My Dad's Friend

My Dad's Friend

By:  Diana Matthew  Completed
Language: English
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I stared, I gulped, my heart skipped a beat, my stomach twisted and I can feel the butterflies, a linger and a cold chill ran and travelled through my vein, flowing through my blood like lava. The man before me was heavenly, I could barely look away. From the way his dark grey orbs stared back at me to the way his jet black hair fell spikingly on his shoulder, my whole body shuddered uncontrollably from the sensation growing in my system. My eyes trailed up to his sharp jawline, his straight pointed nose, his tick, long eyebrows and eyelashes to his sinful, tempting, luscious lips. Consciously, I ran a over my lips but the sound of my dad clearing his throat pulled me out from my trace as a slightly jerked, feeling electrified. "Tristan, I went you to meet my friend, Dr Sean" My dad introduced the sexy, demigod man with that sinful body of his. I quivered again. "Sean, meet my son Tristan" Dad introduced me but my eyes remained cemented on him and I could swore I saw a spark in those dark orbs but it was gone as soon as it came, making me doubt if I really saw it. I watched him run his over his reddish, luring lips while his ran down my body, making my inside burn with a sudden fire I had never felt before...and then, he spoke.... "Nice to meet you kitten" And from that moment no, I knew it was over for my heart. From that moment I knew I was in love with MY FATHER'S FRIEND!

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My Dad's Friend: 01
Walking into the school building, I had my earphone plugged to my ears, muting out the unwanted sounds and my hands tucked into my pockets. I walked down the golden and white hall of my school 'Ceetah's University' a place for the wealthy, a place where no one stood out from their background, and guess what...I also didn't stand out. "Hello Tristan" "Hey Tristan" "Tristan!" My name went on like music as I walked down the long hallways, a mischievous smirked playing on my lips, I beamed and waved, benefits of being the most powerful, popular guy on our campus...practically a celebrity if you asked me and guess what again...I enjoyed the attention, I loved the immersion. "Hey yo, Tristan!"  My best friend, Jarvis suddenly appeared, sharing a manly hug as he patted my back. "The party tomorrow night, you in?"
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My Dad's Friend: 02
"Hello everyone, my name is Miss Kacey and I'll be your new history teacher" the sexy earth creature introduced herself. "What happened to Ms. Jen?" A female voice asked out from the middle of the class... Probably one of those nerds, I didn't care to find out as that sexy being had all my attention...guess, history wouldn't be so boring anymore...only the heavens knew how much I loathed the subject with Ms. Jen, a fifty years old nagging hag that always had me as her target...she had a habit of failing my papers...I was so glad she was gone and replaced of her was a goddess in the body of a human, ready to be devoured by me.  "Ms. Jen has been transferred to New Jersey City, she's retiring" Miss Kacey spoke. " Please, I'll love it if everyone is on their best behaviors" she added before moving over to the teacher's desk at the corner of the room, she sat down and her chest came out even more. "I'll be calling the register to know if ev
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My Dad's Friend: 03 (18+)
I watched her shifted on her chair, I watched her tightened her thighs together, I watched her as her eyes lingered anywhere but at me.... perfect reaction. She cleared her throat. "Mr. Montgomery, I think it's very inappropriate to say that about your teacher and the way you're staring at me isn't how a student should gaze at his teacher"  "And how do I stare at you, Miss Kacey?! " I leaned even closer, a little bit closer and I'll be finally tasting her sinful lips while ours breathes fanned against each other, her's came out harsher and faster while I was enjoying every reaction. "L-like you w-want to eat me which is not right" she continued to stutter. "Says who Miss Kacey, Mn?" I asked, finally running my tongue over her lips and I felt as her body vibrated like being electrified. "Hmm, just as I thought, tastes like heaven" I glanced up at her eyes and find them glowin
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My Dad's Friend: 04
"Whoa, this party is damn!!" I yelled over to the music to Jarvis, standing beside me as we walked into the full blasting house with drunk people already, some making out on the couch, drinking at the bar while others were on the dance floor, grinding themselves together. I nodded to the beat. "Do you see your Hattie anywhere?" I asked. "Nope but an gonna go find her. Call me if you want me" Jarvis palmed me on the back, I gave him a disgusted face. "Ewe man, what the fuck!" He chuckled before leaving, getting lost in the crowd of people, I took the other direction to the kitchen where all the drinks were. I immediately grabbed a beer can and gulped it down my throat, enjoying the bitterness and that burn that went through my throat. Gulping it all, I threw it into the trashcan and wheeled but found a lady resting against the wall, hands crossed over her popped-out chest in a tight red dress that bou
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My Dad's Friend: 05
"Mom?"  A lump formed in my throat hearing the sound of her voice.  "Hello, Tristan. How have you been, you seemed to be in a bad mood" her voice came again, and instantly, my mood turned sour as I gripped the phone held to my ear. "What do you want?" I gritted through my teeth and she gasped. "Tristan, that's not the way to speak to your mother!" She scolded but I rolled my eyes...the nerve of this woman! "Don't forget your place Mom, Don't even for a second cross the line!" I gritted and the other side went quiet, I signed, suddenly feeling frustrated. "If you're calling for nothing, am gonna hang up...!" "Wait..!" Her sharp voice came. "Actually, I called because I thought you could come home, your dad and I had a bit of falling out lately and we thought for once let's put our businesses aside and settle our issues as a family" she passed and I d
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My Dad's Friend: 06
Getting off the plane, I filled in my lungs the fresh breeze I lacked from the plane. With a sigh, I threw my bag over my shoulder and began heading towards the exit. I couldn't believe I was fucking doing this, a nineteen years old boy pulled out from school and flee half away across the country, from Los Angeles, California to Toronto, Canada for a stupid family meeting... pretty fun...I thought sarcastically. Reaching the exit, I pushed the doors opened open and made my way out, the fresh breeze of Toronto caressed my cheeks, I instantly spotted my stepbrother Dean, two years younger than me with brown hair and green eyes, bolding stating the fact that we shared the same father...I tried my best not to roll my eyes as I walked over to him, resting against a black SUV, hands tucked into his sweatshirt and a pair of black pants. "Hey Tristan" he put on the biggest and fakest smile I had ever seen as soon as I came in fr
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My Dad's Friend: 07
"Tristan! Your Dad is here!"    I rolled my eyes as my stepmom's voice came from downstairs. My gaze went down to little Nuts and I picked her up in my arms before sauntering out of my room.   I wandered down the stairs tiredly, suddenly feeling sifted but I managed on my feet till I got to the living room, where my dad was and I dropped Little Nuts on the floor.    "Tristan, welcome home. I haven't seen you for one and a half years and You're all grown up!" My dad exclaimed as he stood from where he sat and advanced towards me, instantly enclasped me as if I was his long-lost son...I rolled my eyes, unexpectedly feeling pricked out of my mind.   "Mn!" Came to my reply as he pulled away from the hug but his hands remained on my shoulder, giving me a wide smile...I tilted my head a bit and my eyes landed on something...someone.   "Who's that?" I queried with a grimace.
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My Dad's Friend: 08
I tried not to ogled at him, I embarked to keep my eyes fused on the plate of food laid out in front of me, I tried to listen to the words being enunciated around the dining table, but still… My eyes still wandered back to him, sealing glances once in a while, and my cheeks burn in stigma whenever our gazes would meet. What the heck?! What was the meaning of this? How could I be attracted to a man…? I was straight, not straight as a circle, I had never darted at a man twice, not that I had anything against homosexuality…but I was born straight, but my eyes lingered back to him again and my eyes watched as he gulped, the food raced down his throat, my hand went up to my throat, slowly trailing while my gaze glued to his seductive adam apple, I fidgetted. As if struck, I looked away instantly, shaking my head to get rid of every heinous thought but when I lifted my head, I found hi
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My Dad's Friend: 09
My lazy legs hauled me down the stairs to the living room, scraping my eyes to clear off the siesta. I took out my cell phone from my pocket, checking the time on the screen, I cursed realizing it was past 1 am. I sough and put it back into my pocket. My legs took me to the living room but stopped dead by the door, a gasp fled my mouth as I gaped with my mouth on the floor. Dr. Sean was standing beside the kitchen counter shirtless, showing off his vast athletic, muscular arms and broad back while his lower half was cover in sweatpants, a straight v line running into his pants. Suddenly he turned hearing my voice and I caught sight of a skull tattoo on the left side of his chest, my stupefied eyes went back to his face and found him staring at me stolidly. Feeling caught and suddenly feverish, I turned my back to him. I placed my hand over my chest, breathing histrionically. I felt blood surging to m
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