Goodnovel Workshop: All The Prompt Ideas

Goodnovel Workshop: All The Prompt Ideas

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This is a brochure containing a collection of PROMPT IDEAS from our one and only GOOD NOVEL WORKSHOP. Every PROMPT is a thrilling idea that might inspire you and can be the foundation of your next book! If interested, Please send your summary to:, and note which prompt is based on. Our editors will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Prompt 1: Babywingman/Disowned Single Mom
FL in trouble: She was pregnant and decided to give birth to the child, not
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Prompt 2: My Husky is an Alpha
FL in trouble: FL has some special ability that she is not aware of. This power can lift the ML’s curse. FL needs to deal with the striking fact that her dog is a werewolf. ML needs FL to master the ability and lifts his curse. But why would FL help him out? Apparently some people are after FL and want her captured or killed. Who are they? What are they plotting?   Opening Scene (for reference, you don’t need to strictly follow the beats, nor include all the beats in one chapter) 1. On her way home, the FL finds an injured dog and rescues him. 2. She is a vet, so she brings him home, cleans his wound and gives him bondage. 3. What she doesn’t know yet is that the dog she rescued is actually an Alpha, and the ML. 4. The ML is curse
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Prompt 3: Billionaire Romance
FL in Trouble: She was innocent and lived her entire life in a bubble, dreaming about fairy tale love. She thought she had found the prince charming, who turned out to be a jerk. She thought she had retaliated him, but things didn’t turn out the way she expected. Now she is offered a chance to live again, but with a price - she needs to get a contracted marriage with the richest man in town. How would she correspond to this? Will their ‘partnership’ evolves to true love?   Opening Scene (for reference, you don’t need to strictly follow the beats, nor include all the beats in one chapter) 1. FL finds her fiance sleeping with her sister on her wedding day. She hides in the closet and records a video of their live sex show and substitutes the orignial wedding video with it. 2. During the ceremony, she plays the video on the big screen and humiliates her fiance in publ
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Prompt 4: Accidental Marriage with Billionaire
FL in Trouble: She is about to get married, but marries another guy before the wedding; What’s worse, the guy is her fiance’s brother; Will she choose to marry her fiance as planned? Why she decides to throw a party before the wedding? Why she drinks so much that she even gets married to a stranger?   Opening Scene for Reference: 1. FL flies to Vegas to have her bachelorette’s party with her friends; 2. FL and her friends are getting drunk in a club; 3. FL wakes up in an unknown room with a stranger in bed (ML), both of them wearing wedding rings; 4. FL has flashbacks: dancing in the club with him, drinking shots and deciding to get married for fun; 5. ML wakes up and they have an argument, FL thinks that their wedding is a joke, ML overturns her assumption; 6. FL declares that she will file for annulment, ML says it’s not possible, they hav
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Prompt 5: Girl Boss/CEO Romance
FL in Trouble: She is facing a financial crisis because her relatives and shareholders want to grab her fortunes; When she is about to attend an important meeting, she is accidentally spilled coffee; What will she do to fight against those enemies? What will she think about the coffee accident? Will she play a joke on the reckless man?   Opening Scene for Reference: 1. The ML comes to the FL’s company for an interview, but he accidentally runs into the FL. As a result, coffee is poured all over the FL who is angry about it but controls her temper due to her cultivation. 2. During the interview, the ML finds one of the interviewers is the woman he ran into. He becomes nervous and even embarrassed. 3. The FL notices the ML’s embarrassment and she decides to keep him for fun. 4. The ML’s father’s wife passes by the company and ridicules the ML. 5. The
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Prompt 6: Bodyswap/Modern Romance
FL in Trouble: FL wants to become a strong boy since young because her father often abuses her and her mother; ML wants to have companion since his parents often leave him alone since he was young; FL changes her soul with ML and has no experience with his job; What will she do when she has ML’s body? Why her father abuses her? Why she tolerates everything?   Opening Scene for Reference: 1 Protagonists are astonished to find that they exchange their souls when they wake up. 2 They have to work at each other’s workplace. For ML, the fast-food restaurant; for FL, the law firm. 3 The ML refuses to give money to the father of FL who is a alcoholic. 4 Then the father tries to beat the ML, which is prevented by the FL. Her father said, “Give me money or I will stay here.” The FL, out of fear, pays him. It is in the restaurant that they two meet each othe
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Prompt 7: Girl Boss/CEO Romance
FL in Trouble: She finds her husband cheating on her when she notices the ring his secretary is wearing; Sh fires him and kisses another man; What will she do to take charge of the company? Will ML accept the offer? What will ML do to prove his capability? Why ML helps her?   Opening Scene for Reference: 1. FL cleans up her husband's home desk and finds a jewelry box, inside are some heart shaped diamond rings and a cheesy love note; her birthday is next day so she believes that her husband bought them as a present; 2. Next day, the husband declares that he needs to attend a meeting, he leaves the house early, without wishing her ‘Happy Birthday”; she is disappointed at first, but then she thinks that he probably wants to surprise her later; 3. FL checks to see if the box is still on his desk, and it's gone, the husband took it; FL impatiently waits for a
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Chapter 8: Werewolves Romance/Did I kill My Alpha
She is an Omega. She is suspected of killing her master, which is a forbidden crime and not supposed to happen. She manages to persuade another Alpha that she is not the killer...but is it true?   Background Setting: The werewolves are divided into packs, and each pack is led by an Alpha. There is also a group of werewolves, the Omegas, who serve as slaves in each pack. Omegas are mated to their Alpha, and they can’t disobey their orders, even when they are told to die. FL is an Omega. Her Alpha was murdered, and she is suspected to be the murderer. They brought her to the court for trial, but the FL managed to escape and hide herself in a remote town ruled by another Alpha. She stayed low profile until the injured Alpha - ML appeared at her doorstep. He was attacked by an unknown enemy and critically wounded. FL tended to his wound while he was unco
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Prompt 9: Werewolves Romance
FL in Trouble: FL finds her boyfriend cheating on her and she takes away his clothes for revenge; She accidentally runs into ML’s car on her way home; She tries to stay composed in front of the alpha; Why will ML ask her to date with him otherwise she would have to pay for the repair bill? Why they are mated? What will FL do when she finds she is mated to the alpha when she is not willing to mate anyone? What will ML do when he cannot lose any power?   Opening Scene for Reference: 1. On the morning of her 18th birthday, FL finds her BF sleeping with another girl, so she takes away their clothes and drives away. 2. Her car runs into another car whose owner is the pack’s Alpha. 3. She wants to take revenge on her BF, so she decides to seduce the Alpha. 4. ML wonders why the woman is composed after destroying his favourite car.
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Prompt 10: The Substitute Bride
FL in trouble: FL breaks up with her boyfriend and feels heartbroken; She saves a girl when she is wandering along a river; Why does she offer to substitute the girl to be a bride? Why do the girl’s parents finally agree? What will FL do to avoid being revealed her true identity? What will ML do when he finds out the bride’s identity?   Opening Scene for Reference: 1. FL’s boyfriends breaks up with her even though they have dated each other for 3 years; 2. He accuses FL of not caring him enough but focusing on her career; 3. FL feels heartbroken and wanders near a river; 4. She saves a girl who tries to commit suicide; 5. The girl tells her why she wants to die. She is appointed to marry the most cruel man in the town because her grandpa is a friend of ML’s grandpa. Her grandpa agrees to choose a caring girl from his relatives to marry his f
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