The List

The List

By:  Bella Aisling  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rebecca had it all planned out, she had the career, the house, the guy who ticked all the boxes. Sure life was a little dull, but that's what happens when you grow up, doesn't it? Then one day, the guy she thought she'd marry decided he wasn't sure and with the help of her best friend and a rather unconventional bucket list, Rebecca might find out that being a grown up, doesn't have to be dull at all.

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2 chapters
Chapter one
It's 6pm, Rob will be here any minute. I've lit candles and cooked his favourite dinner, steak and chips, which is in the oven waiting for his imminent arrival. I've showered, shaved my legs and slipped on a pretty dress and am dancing around the kitchen to the radio, making sure nothing burns while I listen out for his car in the driveway. I used to get irritated with his insistence that we have sex every other Friday night, as though it took the spontaneity and romance out of it all, but, after six years and increasingly busy work schedules, it actually helps to make sure we make time for one another. Sure I miss the rip your clothes off in the hallway passion I had with my first love, Thomas, but we were teenagers, you can't expect that at thirty-three years old. Not when you've seen each other crapping and knackered after a long week at work, ca
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Chapter two.
Toot toot. Jacqui beeps outside for the third time in the last two minutes, so I lean out the window and give her a rude hand gesture before bumping my suitcase down the stairs. She parks up, waving towards an unnaturally attractive man standing next to a coach who nods and writes something down on a clipboard."Sorry we're late, Danny." She says, passing the driver her suitcase to throw into the storage area under the coach. "Becky couldn't decide what underwear she needed.""Jacqui." I say in horror as he looks up at me with a handsome smile, perfect white teeth inside full lips, friendly green eyes and reddish brown hair. I imagine running my hands through his hair as he nibbles my bottom lip and twinges of interest start down below. <
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