Trapped Between Two Alphas

Trapped Between Two Alphas

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"What's that?" I whispered to myself as I felt something moved very fast behind me. It was very dark at night and a dim-lighted lamp was the only source of light I had to see my way home! "Oh my God!! What could that be?" I whispered to myself again as it moved again, this time, I felt it getting closer to me. Suddenly, I heard a soft whisper close to my left ear "she's back and will spare no one". I became more terrified and decided to run. As I was running, I felt that something was running after me, something I couldn't see. Suddenly, my foot hit a stone on the ground and I fell down with a loud thud, shattering the only source of light I had to pieces! And as I was trying slowly to get back to my feet, I was startled by what I perceived in my nostrils. It was as if what was chasing me was right before my face but yet, I couldn't see it, I could only perceive the smell of warm human blood!

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"Where am l?" I murmured to myself as I realized I was being chased.I wasn't sure of what I've done but I just found myself running from three bloodthirsty wolves. I haven't done anything wrong. No I haven't.Suddenly, I hit my right foot against a stone and fell to the ground with a thud!And just as the wolves were about ripping my flesh apart, I slowly woke up to a voice close to my ears.And even though my eyes were still closed, I knew who it was. The closest person I had to a best friend, Renee Malivert. She was beautiful. Brown hair, blue eyes, perfect smile. I envied her. "Why are you up?" I asked, ignoring her question and opening one eye. "It's morning, why else would I be up?" She said sarcastically, pursing her lips. I rubbed my eyes as I leaned up into a slouch. "My apologies. What are you doing in here anyways? You know if Kol catches you in here he'll be pissed." I shooed her off my bed, but she only stood at the end of it watching me
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I sank to the floor, watching as the crowd formed around me, following the scream they just heard. There was laughing from the pack and mumbling from the outsiders. The tears that rimed my eyes were now falling freely down my pale chubby cheeks. The hallways was now totally empty, and I was left alone. I was hyperventilating. I was just rejected by my mate. My brother hates me, he practically blames me for our parent's death.Everyone in this stupid school is set out to make me regret living. And the funny thing is... almost everything they say about me is true I am fat, or at least overweight. I'm not at all skinny, and I'm not even saying that because they've convinced me of it. Even before my parents died, before my brother started hating me, I knew I was a little too big for anyone's liking. I wasn't attractive either. My hair was a dull, dead, burgundy red. My eye's were such an odd color. An also very dull, unflattering green with grey specks. My own reflection made me an
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Katerina's (P.O.V)   In 4 day's time, I heard the first crack of a twig that wasn't done by me. I was far, far away from Ever Falls. I had shifted three times, back and fourth to human and wolf as I travelled in and out of towns. I was now in wolf form again, walking through the woods looking for something, anything to drink. I was dying from dehydration and I swear my tongue hung out of my mouth like a sloppy dog. Pun intended.The crack had me whipping my head around, a growl erupting from deep inside my throat. I barked, as if to ask who's there. I wish I hadn't, because no sooner than I did, I was faced with three wolves. All in the formation of a triangle, coming at me. A black one, large than the other two, at the front of the triangle, a grey one, at the right of the triangle, and a white one, to the left of the triangle. I watched there lips pull back from there teeth in a snarl as the patted over to me. I cowered away in fear, my nose touching my
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I felt around me. Sheets. I smiled and pulled the covers up to my chin. It was so cold in here, my hands were freezing. I yawn and rub my eyes, looking around. I was in a room. I didn't remember walking up here... then it clicks in that I had fallen asleep downstairs. One of them must have carried me up here. I looked down and noticed I was in a button up shirt, and my panties. Probably one of the guys put it on me. I yawn again and walk out of the bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen. Cliff was sitting at the table with a large plate of food in front of him. I sit beside him, grabbing two pieces of bacon. "Good morning to you too, Kat." He smirks at me. "Morning." I mutter, taking a bit of one. He laughs and takes a bit of his food. "Good sleep?" He asks, his mouth kinda full. "Sure I guess. How about you?" I ask. "Not bad, dreamless sleep. What you planning on doing today?" He asks me, taking the other piece of bacon back from my hand and biting it himself. I frown. Ass.
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I watched as Elijah waited for me in the middle of the training field, ready to go. "You're sure you want this?" He smirks. "I'm sure. Let's go." I said, attempting to sound sexy yet monotone. It was game on. I narrow my eyes, embracing my inner wolf and we charged for each other. "What just happened?" Elijah asks, his back on the grass. I wasn't sure who he was asking, he was just starring at the sky out a breath. I took a deep breath of my own. "I can't believe you beat the Alpha." Joel says, his mouth open. I looked over at him, releasing my foot from Elijah's chest. I closed Joel's mouth with a smile. "You'll catch flies." I told him and patted his cheek. He gaped again which made me laugh. "Who are you Katerina Bathas?" Elijah stood up from behind me and pulled me into a tight hug lifting me off the ground. I laugh and kick in his arms. "You just told me who I was. Can we get inside? It's getting kinda windy." I ask, picking a piece of hair off my lips. "If you promise not to b
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I was currently in my room searching for a bathing suit. I wasn't chubby anymore, I had absolutely no fat. I was pure skin and muscle, and yet I was still self-concious.After years of being called a cow, a waste of space, a fatass, well it shouldn't surprise me how insecure I get. But there's even time's when I try not to eat, thinking that it would help me lose weight like it had before out in the woods.Each and everytime I try, I get caught and growled at by either Elijah, Joel or Cliff. My weight is my blind spot according to them. I find myself shaking my head dismissively at the thought. "Aha." I say suddenly, reaching for the smooth fabric of my navy blue bikini. I wiggle my hips in victory, a smile printed on my face. I close the bathroom door behind me as I step onto the cool tiles of the floor. I slip the T-shirt over my head and slip on the bikini top. There was no design on it, just like the bikini bottoms I slipped on. I bundled my previous clothes in my ha
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"Gosh, I haven't had that much fun in such a long time." I tell them all, drying my hair with my towel as we walk in through the pack house doors. Elijah laughs and soon everyone inculding me, was too. We couldn't not be happy. "Glad we could contribute, babe. I'll see you guys in a few hours, Alpha stufff to take care of." Elijah tells us, kissing my forehead before walking upstairs to his office. "I'm gonna go get changed. Be down in a bit." I tell them and skip upstairs with Rebekah quietly behind me.She walks off down the hall to her room. I reach mine and close the door behind me.I start stripping off my wet bathing suit, letting it fall to the ground with a sloppy thud. I dried the rest of my body before pulling on my underwear and bra. I rustle through my drawers and pull out a T-shirt and Joel's carebear boxers. Sometimes I wonder what he watches on his own time. I shake my head, pull my hair into a clip and walk downstairs."I'd say you're about 5.. 6 meter
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Jumping back I bowed my head. I'm sorry, Alpha. I didn't realize it was you. I tell him. He must have been on a perimeter run. He rises up, shaking the bits of leaves off of his fur. He walks toward me, using his snout to lift my head. He licks a spot above my eye that I assume was bleeding. When did that happen?Don't worry, babe. Nice job by the way.His words float through my mind and my wolf shivers. I started to walk through the trees and toward my back pack. Elijah grabs his bag from a tree near by and follows behind me.I shift, curling behind a tree. I hear him shift too. "How did you get to me so fast? And where's Cliff?" He asks, coming around the tree, slipping a shirt over my head. I pulled out a pair of underwear from my bag and slipped them on.I closed my eyes and opened them quick. No idea." I tell him with a laugh. He laughs in response. "That was some try. C'mon, let's get your cut cleaned up," I frown, no clue as to how I got it. "CLIFF. Pack h
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I was breathing heavily, my body drenched in sweat and my face beat red. Elijah was asleep beside me. Holy shit,what just happened... no.I look over at him. His lips were parted slightly, he was so handsome... I press my thighs together. I can't do this, he's an alpha, my alpha. As quickly and quietly as I can, I climb out of bed and speed walk out of his room, into mine, slaming the door behind me. I lean my forehead against it. "What just happened?" I mumble aloud, my breathing still heavy.You know what just happened, you just had a very erotic dream about our Alpha.I hear my wolfs voice in my head and I groan, turning around to lay the back of my head against the door.How am I even supposed to look at him after this?I put my face into my hands and lean forward. I should have seen this coming, I should have kept a further distance from him because now, I've succumb to my feelings for him and can do nothing about it.I would never, could never tak
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As soon as we entered that pack house, Elijah was in the kitchen, of course. I put a smile on my face and greeting him as I passed by before yet again, speed-walking to my bed room.Fuck. The only word going through my head.No way am I going to be able to do this whole distancing thing.He looked so.. good just now.There was a knock that made me jump. I didn't respond. "I am well away you're in there, Katerina. Just open the door." Elijah tells me. He was using his alpha tone and I felt myself cowering towards it on reflex. Ass.Soon enough he was in my room pulling me in for a hug and inspecting me at arms length. "Why did you run off like that" he asks me with a worried gaze. "Sorry, nothings wrong. I just got back from the trees. Seen Bekah for a bit, she showed me her gift." I grin, not at all feeling awkward. He sighs in relief."It's amazing what some people can do" he says, sitting beside me on the bed. "It is. It makes you wonder what's hiding
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