Shadow Love Book One

Shadow Love Book One

By:  Eileen Sheehan, Ailene Frances, E.F. Sheehan  Completed
Language: English
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She has a lot to learn about the world of shadow walkers, including the perils they face. It isn't until nineteen year old Alison Colby, inherits an old family estate house that she discovers the secret that her parents kept from her. Not only is she a shadow walker, but she is of royal lineage and is expected to assume the throne soon. Fortunately, Nick Jackson is willing to teach her all she needs to know, since he just so happens to be a shadow walker himself..and he is in love with her. Unfortunately, so is his competitive cousin, Martin... and when it comes to a contest of women, Martin always wins. SHADOW LOVE BOOK ONE BEGINS A GRIPPING, SEXY, AND EXCITING STORY THAT CONTINUES IN SHADOW LOVE BOOK TWO!

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29 Chapters
Chapter One
Alison leaned close to the steering wheel as she peered through the darkness as best she could at the winding country road. The assailing raindrops made a thick watery coating.  The wipers of her Mini Cooper struggled to remove as much as possible before the windshield was once again hazy with water.  She heaved a sigh and rotated her shoulders and neck as the compact car pushed its way through surface water that threatened to become too dense to maneuver through safely.  She tried to remember if it was better to drive slow or fast through deep water to avoid stalling out.  She hoped it was slow, since her car was fighting her control even at this speed.  Any speed faster and she was sure she would end up in a ditch or hugging a tree.She wanted to consult the map that dominated the passenger’s seat next to her, but stopping in such a high level of water was risky and trying to read it while maneuvering through a torrential rainfall in the pitch
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Chapter Two
It was still raining the following morning when she awoke; although not nearly as hard.   She pulled the covers over her face and inhaled the faint scent of lavender. She wondered if the housekeeper, Wilma, guessed she would be sleeping in that room out of habit, or if the sheets had just stayed that fresh for the many months since she last visited.  She guessed it was the first.Wilma came to the estate long before Alison entered the world. Alison watched her transform from a youthful middle-aged woman of slender frame and fine complexion to an old woman who was nearing her retirement years with thickened waist and sun-mottled skin.  It made sense Wilma would know her habits by now.  She may not have visited the great aunts much over the last few years, but in her early, formative years, she was there almost every weekend and for weeks during the summer.The rich aroma of coffee filled the air as Wilma slowly opened the door.  She carried
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Chapter Three
Alison sat on the bottom step of the stairway while she tried to make sense out of what just happened. Her body was still calming down from the overwhelming sensation of ecstasy that consumed it during the magical kiss she’d just experienced. She’d read about women responded to kisses in such a way. She’d thought it was purely fiction.  Until now.Part of her wanted to rush after Nick and throw herself into his arms again so that she could re-experience that wonderful sensation, while another part of her wanted to run for safety.  Kisses and responses of that nature between perfect strangers couldn’t be right. Her mind raced as she remembered the trip she took to New Orleans during Marti Gras with a few friends a year earlier.  They thought it would be a blast to go visit a local psychic. The woman had to be the scariest person on the planet; not only in the way she dressed or decorated her place, but by the things she said.
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Chapter Four
It was the following morning before the rain let up enough to give hope toward seeing the sun again. Alison spent the day before hiding in the parlor and in her room to avoid running into Nick. It was dinnertime before Wilma informed her that Nick retired to his room for the day and she didn’t expect to see him for the rest of the evening. Alison asked if that was something that Nick did often. She was surprised to learn that it was, in fact, something he did once a month.Alison giggled as she shoved a heaping spoonful of lamb stew into her mouth in an uncouth manner. “Maybe he’s a vampire,” she said in a hushed tone.“Vampires walk at night and sleep all day,” Wilma chuckled. “Besides, he makes a pig of himself at mealtimes.  Vampires live on blood, not steak and potatoes.”“Okay, so, scratch the vampire theory,” Alison said with a smirk.Wilma looked at Alison with a loving, satisfied smi
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Chapter Five
Wilma was already gone when Alison descended the stairs the following morning. Nick was nowhere to be seen, which both annoyed and pleased her.  She didn’t like the odd, uncomfortable pull that she felt when she was around him, so she was glad not to run into him.  Yet, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about that sensational kiss and wouldn’t have minded kissing again to see if her reaction was a fluke or if she’s practically swoon in his arms once more.  She smoothed her wavy blonde hair over her shoulders and adjusted the headband she’d positioned to hold it out of her face. She’d taken great pains in dressing. The tan linen pants and pale blue silk shirt she wore were practically new.  She remembered that Nick agreed with Arthur about the way powder blue brought out the color of her rich blue eyes, so she made sure to wear the color again. With a sigh of disappointment, she looked in the direction of the gu
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Chapter Six
Circles framed her eyes as Alison cautiously descended the stairs.  It was the wee hours of the morning before she could find any respite in sleep.  If she wasn’t reliving the mind-blowing foreplay with Nick, she was thinking about her impromptu date with Martin.  They took turns occupying her thoughts until she finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.She’d been awake for several hours, but just didn’t have the nerve to venture out of her room for fear of encountering Nick.  She paced her room while she pondered over her dilemma.  This just couldn’t go on.  Her aunt’s Will might have insisted that Nick stay on for at least another year, but she knew she couldn’t keep hiding from him and she certainly didn’t want any further love sessions with him. If you could call them that.She needed Nick to stay as far away from her as possible.  She just had to figure out how to accomplish that. Wilma
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Chapter Seven
Although he kept a close eye on her, Nick was careful to avoid being around Alison for any length of time.  He was furious with himself for the way he behaved the night before. He’d always exercised such control over his emotions and urges.  What was it about her that unhinged him in such a shocking way?  If either Elsie or Beth were alive, they’d take a switch to him; no matter what his age or size.He felt the connection the minute he saw her standing in the rain like a drowned creature.  The pheromones purged from her in such a powerful way, he was amazed she could stay so aloof.  It wasn’t until he wrapped her in his arms and held her close enough to detect her virgin scent that he realized she was oblivious and ignorant to their connection.  She may sense the attraction, like any woman would with a man, but she wouldn’t feel the true impact of their connection until she’d opened her kundalini by making love.&nbs
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Chapter Eight
Vanessa arrived just in time for dinner on Friday evening.  She’d called ahead to give Alison an approximate time to expect her. This gave Wilma plenty of time to fix a nice dinner of roast chicken and rosemary potatoes. Alison assured her that she and Vanessa were cool with frozen pizza, but Wilma would have none of it.Wilma heard Alison’s father and great aunts discussing Vanessa and her influence on Alison on more than one occasion. The girls met in early grade school and remained tight friends ever since.  Vanessa was raised by parents who were always too busy with their own agenda to pay much attention to what was going on in her world.  Her body developed at a much faster pace than Alison’s did, which resulted in attention from boys at an earlier age.  She’d heard Alison defending Vanessa’s actions by criticizing Vanessa’s parents for not providing the attention she needed to the point she sought it in other ways.
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Chapter Nine
Alison was both nervous and excited as she finished her breakfast cereal.  She and Vanessa rose early so that they would have time to explore the house and still take a late afternoon nap to assure they were fresh for their date with Martin at the county fair.  Both girls loved fun events such as fairs and carnivals.  Even though they hadn’t actually agreed to go, they knew they wouldn’t have turned down the offer.“Are you ready?” Vanessa asked as she entered the kitchen.  “I’m so excited about exploring this place. I hope we can manage it all before I have to leave.”“It isn’t that big,” Alison said.Her friend looked at her and grinned, “It beats the heck out of our tiny two-bedroom apartment in Atlanta.”Alison smiled.  Anything would be larger than their little five-hundred square foot apartment that was divided into such small rooms that they were lucky
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Chapter Ten
The surprise on Alison’s face when Nick showed up to join them for the evening was a good camouflage for the hurt and rejection she also felt. She looked accusingly at Vanessa when Nick announced that she’d invited him to come along as Vanessa slipped her arm through his and snuggled up close. Nick didn’t seem to react to her gesture one way or another as he locked eyes with Alison.  It was as if he was trying to send her a mental message, but she hadn’t a clue what it might be.She turned away and made a point of checking her image in the mirror near the door and collecting her things as Martin’s SUV came slowly up the drive.  Without waiting for them or even looking back, she rushed out of the door to greet him.Martin hopped out of the vehicle and ran to the passenger’s side to open the door for her. She smiled brightly and thanked him as he helped her up into the vehicle.  After the treatment she’d had from N
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