Accidentally mated to Vampire King

Accidentally mated to Vampire King

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Elizabeth Kennedy, an orphan who doesn’t want anything but a normal life. She wants a quiet life away from all the complicated fucked up, scheming life that others live. She doesn’t have money, friends, and family to call her own. A lone girl making her living with a part-time job and all the odd jobs she can to make money. Supporting herself is tiring sometimes but she has no other options. She just wants to complete her college and find a decent job to make life easier. She is a simple girl with a difficult life until she meets him. Christian Ford is a billionaire who can get everything he wants with just one word. People respect him, fear him, scheme around him but can never take advantage of him. He lives a carefree life. He never has such feelings until he meets Elizabeth. Something in her attracts him, and her blue eyes capture his heart. He is pulled towards her unconsciously. He decides then and there that he will make her his. But the question is that he has a secret. Will Elizabeth accept his Darkside and be willing to be with him? Somehow, Elizabeth ends up tangled in all the scheming, dangers because of Christian. She tries to escape; he finds her every time. Will she survive all the hardship and get together with Christian? Can Christian protect Lisa and make her his? Will Lisa be able to escape from his clutch? Or will she fall for him? Let 's read and find the answers.

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209 Chapters
Chapter 1
I groan, shifting on my bed, pulling my pillow on top of my head, covering my ears. The sound of an alarm is killing my head. With my left hand, I search for the source of the sound. When I get my hand on that, I turn it off. I was up till late-night to complete the assignment, and tomorrow was the last day to submit it to the professor. When I get down from the bed, The wood creeks under my foot. Stretching my body, I get up from the bed. It's still 5 in the morning. I could only get four hours of sleep. I need to do all the house chores before going to college. Otherwise, my aunt will kill me. My father and mother died in a car accident, and my custody fell in my aunt's hand. That's when my life became hell. I don't remember much about my mom and dad. I was too young to remember anything at that time. But I know for sure they loved me so much. My aunt Linda Martin is my mom's only sister. I don't know why she hates my mom to
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Chapter 2
I enter the college, it’s still too early for the college. I see no soul on the campus on my way. I feel grateful that I left early. I open my locker, where my bag and belongings are kept. My class schedule is stuck on the inside of the locker door. I look at my schedule; my first class is English literature. I searched for my assignment, which I worked all night to finish. Taking that, I go look for the professor’s offices. My luck office is open. I enter and place my assignment on the table, then move out of the office, closing the door. Students start to arrive, so I enter my class. I always sit at the back in my class at the corner seat so that nobody will notice me and pick on me. I make my way towards my seat, but someone doesn’t want me to have a peaceful life. “Hey, freak, did you do my assignment?” David comes my way. He is the son of one of the richest men in the city and Tina’s boyfriend. Both he and Tina nev
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Chapter 3
Christian's POV "Mr. Ford, it's a pleasure to meet you. I always admired you," a person approached me "you are a role model for the younger generations for being a successful businessman at a young age ." I Shift my eyes to the person talking, "Mr. Steel, I'm honed." Mr. Steel is one of the best friends of my grandfathers. He just nods his head. "Are u planning to shift to the city? Or you'll also stay there only in the woods". I get stiff at the question, shaking my head. "No, I'll stay with my family in the woods only." "I don't get your family sometimes. What's there in there that you guys never come and leave in the city". I just smile at him. "I'll come back in a few minutes" I go towards the balcony to get fresh air. It's the full moon today. I didn't take my medicine. Well, it slipped from my mind totally. What should I do? I'll just return to my mansion then take my medication. No, I can't leave now. Party is still half
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Chapter 4
Christian's Point of View, Her face was scarlet red, she was taking long breaths, her eyes were clouded; I think she couldn't focus on anything at this time. It looked like she was struggling to keep herself sane at this time. She looked like someone who was drugged. I don't know why anger well up in my stomach seeing her suffering like this. I think it's my people who did it. I'll definitely punish whoever did this to her. How could they drug someone to deliver a person to me? The thought it may not be my people who sent her here never came to my mind. Since she was at my door, I concluded that she was here for me. She stared at me for some time then started to struggle against my bare body. Did this girl know what she is doing now and how it affects me? It was the thought running in my head currently. I looked down at her when there was no movement. She had gone to sleep. She struggled for some time, then gone still i
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Chapter 5
Her blood tasted so sweet I had a feeling like I was drinking a glass of wine. Instead of taking a small amount of blood, I just drank without thinking. The girl's face was becoming pale with a loss of blood. When I thrust hard into her, she cried and bit my shoulder so hard. I could sense that my skin tore, and blood came out from there when she bit. When I spilled into her, she took a long breath and slumped on the bed, licking her lips with my blood on them. When I saw that, my eyes went wild. She tasted my blood, M-My blood… and I took her blood at that same time…Shit...We... We…we consumed blood from each other at the same time. We are mated now. What should I do? This wasn't supposed to happen. I screamed in my head. Now she is my mate. But she is human, and vamps only have one mate for their life, and because she took my blood and I took hers simultaneously, we got mated. We have bonded with each other al
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Chapter 6
Elizabeth's POV When I get up, I look around to find myself in an unfamiliar bed. It's still a little dark outside, and I don't get it at first. I slowly start to move my body to get up. I yelp at the pain in my lower body. That's when it clicked. My eyes widen at the realization. I look down to my body to see if anything is wrong, Praying it's all a dream, but the reality is a b*tch. Last night Tina and her friends drugged me. WHY… covering my face with my hands, I cry. I don't know how long I sobbed. When I stop and braise myself, I lift my face to look at my surrounding. I see my body covered in bruises and bites, questioning my life. This room is quite large compared to other rooms you have been assigned to clean and check on. The large bed covers a large part of the room, leaving both sides to walk around freely. There is a couch just in the front of the room. The floor is covered with carpet. It's
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Chapter 7
I stare at the place for a few seconds as my eyes widen at what I see there. A beautiful mark of the full moon sits, half-covered with Gray clouds, and a bat is flying around it. Did I get a tattoo yesterday? It is the thought that crosses my mind. How did this mark come on my neck? I run my fingers on the mark shiver runs through my body. I kind of like it there. It feels like it belongs there on my body. With all the questions and debates running through my mind, I get ready for college. I try not to make any noise; I had enough of their bullshit yesterday night. I don't want to listen to the same today as well. So, I prepare a simple breakfast and arrange the table for the family. Without any concerns, I slip out of the house. When I reached the college, It was still early. I collected my things from the locker for the first class. I make my way to my classroom. It was empty, and because I came so early for the course and I
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Chapter 8
When those words leave his mouth, the class gets Pindrop silent. I know it's normal for girls to lose their virginity so early, but it's not okay to exhibit it to the whole city. We have a reputation to maintain, and people are a little old-fashioned in this small city. Their mindset is not as open as people living in big cities. And people are a little conservative and suspicious of anything new. Our city is so tiny that it is unmapped on the country map. It's like a group of people arrived here and cleared a small part of the forest to construct houses and make a living in them. Everybody knows everyone in this city. And everybody will know that I lost my virginity before turning 18, before my marriage. And it will be taboo in everybody's eyes. I'll be a shameless person now in their eyes. And what comes after that is a judgemental eye every time I leave the house. If this incident is known by my manager at work, I will have
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Chapter 9
I wanted to yell at her for what she did to me. How can she have the face to say it was me sleeping around the town for fun to lose count of the men I slept with. Is she sane? "It was all you and your…." "Okay, what's going on here?" professors voice cut my argument, and the whole class became silent. "Nothing, sir, just a health argument between us sisters," Tina replayed, eyeing me to keep my mouth shut. "Whatever she said," I replayed, making my way towards my chair. Everyone parted with a look of disgust when I moved near them like I was a plague. Even if the professor noticed, I'm glad he did not comment on that. What would his reaction be if he knew the situation? Well, he will know about it by the end of the day. My seat was near the window. I started looking outside, not interested in listening to whatever the professor said. My class is situated on the third floor, and I can get a pretty view of the forest behi
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Chapter 10
When the time hits 5 o'clock in the evening, school ends, and now I have one hour to reach the hotel to report for my job. I wonder if I can keep this job now, I'm sure everyone knows whatever happened in the college by now. What will they think about my work ethic now? I tried so hard to secure this job. With my hard work and passion, I made an impression on my Manager. And now It's all gone, for a lie Tina and her friends waved for me. Well, it's not entirely false. I lost my virginity to some asshole Tina has arranged for me whom I can't even identify, even if the man passes just by my side. But I'm not being as shameless as s*ut and sleeping around in the town. Why is she hell-bent on making me regret being born and living with them? It was familiar for everyone to see the welled-up tears in my eyes, and I could always see the pettiness they felt towards me. And it always hurts more when I see those looks people give me when they hear about my suffering and losing my family
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