Never Be the Same

Never Be the Same

By:  sophiathegreat  Ongoing
Language: English
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Everybody is different. May it be with the way you look, your sexual orientation or your beliefs and culture. Tori Kingstein has always thought of herself as someone who’s different. She never liked boys. Yes, she's gay. Tori then was sent to her mum’s old school, an all-girls boarding school in hopes of her not getting herself a boyfriend at a young age. But jokes on her parents, cause she actually swings the other way around. And little did she know that entering Whistler High School for Girls would put her on a mission with other girls, like her who aren’t white, to end the discrimination, inequality, too much use of white privileges and the use of wealth and power to stay on top by some students, especially by the school's student council officers. After knowing this, Tori is set on finishing her mum's past role in this group—and that is to destroy the unfair treatment of the school and the student council to students who what they call “aren’t white and as rich as them”, but Tori has a secret. It’s just that... She might have a tiny bit of crush on the student council's president who's no other than Amelia Harriet Williams. What could go wrong, right?

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141 chapters
The cold breeze greeted me as soon as I stepped out of my shared room, some strands of my hair flew, making me shiver because of how cold it was. I hugged the scarf around me even tighter in hopes of it giving me more warmth from the coldness that the night is giving while walking in the dark. The hallway was quiet, of course. Who would want to wander around at this hour? It was well known that anybody who would get caught out of their rooms after curfew would be punished by the students who are watching the night in the dorms.You see, I had always been the one who would disobey whatever rule that was set for us. I never liked the idea of being the good girl who would just follow orders. So despite it being a stupid move, I still left my room every midnight just so I could at least get to see the moon and the stars.And being the new student in Whistler High School for Girls means I get to use the “Home sick excuse” where I would just tell the girls who ar
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Chapter 1: Whistler High School For Girls
My parents had always reminded me to be thankful for the new life God has given me every morning.But I can’t seem to have the ability to thank God right now, because today is the day that I’ll be leaving my house to go to a new school—worse, it’s a boarding school for girls. Well, it’s nothing new here in the UK to find parents sending their kids off to some boarding school. It’s just that, I never expected my parents to do it to me, their only daughter! I have lived my life for 17 years just fine in a normal school with my awesome friends, but they just had to ruin all of it, just because the principal of that school where my mum studied, came and urged her to let me go study there too.I had always been a fan of freedom and chaos. So a boarding school isn’t just my cup of tea.It was no secret that Whistler High School for Girls is one of the top schools in our country. Most students who graduate the
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Chapter 2: A Plan
Waking up at 4 am has never been my doing. But I couldn’t seem to sleep more with the fact that I’m not in my room anymore and I have Amelia as my roommate who’s already taking a shower since we have classes today.I watched as a bird tried to knock on our window, but immediately went away when it saw me looking at it. I shook my head as I tried to fix my appearance. Was the bird scared because of how I look? I let out a soft grunt before stretching my arms.I took my phone, and texted both my parents that I was sorry for just updating them now that I’m already at my school. I was so tired yesterday that I dozed off immediately.“You’re awake,” Amelia said as soon as she saw me. I wanted to reply to her sarcastically, but I was also afraid of what she would do to me if I ever tried to do mean things to her. So instead, I just gave her a nod and watched her now blow drying her blonde hair. She was already wearing her unif
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Chapter 3: Crystal Clear
Loud chattering was heard as soon as our teacher left our classroom. It was already near lunchtime, and I have introduced myself today for 3 times now. It was a good thing that the two other teachers didn’t let my classmates ask me questions, or else I’ll really choke that bitch from my first class without any hesitation.“Our next teacher wouldn’t be attending, so we have more free time. Enjoy.” Normally, in my old school, if there’s more free time, the one who announced it would be very happy and would even scream that news in the top of his or her lungs. But something about my new school and their students just screams that they’re different from other students outside Whistler High.I looked at the girl with glasses, her hair was in a neat ponytail and wasn’t showing any playfulness. She was serious and after
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Chapter 4: Secret Files
Classes were finally over, and I was so glad it was. I was now walking towards the cafeteria with my phone in hand since it was now allowed to use phones. The curious stares were still there, and I could feel their scrutinizing gaze as I was walking. Like one wrong step, and I’ll be dead in a minute.I felt a wave of relief when I was finally inside the cafeteria, and there I saw the girls at their usual table. I saw Zoe waving at me, so I waved back and immediately walked towards them. I can still feel the stares the other girls are giving, and that made me almost run towards their table, but stopped myself because it would seem inappropriate to run inside the cafeteria.When I finally sat at their table, they greeted me and I did too. I even thanked Zoe for ordering for me in advance. She was like a mother taking care of her children, making me smile at
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Chapter 5: Dumb Dumb
As soon as I reached our room, I immediately showered and even prayed to all the gods out there to not let Amelia get inside our room yet, since if that happens, I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly. The water hit my face, and I shivered at the coldness of it. I grimaced at my own stupidity, for forgetting to make the water warm before showering. After doing my thing in the bathroom, I was shivering. I even saw my reflection in the mirror and there I saw my pale lips and the dark circles showing on the bottom of my eyes. “Why do I look so ugly today?” I asked myself, while still looking at the mirror as I finish my skincare routine, in hopes of it improving my face since I really look like I haven’t slept for a week because of the bags under my eyes. With my robe wrapped around my body, I walked towards my wa
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Chapter 6: Underground Website
Sunlight came through the open window of our bedroom. As I was watching the sun, it felt like it was waving at me, as if the sun is greeting me a good morning. I snorted at my own thoughts, before looking at Amelia who’s now ready. I would usually be still in bed at this hour, but I made sure to wake up early because today, there’s something I am looking forward to, and that is to know the suspects behind the suicide of Nova Miller. And believe me when I said that I’m going to use up all my courage for today just to speak to the administrator to change one of my subject teachers into Mr. Wilson. I wouldn’t mind if she thinks of me as someone who’s also attracted to that teacher, because I really can’t think of anything else to do in order to have at least a little conversation with that teacher. “You’re up early,
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Chapter 7: Math Problems Can Go Solve Themselves
It was so quiet. Awkwardness was what I felt as we walked. Our footsteps could be heard as we were headed to Mr. Wilson’s classroom. The rooms that we passed by were closed, and even though I wanted to at least say something, I know I just can’t. Walking the quiet corridors alongside Amelia was never what I wanted. I had always been the confident gay among our friend group, but being with Amelia who now thinks that I might be interested in men too is so suffocating. Especially the fact that she might think I’m actually interested in Mr. Wilson is so disgusting. Whatever happened back with the administrator was just not what I had planned to happen. It was never in the plan to have Amelia inside the room to hear me plead just to have that predator as my freaking professor! If only I knew Amelia would be t
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Chapter 8: What Happens After Class
Students are slowly going out of the room, one by one they go, while some gave gifts to Mr. Wilson first before they would finally leave. My eyes widened when I saw just how much those gifts cost. Some were from Chanel, some were from Gucci and some just looked like it really costs a fortune. But then I realized that almost all the girls who are studying here came from rich families, so it shouldn’t really be at all that surprising. I looked at my wristwatch to see what time it was, I frowned when I noticed that it was almost lunch time, and it looks like I’ll be left behind with this weird teacher as the other students would eat their food. I can’t believe I really exchanged this for food. His class today was three hours long, and I almost stormed out of the room after knowing that some girls really made this class up to three hours just so they could be wit
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Chapter 9: Hear Ye, Money Matters
I was walking alone, the bell rang so other students didn't really care about their surroundings, if they bumped you, they'd just run as if nothing happened, since tardiness was never a good thing in this school. But because I’m not quite aware of what punishments they gave students who are late, I took my time in walking, and there I heard everything that I shouldn’t have. “You can’t do that, Madam. I worked hard to be the winner of last year’s Fall Singing Contest. If you’d give them to another student, wouldn’t the press know?” I heard a voice of a girl said, and it seemed like she was crying. I stopped on my tracks, and despite my gut feeling telling me to continue on walking, I stayed in my place and decided to listen. ”If you’d do this, then the other students would stop bullying you, isn’t that what you want, Ms. Jones?” the teacher asked, and I fought
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