My High School as a Werewolf

My High School as a Werewolf

By:  Panda Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hansel Hill, 121 years old, a female werewolf, is forced to go to high school to look after her brother, Alexus Hill (aka Alex). Alex is in his earliest stage in life, 13 years old and first high school, so he needs to have a guide with him in interacting with humans. Hansel hates the idea of going to high school again because she has gone through it three times already, and all of her high school lives are nothing near fun. But, she learns that going to high school again is not all about babysitting her brother. Something happened in their old neighborhood that makes Hansel's existence a threat to their wolf family. Hansel's wolf family believes that she can't handle human interactions anymore and that they need Hansel to be sent to the wilderness. Hansel hates such ideas more than going to high school, so she will prove them wrong by going to high school again maintaining an average simple life of a nerd. On her stay, she will unexpectedly find her mate in the person of Arche Jones, a popular guy who will oddly find her disguise amusing. But as far as Hansel knows, Arche is a human. Can a human mate be possible? Can her planned average simple life be possible? Let's read and see.

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6 Chapters
First: High School Again
"Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover Gon' pop like trouble breaking into your heart like that (ooh)" For third time, I am disturbed by Mom singing this new BTS song. She is so energetic as ever. She is currently driving our van, but you will see both her hands in the air throwing slaps she calls "Gen Z dance moves". "Too loud, Mom" I nag while pulling down my yellow hoodie down because it has been covering half of my face, including my airway preventing my nice breathing. "Oh! You're awake, honey," she replies and turns down her music. "Are we there yet?" My impatient little brother, Alex, says. Alex is only 13 years old but his physique is that of a 17-year-old teenage boy. That is why it always sores my eyes when I see him doing childish things such as sucking two lollipops at the same time. "Iw. You're drooling," I comment. "Mind your business, grandma," he mocks me, "or you wanna try it," and he shoves his lollipops on my face. I scream when I feel something stick
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Second: First Day
I believe I just stand there looking shocked at the man. I am totally unmoving. I am clouded with thoughts of how to deal with this smoothly. A flash of myself in the wilderness bring me back to reality. If I screw up now, there is no hope for me, and I will live as a wild wolf forever. What do I do? Kill him? Bribe him? Talk it out? The man is looking at me with the same expression, brows are arched and lips are literally saying "what?" "That's not a howl..." I say but then regret. What! Who says it's a howl. I am initiating the suspicion. I am panicking. "No, I mean... Uhm," I am doomed. My father just told me to stay out of trouble, and here I am howling on the street and a human hears me. "Sorry miss... you need something?" I hear the man asks politely. I look at him. Is he playing innocent? I feel like an idiot when I see him holding his earphones using his both hands. He just removed it probably because he can't hear me clearly. A splash of relief wash down my growing anxie
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Third: Classmates
  "I've seen you before." I freeze in my position. How unlucky this day can be to meet this man, at this moment, on this first day. I just stand there looking at him and thinking what can be best said. He saw me last night with a totally different image: no glasses, no braces, short shorts, and a bun. I can say I look like a chic yesterday, and now I am instantly a nerd. What will he think? Is this the end of my cover? "I think you are mistaken. I-" "Hansel! Your the girl from last night, right? In the flower field?" he says calmly but I can sense the excitement in his voice. Read more
Fourth: Her Fate, Untold
Narration... Carrie is staring in a blank space by the window when the doorbell rings. She peeks at the window to check her visitors and she nods at the two men waiting by her doorsteps. She seems to be expecting the visitors so she unhesitantly opens the door and greets them. "Good morning, Doctor," she tries to smile but her smile can't seem to reach her eyes. Who wants to meet the Doctor anyway. This old hermit is one of the wolves one can only see in worst-case scenarios. The last time Carrie saw this man was when they signed a treaty of peace with some Asian wolves they met a few hundred years ago. He is the oldest official who runs their pack behind the shadows. His wolf is not that powerful, its presence is actually almost nonexistent to Carrie, but his old intellectual mind holds their pack's history and wisdom enough for him to earn respect and an august position. "Good morning, Hill?" the older man responds. Carrie nods to his unstated question. "How long have you been u
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Fifth: His Scent
Everything happens so fast. Kaze gets the ball and he passes it to Alex. Annoyance is evident on Arche's fine face as Alex runs for the basket, and my heart literally stops as I pray he won't use his wolf strength and speed. My prayers are heard because he doesn't use it, but I think he is having a hard time controlling his own natural strength. He passes the ball right away to his teammate in the three-point zone, and his teammate fire for a three-point shot. It goes in and the crowd starts cheering Kaze's team again. The game goes on and the basketball show-off just gets fiercer and stronger. There are student referees on the side, but they can't seem to handle the game. I don't know much about basketball, but I can see many fouls from Arche's team that are not called by the referees. The bench members on Kaze's team seem to observe the bias officiating, and try to signal Kaze about it. I know Kaze knows it too, but he is so game on, he doesn't care anymore
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Sixth: The Sunflower Field
I try my best on the following days to avoid Arche and even Kaze. I see Kaze casually talking to Alex about some stuff they only understand, and since Alex is always the talkative and clingy friend, I get to avoid Kaze easily. For Arche, avoiding him is the hardest, because he intentionally does things that catch my attention. Like in our PE class, we were running some lapses while his football team was doing warm-ups. In the middle of my run, he intentionally kicked the ball in my direction that I almost fell on the ground when the ball whistled past me. I even saw him grinning maniacally at my shocked reaction. People, even our teacher, just laughed at me like I was some kind of entertainment. I almost growled at their annoying happy faces. I think I need a tap on my back for all the holding back I did for that Arche. That kid is wildly sipping on my nerves. "You look stressed." Mom said as she puts milk on my cereal. "School," I simply say. "Being a nerd is taking its toll on m
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