Taming His Wildest Desires ( BxB )

Taming His Wildest Desires ( BxB )

By:  Felicia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lucas Edgar, the star football quarterback's perfect life began crashing when he went to the hospital to sort out his "sex issues" just to get attended by Doctor Arnold Thomas, the cute nerdy one-stand guy who made him stir up a deep hidden wild desire and questions his sexuality. Arnold Thomas was fiercely drawn to Lucas, aware of the electrifying chemistry between them. But is Arnold willing to fight for Lucas's love at the risk of getting sued for having a relationship with his patient? Dive in to experience the romantic rainbow tales of this unlikely duo and how their love for each other encouraged them to face the bumps at school, workplace and family head-on! #atouchofrainbow

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49 chapters
PrologueI can feel it,that euphoric feeling and fear. The forbidden sensation that propelled me forward, that made me open my heavy mouth and ask the question that I have been dying to“What would you do to me Arnold?” Almost couldn't recognize my voice, so deep and raspy releshinh the want that I have been feeling for the past few days, driving me insanely crazy in the most taunting way ever.The fire was clearly ignited in Arnold's eyes, but he looked calm, collected in a way I wasn’t but that shouldn't come as a surprise right?“I’d start out by kissing the corner of your lips. Right here.”Arnold reached out and brushed his thumb over the left side of my mouth, ever lightly yet sending chills down my spine.“Just…just right there?” I was ridiculously breathless when all Arnold Thomas is doing ,was talking about a damn kiss.“Before showing you in every inch how much I burn for you, yes. From there, I’d kiss the other side. I’d draw it out, tease you and make you wait, savor you be
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Chapter 1: The Perfect Valentine
LUCAS'S POV"Dude, Sophia is going to go crazy when she sees this badass surprise. You are the main deal my buddy, no way I could ever pull up something charming like this!" Harry said, rubbing his two palms laden with aesthetic rings together with a playful grin that touches his eyes as he takes in the supposed romantic scene.Harry and I got ourselves an apartment close to the University not wanting to stay in the school dormitory and of course no sane athletic guy our age will like to stay under their parent's roof, especially when your parents are strict, and be controlling and sentimental like mine. It's like a major social suicide, especially when that guy happens to be one of the best quarterbacks Kingston University's football team have had in a long time.The quarterback popular guy title in school comes with some serious responsibilities! You have got to like host parties every other weekend and during the weekends especially on days like today which is kind of limited in sch
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Chapter 2: "You are one hungry kitten,ain't you?"
LUCAS's POV The single red rose flower I was supposed to give Sophia! Forgot it, probably on the...I can't even remember where I kept it. Damn it, meet Lucas Edgar, your not so bright yet famous Kingston quarterback. Supposed to give Sofia the rose flower when I went to pick her up and I missed these very important details, and the candles too, I didn't light them. I didn't know when to light them and what if the house got burnt or the bed sheet caught fire while I was at Sophia's place?My hands were beginning to get sweaty. It seems silly that working the gym is nothing on me but arranging a perfect valentine night for Sophia is getting me all worked up. Didn't realize my grip on Sophia was getting too tight till she squeezed her hands gently, giving me the are you okay kinda look. I gently rubbed her gorgeously soft manicured fingers and kissed them before parking the car out front. I quickly turned to open Sophia's door, ignoring the unsettling feeling creeping on me . "Thank
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Chapter 3: Damn Those Tight Jeans
ARNOLD'S POV "Thank you, Doctor Arnold, at least I will get some tonight. You know what I mean, it's Valentine's Day and stuff..."The funny patient with the weird name which I don't even have the zeal to know or remember thanked me with that wink that seems to say 'can't wait to have a piece of that cake tonight'"It's no bother at all, just doing my job" I replied using the flat formal tone I use when handling my patients."You know Doctor, I thought I will die or get infertile when I got sick..." The man continued. I smiled at how dramatic some patients can be."You are lucky it's only chlamydia, a bacterial infection that is common among young adults like you who are sexually active. It is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis.Both men and women can be infected, and many of those infected do not have any signs or symptoms. When it does cause symptoms in men, symptoms of arthritis which you were diagnosed with are the most common. It can also cause infection of the epididy
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Chapter 4: First Taste Of The Forbidden Pie
LUCAS' POV "Please open the door, Sophia !" I kept knocking hard at her pink coloured bedroom door and tried opening it when I didn't receive any response, Damn it is locked. I desperately needed to apologize to Sophia, I don't know for what exactly but I feel really bad. It's been all my fault, when was the last time we had an alone time with cuddles and all. Six months or what, that's if I remember clearly, we kiss a lot but I just don't get the butterflies and all jittery, the most embarrassing is anytime we try to get on it and I can't seem to get hard. "Sophia ...!" I shouted before slumping down and sitting on the cold tiles, my back resting on the door. I don't want to believe anything is wrong with me, "Maybe you're getting tired of Sophia she has been your only girlfriend since high school and needed a change of flavor huh" my subconscious mind kept taunting me. "Nahhh, We had breakups in between which I salvaged. Besides, sometimes you can't help it but have one or two lies
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Chapter 5: Alpha’s Thirst Tease
Arnold's POV "When I was 25-years old, I took my little brothers on a long camping trip to the Northern woods of Wisconsin. We had been making the trip from Chicago for years but after our dad passed away, we decided to keep the tradition going. It is the perfect opportunity for family bonding and have some outdoor adventure. While we were staying at a state campground, one of the park rangers came by our camping area to warn us of pending severe weather.I think the guy was around 30 years old or something? From there on, he seemed cool and nice so we started talking and from the way he was behaving and acting physically I got the sense he was interested in me. I’ve never been attracted to other men, but there was just something about him that I liked and I felt attracted to him. Hard to explain. Maybe it was his cologne? Just before we left, he stopped by our camp to wish us goodbye and a safe trip and he also said he’d be visiting Chicago the next weekend. When I gave him my numbe
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Chapter 6: Netflix And Popcorns
Lucas's POV Just when I thought I was having enough issues going on in my life with Sophia , the probability of me having an issue with getting hard. A nerdy guy had to come and complicate everything up for me in a really bad way, wild way! Whatever your name is. The point is everything is driving me crazy, the universe must have picked me up to play chess on its best day. Because what the hell just happened out there on the beach?! To make matters worse, I missed Sonia's call when I was busy grinding humps with the Tesla driver. I took a deep breath , nervously playing with my wristwatch while I waited for Sophia to come get the door. That night was long forgotten , I tried my deepest best to keep everything in, buried deep down. We got so lucky, I didn't know how Jarey convinced the coach to give us a break because apparently I happen to be the only one with a hangover in the team. Harry said the coach will let it slide because we have been making the school proud since
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Chapter 7: Dripping Dreams
Luca's POV***In the beginning of our relationship, I was content with kissing, necking, and heavy petting, never letting him touch my privates or see me naked. Never before had I even touched myself! Arnold, though, was a typical horny guy confessing to me that he looked at porno movies and magazines almost daily and he masturbated to the thought of having sex with me. Arnold coaxed me into opening up sexually as time went on, telling me his fantasies and what he longed to do to me, saying he wanted to give us a family and be with me forever. One day, we were at his place on the couch when he started rubbing my crotch through my white cotton panties. His sudden touch surprised me at first, but began making my juices start flowing. We locked eyes in a heated gaze. “What are you doing, Arnold?” I asked. “I’m rubbing your pussy, Lucas. Tryin’ to make you feel good…” he said to me, cupping my pubic mound in his hand.“This is your pussy, it belongs to me.” “My D***k?” I said, giggling.
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Chapter 8: Dripping Wet Dreams
Lucas POV ***** Arnold gasped and I felt his cock pulsing in my chute, suddenly unloading his semen deep within my bowels. He was grunting as his cock pulsated within me. I stared up at him, shocked. After a few moments, his breathing getting calmer, he began pulling his cock from my ass. It felt like he was ripping my insides! I squealed while he pulled his member from my bowels, cum dripping from the head of his dick. He slapped my ass cheek with his prick after he pulled it out of me, leaving a trail of cum on my butt. Later, after I had regained full consciousness, Arnold and I had a long talk about him fucking my ass. He convinced me that I told him I wanted him to fuck me up the ass while we were drunk, and he was simply obliging with my wishes. It was dubious, but then again, I had been pretty intoxicated that night. So I forgave him but I told him I didn’t want him fucking my ass again! We had a pretty happy relationship, having sex fairly regularly through our college year
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Chapter 9: That Was Fast
Luca's POV Kept shaking my legs uncomfortably as I waited for the Doctor to see me as if sitting on the waiting bench outside the office wasn't enough trauma. Sophia volunteered to drive me here, to make sure I didn't bluff or change my mind but then honestly , what man will be delighted to hear that something is wrong with the very thing that made him a man huh? "Hello Mr Edgar, sorry for keeping you waiting " said the elderly and chubby looking doctor with a bald head coming in from behind me and taking the seat opposite me with his lab coat neatly buttoned up. "Luca Doctor, no problem" at all , I tried to stay calm drying my sweaty palms on the faded jeans I am wearing. Talking to him will be a little bit less awkward, imagine if it was some young Doctor, nahhhh don't want to even think about that. "So, what seems to be the problem Mr Edgar " he said going through my file which should obviously tell him the reason right? " It's okay Mr Edgar, I am a trained professional for t
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