Pampered Boss

Pampered Boss

By:  quondamsoul  Ongoing
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Alex Cider T. Grit was an average student who turned the Mainland upside down as a mechatronics expert. Other than being an average student, she also has several hard-to-guess identities that could shake the world. Along with the appearance of this mechatronic expert, the mysterious and exotic VIPs also rushed into the mainland and they only followed the order of an unnamed person AKA Alek Cider. Alek Cider had no plan to hide her identity but the VIPs kept insisting. They also pampered her to the core. However, their boss only cared about her machines, games, and… and… another person they could not offend-- the lazy, psychotic CEO of Trojan Empire! Storm always passed through her nose yet she had no idea about it. Even the VIPs could only shut their mouths. Would the CEO, concealed as a pitiful young man, be able to keep his identity? Or was he long busted by this carefree boss? This is the noble journey of an orphan who perseveres with grit towards the road of the Second Revolution and a laid-back CEO who sought the care of the girl from 10 years ago. -- + Slowburn Romance, Business, Technology, Light Novel

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12 Chapters
1: Stealing the Agreement and the Guardian Rights
District 11, Yolo City. A woman clad in black attire merged into the night. She leisurely sat on the balcony near the living room, listening to the conversation of the house owner and guests.  Surprisingly, none of the people noticed her. They passed by her and even looked up, trying to peek at what the guests were up to. The woman was up there, blatantly eyeing them prying into someone else's business. Most of the neighborhood was like that. Rumors kept their butts on fire; they couldn't even sit still.  Inside the living room, a couple sat on the broken sofa. The sofa was covered with yellow satin, veiling the hole underneath. They felt uncomfortable but instead of complaining, they urged the lady host to state their intentions right away. Read more
2: Spectating the Hunt
  The Criminal Regiment’s branch in Region N hid in the deepest of the slums of Yolo City. They established a gambling house to conceal their temporary base. Most of their customers were people from the slums. The CR’s trick the hopeless customers into getting into debt with them. Eventually, when one had nothing to pay, they would hire him or her into doing something for them.  That was how their roots had taken.  Custard, the temporary leader, has been enjoying the position of the leader. In a few days, their leader would be promoted to be a Rank 3 Commander. If that happened, he would successfully gain the title he has longed for.  The same as the normal days, he was sitting there with his legs wide open. He leaned on the chair as he fi
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3: Books Don't Give Experience
“Little lady!” “Alek!” Alek Cider looked at them confusedly.  Their blood suddenly boiled with excitement. She scrutinized them from head to toe.  Quinn awkwardly covered his bottoms with a book. He felt like the little lady was taking off his clothes from his eyes. He still couldn’t get used to it.  The little lady told him that he couldn’t clearly see his whole humanity. “It was vague.” That's what she said, but still! Vague revealed that she still could see him in and out!   Quinn peeked at Toro who was daringly exposing his body to the little lady. He frowned and smacked his peanuts with a book.   Read more
4: Popular Empty-Headed
  ‘Well, I can also be Miss Elle Thion, but it’s rude to use the deceased name in vain.’    Alek Cider glanced at her older brother T**o who happened to be watching her too. T**o’s eyes glinted mischievously, indirectly hinting Alek to introduce as one of the Nine Immortal Survivors.   Quinn Sohal happened to be one of the Nine Immortal Survivors who helped the whole world regain the knowledge of their ancestors. He was the most popular survivor known either from the West Continents or East Continents. He had authored more than a thousand books since almost a century ago. Given that he wrote an average of 17 to 18 books in a year.    Those books mostly consist of a few pages unlike the books from this time when most were filled with explanations about
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5: Targeted
A group of students huddled together with a book and papers at the middle. Each of them held a pen in different ink colors. They were talking seriously as if what they were discussing was something critical. For students, it was something critical to them. They would have another exam after the major examination that happened last week. Teachers made an excuse such as orienting their students about the 1st Term individual evaluation or class rating evaluation. [Note: Critical but easy as a piece of cake] Shameful may it be to use the run-around answer students often used; they could only use it to shut up the students. They won’t be able to know or guess the real answer from them anyway. That was the reason why “almost” all students were studying so hard that they didn’t care anymore even if they go bald. This time was the only time they really studied hard and would do everything for a classmate that was behind the class to catch u
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6: Eastlanders (1)
  Clouds ran in the sky as they covered the raging sun. Dews crystallize on top of the leaves reflecting the sunlight. The ground was wet and small puddles formed after a light rain. Ripples appeared on the puddles as tiny mud hit on the surface. It persevered continuously until the last pair of feet passed by. Such a wonderful spring-like morning welcomed a new nerve-wracking event. Most of the grade 12 students paced back and forth in front of the bulletin board. The faculty teachers did not need 24 hours to complete checking their papers. The total grade 12 students were only 156. No more, no less. Albeit sacrificing a little of their personal time and overwork on that certain day, they felt no fatigue for they had already received a bonus that would total three months of their salary. Some visitors were willing to invest in this school just for the sake of scouting talents. The students below grade 12 were amazed to se
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7: Eastlanders (2)
“I found a good hut earlier. Shall we go in there?” “What's nicer, the mansion or the hut from these slums?” “Boss, we don't even have a mansion.” Pak! “Aw!” “Don’t you know ecstasy in daydreaming? F*ck off!” Footsteps scurried away as the boss battered his lackeys on the way. Three girls listened to their conversation until they got away. The series of events baffled the two foreign girls. But she was not the only girl who grabbed them inside her house. She might still be oblivious of their intention in coming into the slums, but soon she would be able to find it out. Though much later since her so-called schedule was filled to the brim. She could not present only one “present” in the auction, should she? And she was also a kind, loving, and obedient girl. She would do her best not to cause trouble to oth – old man Quinn. Quinn had just become Quinn and not others. Now that they were in a state of collaboration, she could not declare him as a stranger. Alek Cider glanced at
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CH008: Atrocious Villain of the Slums
While Alek Cider was confronting her stalker, the slum of Yolo City received their most hated visitor, Attorney Adonis.  Attorney Adonis had brought a demolition notice signed by the mayor of the city and the demolition team to measure the land property of every household. He also brought unsigned agreements to distribute later to the informal settlers. All of it was a hoax Attorney Adonis prepared.  The demolition notice was something he made and forged the Mayor’s signature. The demolition team was thugs dressed up as professional constructors. The agreements he brought would take advantage of the naivety of the informal settlers.  He planned everything ever so thoroughly using the knowledge he accumulated from working with different people in the Ci
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CH009: Becoming a Human
“Are you okay, uncle?” Alek Cider asked sincerely but did not try helping the man get back on his feet.  She hated it when people touched or approached her.  She was not mysophobic but she was extremely sensitive. Even her beloved father could not get near her unless she permitted him to.  The uncle did not open his mouth. His eyes remained fixated on her then a stench smell spread throughout the surrounding.  Alek Cider frowned. “Did you come to this place to pee, uncle?”  “...”  Alek Cider forced her senses to close because she could no longer take the smell, the vibrations of the uncle’s heartbeat, and the sight of the place.  Her eyes m
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CH010: Confronting the Bullies
“You won’t get anywhere if you entrust your future through cheating.” Quinn stood up as he commented on what was on his mind.  The bullies laughed hardly to the point of holding their stomachs.  “You have a strong gut, transferee.” Brattiny wiped the tears of joy from her eyes.  “Even stronger than that war veteran,” Quinn whispered with a soft, melodic voice. He visibly nodded with an arrogant smile on his face.  The two girls were momentarily dazed.  Joey threw a punch on his face. Veins bulged from his neck and forehead.  Quinn only had a small bruise on his cheek. He protected his face well. His body took the most impact from their kicks but
Read more Protection Status