The Seven Sins Series: Luca Lindenhurst (English)

The Seven Sins Series: Luca Lindenhurst (English)

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"Are you sure you want to do this?" Mist inquired. Carnation bit her bottom lip and looked down at the papers she was holding. "You can't back out once you sign the contract." She remained silent, so Mist spoke up again, "think about it twice." "It's still possible to quit," Mist suggested. She shook her head repeatedly. "No. . . I've made up my mind." "You're pretty desperate, aren't you?" "My family is in serious debt, and this is the only way I can pay it off." "You're so lovely. You don't belong here. But what options do I have? People like you are exactly what our business requires. Desperate women willing to cling to a knife's edge." Carnation placed the paper on the wooden table. She took a deep breath and quickly signed the contract before returning it to Mist. With a melancholy look, the woman accepted the contract and said, "you can no longer revoke what you have already signed. From today, you are now Mr. Lust's property." Carnation's heart was torn apart by the news. She traded her freedom and pride for the sake of money. When Carnation's father was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with lypmhoma. Their family's small business went bankrupt. Carnation had to drop out of college and work to support her family. In serious depth, she had no choice but to work in Casa de Lujuria, an exclusive nightclub owned by Luca Lindenhurst, a Seven Sins Association member.

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126 chapters
Carnation inhaled deeply and swallowed forcefully when she noticed the document on the table. With a quivering hand, she accepted the paper and pen Mist offered."Are you sure you want to do this?" Mist inquired. Carnation bit her bottom lip and looked down at the papers she was holding. "Once you sign the contract, you can't back out." She remained silent, so Mist spoke up again, "think about it twice."Carnation breathed deeply with a loud sigh. She didn't want to do this job, but she didn't have any other choice. Her earnings aren't enough to pay for her father's medical bills, repaying their debt, and family support."It's still possible to quit," Mist suggested.She shook her head repeatedly. "No. . . I've made up my mind.""You're pretty desperate, aren't you?"When Carnation's father was diagnosed with lymphoma and required long-term treatment, she was devastated. Their family's small business failed, and they were in great debt. In o
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Chapter 1
"This is not enough," Leonora expressed her dissatisfaction showing the Five Thousand Pesos to Carnatio. She couldn't look her stepmother in the eyes, she was very ashamed. Even if she wanted to give more, she didn't have anything to give."Tita, I have nothing left. That's all I get from working part-time at the convenience store and the gas station.""I know you're doing everything you can to make us money, but it isn't enough. Five thousand pesos was not enough for your daddy's medicine alone."Carnation remained silent and crouched over her head. She couldn't reason out. Leonora was right in all she said. But does she even have a choice? Even if she wants to get full-time work with a high salary, she cannot do so due to her lack of experience and education."By the way," Leonora said hesitantly, "Galel came by earlier and asked when we were going to pay him." Galel Vegas is her father's business partne
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Chapter 2
All the employees greeted Luca with a, "good afternoon, Mr. Lust." As he passed by. He didn't bother to say anything to them, he just nodded and left."Barnald, what's the update on our recruitment?" Luca inquired to his 43-year-old assistant. They are now heading to his office on the 3rd floor of Casa de Lujuria."We've got two applicants, sir," Barnald politely informed him. "They will be put through a physical test this coming weekend"."A minimum of three applicants can be taken for the physical test, right?" a frown appeared on Luka's face as he asked."Yes, sir.""Then do not conduct a physical test with only two candidates. It's a waste of time!""I'll look for a third applicant, sir," Barnald assured. Luca nodded to his assistant and led the way out of the elevator.Luca owns Casa de Lujuria, an exclusive nightclub inside the Seven Sins Luxury Hote
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Chapter 3
Carnation scanned the invitation card, which was black with a gold leaf design on the right side. The name of the nightclub is written in large letters on the front, and a quote is written in smaller letters below. 'A place where your hidden desire unleash, like pleasure in paradise' "We're here," the driver announces. Carnation peered out the car window. "We've arrived. . . I didn't notice. Thank you so much for the free ride, sir." "No problem. I'm delighted to help you. Let's just meet again when you've decided to take the job I'm offering." She gave him a friendly smile.  "Give me a moment to think about it, sir." "Of course, dear." Carnation got out of the car, clutching her bag. She waved to Mr. Lust as she walked into the hospital's main entrance. The rain had stopped, and the sky was dark blue, indicating t
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Chapter 4
Before entering the Seven Sins Luxurious Hotel, Carnation took a deep breath. She has come to accept Mr. Lust's job offer. "Good afternoon," she said as she greeted the receptionist. "Good afternoon, Ma'am, how may I assist you?" asked the receptionist. "Ah, how do I get to Casa de Lujuria?" The hotel is enormous, and she doubts she will be able to locate the facility on her own right away. She must speak with Mr. Lust as soon as possible. "Ma'am, do you have an invitation pass?" "Oh, yes! Here." Carnation presented the invitation card she was holding. The receptionist smiled at her and excused herself, saying she would just call on the service phone. The receptionist then made her sit in the lounge area, telling her that someone would pick her up in the lobby. A beautiful and tall woman approached Carnation a moment later, and she immediately stood up.

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Chapter 5
"Welcome to Casa de Lujuria — a place where your hidden desire is unleashed, like a pleasure in paradise," Mist said with a smile on her face.Carnation dashed to the end of the platform, grabbed the railings, and gazed around the massive hall in excitement. This was most likely the largest hall she had ever seen! She did not even consider Casa de Lujuria to be this huge. She peered beneath the platform and noticed the LED DJ booth between the twin grand staircases; the color of the DJ booth alternates between pink, light blue, and black. A rectangular stage with two circular stages glued on both sides of the rectangular stage can be found at the far end of the hall. There are poles in the middle of the round stages, and white lounges and lumen LED tables are found near the stage."Obviously... That's the stage," Mist said, pointing to the stage's location. "The lounges found below are specified for the regu
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Chapter 6.1
"Are you prepared for your physical examination?" Mist asked after Carnation had finished filling out a piece of paper. "Yes." She still smiled at the woman, although she's quite nervous. "Good! All right, stand there and follow me." They walked down the hallway after leaving Mist's office. She was informed that her physical examination would take place on the same floor. Carnation suddenly stopped as they walked to the physical test room and noticed a double wooden door. She approached the door and unconsciously caressed it, mesmerized by the anaconda carving on it. "What are you doing?" Mist's stern question distracted her from her staring contest to the wooden door's carving. Carnation turned to face the woman, and was greeted by Mist raising a brow. "Ah... I was just amazed at the door," she said, returning her gaze to the door. "It's so well made," she added. "Are you not scared
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Chapter 6.2
"Sir, we will do the physical test of the new girls today," Barnald told Luca, who was standing in front of the tinted glass wall in his office, staring at the stage below."Is Carnation included?""Yes, sir. She signed a contract and became a niña of Casa de Lujuria yesterday," Barnald replied to his boss who was still turning his back on him.Luca grinned disgustedly at what he had just heard. "And here I thought she'd turn down the offer. After all, a woman is still a woman," Luca pointed.Barnald didn't say anything. He'd believed his boss despised women. He didn't know anything about its past, but he was certain his boss wouldn't instill hatred in women if it hadn't been hurt by a woman back then."By the way, sir, your brother called. He offered to take part in our recruits' physical tests." Luca sipped rum from the glass he was holding. He turned to face his assistant and sim
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Chapter 7.1
Accompanied by Rosemary Clooney's sway—the remix version. The three strip dancers looked like pythons as they climbed on the pole of Case de Lujuria's stage. The strength of these three young women's arms is very amazing. They do not fall to the floor no matter what position they take. It was as if they had become one with the slippery and cold poles.Carnation averted his eyes from the stage when, in a smooth gesture, the woman in the middle quickly took off her upper garment. She erotically grinds on the pole as it dances to the loud music. Because of that, the men in the lounge area of ​​the main floor shouted like hungry beasts. They looked like lions in the forest who saw the delicious food and appetizing you tasted.Carnation took a deep breath before turning his back on the stage and headed to the bar counter at the end of the hall, on the right side of the twin imperial staircase when coming from the stage.It's been a week since the day of the phy
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Chapter 7.2
"How's your new part time job?" Carnation paused peeling the apple because of her mother's question. She turned to face her and smiled. Today was her day off, so she decided to assist her stepmother in caring for her father."I'm doing great," she said sparingly, trying not to say anything she shouldn't. If she isn't careful with her words, she might say something that makes her stepmother doubt her. Her family should be kept in the dark about the nature of her work. They may despise her or, in the worst-case scenario, abandon her."How about our hotel colleagues? 'Don't they bully you there?" Carnation's lips curled into a smile. She returned her attention to peeling the apple and said, "I've never had an encounter like that, tita. I don't think the people at the hotel are like that." Admittedly, the people at the hotel are fine, for what she remembers. Well, she didn't know everyone yet and she hadn't met the other girls yet."That's good then."After p
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