A Bear's World

A Bear's World

By:  Ari Reynols  Completed
Language: English
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Shifters have come out of hiding. Not all of them are good, but its not just the shifters that are the bad guys anymore. I was only 12 years old when the announcement came over the news. I had no clue what a shifter was but I knew I was just human. Until I met him. The only one who made me doubt everything I had been taught and made me realize what type of world we really live in.

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48 Chapters
Chapter 1
6 years agoI sat in my living room with my parents. Breaking news had just alerted my dad after dinner. My mom's friends were all calling the house phone over and over. If that was happening all the women in the neighborhood knew something my mother didn't.Which was not allowed.My mother was the biggest know-it-all in our entire town. I really wanted to get my phone privileges for the night, my best friend and I needed to discuss a certain boy in our English class. Tall, brown hair, dark skin, brown eyes, AKA the most popular boy in school. And he talked to me today in the hallway!Why couldn't my parents understand this was way more important than some breaking news?When I entered the living room with my brownie as dessert, my mom was crying for some reason. My mom is a drama queen so I didn't think much of it and shifted my attention to the TV. I sat on the couch as my mom sat next to my Dad on their chairs. I just really wanted to watch the
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2~~DominicAs I watched my mate dance with her friends, I didn't know much about her but I felt the need to protect her. To protect what is now mine in a caveman sense. Her body swayed with the music. I didn’t miss how others looked at her. If she had my mark on her no one would even take a second glance unless they wanted their throat torn out. I grumbled at a few of the party attendees looking at her. They glanced at me sideways but otherwise left her alone. I couldn’t stop staring at her though.She was free with no care in the world but her makeshift family and close friends.Complete and utter opposite of who I am. Always guarded and ready for anything. I blame the military and war. But why would Arto place me with her? I can't deny her beauty. But is she what I need in my life? With my life changing at all times, would she be able to handle it too?As I looked over by the stairs staring at her, I caught the attention of m
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Chapter 3
~~StephanieMy parents were alive.How in the hell did they survive everything?Why didn't they come for me?Would I even want them to come for me at this point?All of these questions swirled around in my head. Regardless of our differences in how they see the world, they were still my parents. They still raised me and I didn't know who they truly were until I was 12. They didn't abuse me. They still loved me even though we didn't agree on much.But my mate.What if they found out I had a mate? They would be so angry at me. For something that has already changed how I feel in a matter of a few days. I don’t even know if I would want to see them or talk to them if I were given the chance. They turned into horrible people who didn’t have the views of the people that raised me. I was raised on love and acceptance but when it was knocking on our front door my parents changed who they were and what they stood for in life.
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Chapter 4
~~Stephanie The click of the lock made me shudder. I knew what I wanted and I have been wanting it since the day I met him. This mate bond wasn't letting down or fading off. It got stronger every second of every day. Every moment I spent with him made it harder to resist him. His lips were sinful and I would confess all day long if it meant I got to kiss him. I needed this. I needed him. I couldn’t take this back and forth anymore. I needed to be alone with him and show him that I wanted this. I was terrified in the beginning because it was all new, but it didn't matter anymore. All that mattered were the two of us and completing the mating bond. I turned to look at him, his eyes were almost fully black as he licked his lips. His blonde hair tousled from running his hands through it showing his frustration. "Hey Yano...wanna come play?" I asked deeply. His growl gave me all the permission I needed to jump in to his arms. My han
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Chapter 5
~~Stephanies POV Marissa was an orphan just like me. We had run into each other 4 or 5 times over the past few years. She was always so sweet, but I hadn't seen her in about 2 years. I had feared the worst, but was so excited to find out she was mated with the Alpha of our new pack. But could I even call myself an orphan anymore? I had a family. Just not in the same sense of a good mom and dad. I had Dom, his mom, Marissa, and maybe even the Alpha on good days.Read more
Chapter 6
~~DominicShe had been here a week by my side every day. She was getting stronger every moment. I even left her side for 5 minutes today to do a border check and she was ok. She still worries me."Little one." I said gruffly.She was sitting on the edge of our bed putting on her shoes for the day for us to head out to the pack meeting in town. A dark blue sundress graces her body. She looks amazing yet again.As she looked up at me a smile graced her face. Something I would never get sick of seeing."Yeah love?" She asked softly."Grayson wants to speak with us, before the pack meeting. It's about your parents." I explained, I had to tell her. I have to be honest with her.<
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Chapter 7
~~Stephanie"What does that mean?" I asked outloud even though I knew what the noise was. Yano transformed in to Dom and it scared me with how it looked. It looked like it hurt with his bones breaking back in to place and his fur sliding back in his skin. I shook with fear...maybe excitement...I have no clue.Too much was going on for me to even form a thought."Little one. Take the kids and Marissa. Go to the safe house under the pack house. Do not come out until either Grayson or I mindlink Marissa." He said quickly."I can help you." I said quickly not wanting to leave his side. I couldn't lose him."Stephanie. Stay. For me." He ordered gruffily.

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Chapter 8
~~Stephanie Two of the men I shot were on the floor bleeding. But I didn't move. I just dropped my gun. How did this happen? Was he the one Marissa was screaming about? Why didn't someone try and stop me? I feel bad that I shot the one..... but not really? He's not the man I thought he was. He looks completely different now. Not the man I knew. "Dad?" I finally choke out. "Sassy....you shot me." He whispered passing out from the blood loss. "Stephanie!!" I hear a strangled yell come from the stairs. "Dom?" I cried out. His pounding feet came closer to me. I realized he was h
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Chapter 9
~~Dom I stood frozen in front of her. I didn't know what to do or say. She just said she was pregnant. PREGNANT. I don't even know what I was feeling. Did I even want kids? Yes but I didn't want them this soon. Yano growled in the back of my head. I shook my head to rid myself of the faults. I looked down at her as her eyes turned to panic. She lowered her head and her hair covered her face. A sigh came from her as she turned on her heel and walked in the direction of the pack house. People milled about around me as I still stood there staring at her figure getting smaller in the distance. I stood there unbelieving at the words that tumbled from her mouth. When she said she
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Chapter 10
~~Dom I could smell her everywhere like she had ran all over the pack lands while she made her way back to the pack house. As I walked in to the pack house I could hear the "music" drifting from the kitchen. Behind the closed doors stood my mate and I couldn't bring myself to open the door and drag her in to my arms. My little mate was angry baking. Luna Marissa was hanging out outside the door along with me. She stood by my side as I stood there staring at the door. She sighed and looked up at me. "Has she ever angry baked around you?" Her question floated through the silence. I shook my head in response. My blonde hair fell in my eyes as my head shook and I swiped it to the si
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