it's one large ditch no one wants to enter. I've lived all my life hiding my scent to discourage any wolves, supernaturals or worse, my mate from coming closer. It's simple; wake up in the morning, check on Alee and get her food, have my bath, dress up for school, go to school, come back, check on Alee again and leave for my work on the side. Sometimes, work can be crazy but you will learn to get used to it. My twin sister, Alee and I have been living like this ever since that day. We weren't in a pack but we aren't rogues either. My parents wanted us to live like a human family but I can see how far-fetched that was.       Remembering those days with my parents was my best memory. My mum had given birth to me first before my twin, Alee. Our names were not randomly chosen. My name, Minty, was given to me immediately after mum gave birth. They had thought that she was pregnant with one child at the
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Chapter Two
       Jacob and Sarina were arguing behind the computer and Dean, as usual, is pretending like he didn't see them. I looked around for Elias but he was not in my line of sight which could only mean one thing. “Azalea, nice of you to join us.” he said behind me.        I whirled around and found him playing with a knife while he leaned on the wall with one leg crossed over the other.  “Am not late, boss.” I said. “Oh, I know. But, I've been waiting for you and you, my friend, took your time to be here.” he said, while pointing the knife at me. “Sorry, boss. I had to eat dinner and walk through my dangerous neighborhood. Sorry I couldn't make it in time.” I said, half trying to hold myself from sounding sarcastic but still sounding sarcastic all the same. “Nice try, Azalea. Are you being considerate or just being plain old sarcastic.” he said, rolling the knife around his pinkie. “Am
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Chapter Three
      Arriving at the destination, that's behind the building leading to the garden entrance like anonymous had said, I prepared myself for guards but I didn't see anyone. It is completely deserted. I blinked and shrugged. I've just got to find the prince, I thought, but I have this unusual stirring in my stomach like something dangerous will happen. I couldn't back out now but I knew my gut never lie. I would pull out if I saw any sign of danger, I thought. I followed the directions given to us by anonymous. And low and behold, the prince sat beside a pool staring at the serene water. Bingo!, I thought. This is too easy but before I could reveal myself, the prince stirred while sniffing the air. He wouldn't sniff me out because I covered my scent as usual before I came for him. He suddenly stood up and looked in my direction. I was startled by it. Did he sniff me out or am I just imagining everything. Suddenly, he wasn't in my line of sight. I got confused and looked
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Chapter Four
       As usual, school is boring. I sat in AP biology doddling on my notebook but still paying attention. For a while, I lost concentration and when I got it back, a new guy was smiling down at me. I raised an eyebrow and he frowned. Was I suppose to do something, I thought to myself. He pointed at the seat beside me which had my book bag on it and I took it out, creating space for him. He sat down and took a long sniff of his environment. A small shiver went down my spine. He's a werewolf, I thought but why is he taking a long sniff of his environment. I could only guess one reason for it but I knew that can't be true. He had this content smile on his face when he turned towards me and I tensed up. In a low husky voice, he said the one word I dreaded after the first time I heard it. “Mate.”         He leaned on the chair and threw his arm at the back of my chair. I cringed and tried to back away from his arm. As much as I hat
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Chapter Five
      Suiting up with what I have - which is black leggings, a black elastic shirt with a turtleneck, combat boots, my hoody and my black tunic - I got ready to teleport myself back to the garden. I don't have a reliable information but I could use the past information I've obtained. By this time, he would be unarmed in the same place in the palace gardens. I covered my scent as usual and teleported myself to his garden. I felt excitement brewing in my stomach but I pushed it away and focused on the task ahead.“I knew you would come back.” I heard a voice.          I squealed and whirled around only to face the prince in nothing but shorts. It's necessary for the full moon if it takes control and you have to shift without knowing but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He has the muscles, firm legs and the six packs that I have heard human girls gushing about in school. Looking at him, staring at his handsome face, he has the c
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Chapter Six
          Back home, I dropped my bag on the bed and sat the chair opposite the bed, lost in thought. Being absent minded, I didn't notice the growl until it was closer to my ears. I jumped, with a magic spell in mind and I turned to activate it but ended up staring at my glumly sister. Her eyes were glowing, making her yellowish orange eyes more prominent but her lackadaisical slump on the fall failed to reflect the emotions in her eyes. Her face seemed fierce like she wants to kill me for a reason. She kept on sniffing the air around me no matter how far away I kept from her. Had she noticed that I didn't sleep here last night and decided to kill me, I thought. I felt my back hit the wall but I still felt like backing up. Alee felt like a predator and for the moment, I felt like a prey. For a while, she sat there staring at me with glowing eyes. But then, her eyes stopped glowing and she slumped on the floor. I wanted to help her but I was frozen from what
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Chapter Seven
                                   Albert's POV      Albert paced his room. When he was with Minty, he had tried connecting his brain with hers, exactly what a possessive fae would do but it hadn't worked. He wanted full control of his mate's mind. Not that he wanted to control her but it drove him crazy not knowing where his mate was. He felt like he threw his mate to the wild animals to devour. Why was she stubborn?       All he saw when he tried to prob her mind a little was that she's still a high school student and that she had a boyfriend. Who is Mason, he thought to himself. He didn't know which high school she attended and this drove him to pull his hair.      He sat on the couch opposite his bedroom window and bit his fingers as he stared at the elaborate curtain his mother had put up only for his wi
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Chapter Eight
                                     Mason's POV       Alpha Mason sat back on his chair in his office. A blank paper on an easel stared back at him. The one beside it has his face on it and he drew it himself. He had been waiting for his mate for nine years. Nine fucking years!      And she showed up, indeed she did but she brought with her another mate and her stubborn nature. He has heard from Randy about how she stared at the new kid.Was he her other mate?      He couldn't help but feel like he'd been deceived. What kind of twin would make promises that would take her away from her mate? There's a pattern here, he thought. Alee, his mate would come on Tuesdays and Thursdays while her other twin would come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Why can't
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Chapter nine
       Alee was acting unusual as I arranged and cleaned the house. She sat on the floor glaring at me and following me wherever I went with her eyes. She would drag herself on the floor from room to room if I go to a different room and won't move over whenever I want to vacuum an area. She would make a fuss, making grunt-like sounds like a pig and growling whenever I lifted her from her position.  What's gotten into her, I thought.        After I had cleared out every dust and dirt in the house, I turned towards her and said,“How about a game of chess? I will beat you, Alee.” I said.        She growled at me like I had offended her. She rarely says anything and she doesn't contribute to any discussion and sometimes, shows no sign that she's listening. But, she's growling? Is she growing?        It has crossed my mind several times that I find myself consideri
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Chapter Ten
       Alee was asleep before I got to her. She lay on the floor, her legs were separated from each other and drool fell from her lips. She snores whenever she's asleep and her hands are always folded like a dead person in a coffin. I used a spell and carried her to her bed, pulling her blanket over her to cover her from the cold. With that, I took my black cloak and decided to visit the prince.       His room looks the same way I had imagined it before I came. The room has a brownish yellow concept to its wall. His bed was extra large, too much for just him and the colours of the blanket matched the walls as well as two of the couches and four of the wooden chairs kept around a round wooden table that has the same colour.       Being in his room reminded me of the last time I was here. It was foggy but my heart fluttered just remembering it and I slapped my cheeks. I shouldn't be thinking about him when I had disappo
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