The Billionaire’s Escort

The Billionaire’s Escort

By:  Lauretta  Completed
Language: English
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When Elizabeth Walter gets fired from work, getting home to meet her boyfriend molded to the thighs of another lady, screaming her brains out against the wall, all hell, let's loose. Her once upon a fairytale life is shattered. Having loads of loans to pay back, Elizabeth's once 'alright' life becomes a disaster until she met him. The one whose name strikes fear into the heart of others Zane Creed. A workaholic with no social life, he needs a date for a business dinner. She needs the money for the next day. Just when Elizabeth's love life gets trampled on, A tall manly blue-eyed demon comes crashing in, making Elizabeth cream her thongs with just a look. Elizabeth might just be getting more than she bargained for when she becomes 'The Escort.'

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71 Chapters
Chapter 1
The escort Elizabeth Walters~ “You’re fired.”  I couldn't believe my ears... Okay, maybe I could, but still, why did he think it is customary to fire me just because I spilled a little bit of coffee on his laptop after he called me clumsy? “Dear, Mr.Fisher,” I called out his name. The grey-haired man looked at me with disdain while I returned the saw exact energy. I scrunched my nose as I looked at him,  “Fuck you,” I said, his eyes widen as soon as he heard me. I smirked on seeing his cheeks turn a visible shade of red. Read more
Chapter 2
The escort  Elizabeth Walters ~  ~Heartbreak could be lived with if it weren't accompanied by regret~ My heart felt like it had just been broken into a thousand pieces. My heart was throbbing, and my soul was broken. I didn't deserve any of what I was getting. I have been a good person, always looking out for everyone. Well, at least I tried my best.  How did I not see it? How did I not notice what was going with them? How did I miss this? Why did I let them fool me this much? I kept walking and walking like I had no destination. I was a
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Chapter 3
Elizabeth Walters~It's been a while that Hazel left for work, leaving me alone in the house. I wish I had the resources so I could leave this house for a few days. Every time I go to the room, I am reminded of Liam and Olivia.I am trying my best to get the image of them out f my head which Is why I am now on my laptop, searching for a meaningful job that can get me $5000 in five days.I sighed and got off the floor, walking towards the kitchen. I took out a cup and made a cup of tea for myself. I finished up and walked back to my laptop, crouching down to the floor while taking a sip of my tea.There were actually no meaningful jobs that could fetch me $5000 in five days. Since I didn't get my degree, I could hardly get a proper job, I could only settle for being a waitress or something less, and that still wouldn't get me the money I needed to get these loan sharks off my back.I sighed as I stared at the laptop scr
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Chapter 4
The Billionaire’s Escort~ Nothing in life is permanent. Things change. People change. We love, we fight, regrets sets in, but overall we live and conquer. Elizabeth Walters~ The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. The golden rays of sunlight shone brightly that could blind one's eyes, I raised my hands, trying to block out the sun, but it was of no use. A  grunt escaped my lips as I stirred awake, sitting up and rubbing my eyes sleepily.  I stood up and walked towards the window, pulling the blinds down so I could sleep more. I groggily walked back to my bed, laying down on it and closing my eyes to s
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Chapter 5
The Billionaire’s EscortElizabeth Walters~I took a deep breath as I stared out the windshield. I left the house a few minutes ago, leaving Hazel in after that making sure I could share my location with her. I felt out of place even in the car, it was just myself and the driver, but I still felt extremely out of place. Maybe because I haven’t received the treatment I did today. I feelLike a celebrity going for the Met Gala. My nerves were on another level as it is. I inhaled deeply and exhaled. I smiled softly as I admired the place we just drove by. The real estate we just went into seemed like it was made for royalty. I had no idea if the dinner was taking place here because it had to be. I gaped shamelessly
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Chapter 6
Zane Creed~ Indignant! Irritated? Pissed? That was exactly how I felt. As if the business dinner wasn't enough was not enough, I have to go for lunch with Father. How much worse can this day get? I heard a knock on the door. Looking up to see Markel walk in, I could tell he was here to give me more bad news, and well, technically, it isn't his fault, and he is just doing his job."Sir, The commissioner of Jetrins sent you a congratulations message and also some gifts as well, If you allow it. I will have it sent here." He tells me. "Yeah, send them in. I will give a call to Jetrins and thank him. Also, clear all my appointments for this noon. I will b having lunch at Father's, and you will be coming along." I stated, watching as his eyes changed for a second. I knew he wouldn't like the idea, but afterall he is working for me, I don't want to sound like a rude, egotistic bastard, but If I am in the presence of the mighty
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Chapter 7
The billionaire’s escort~ Zane Creed~ Looking up into the night sky, I am welcomed by countless stars, constellations, and the moon. A breathy sigh escaped my lips as I looked at the sky, my palms growing cold due to them placed on the iron bars of the balcony. I shivered internally as I stared at the sky. It was beyond beautiful. It was healing, just standing here and looking at the sky. The rush of events from today flashed back to me, thinking about the honor I had just been bestowed on. The lunch with the Creeds and finding out Markel went on some dumb site, searching for a date for me. The first thing that crossed my mind when I found out
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Chapter 8
Elizabeth Walters~  Nervous is an understatement as to how I felt at this moment. I didn’t think I would be this nervous, but I am being so cautious even to breathe correctly. The car ride was so silent, and not even the radio was on. It was too uncomfortable for me, but I had to suck it up. The quietness in the car was not helping my nerves.  “Relax. You look like you are being kidnapped right now.”  I snapped my head to look at the man beside me. He smiled curtly at me, gesturing with his hands for me to calm down. I really wish it was that simple. “Thank you,” I whispere
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Chapter 9
Elizabeth Walters~ Isn’t it funny as to how a few days ago I had a boyfriend and a best friend that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and today I am an escort for the man whose wristwatch can solve all my life problems? “Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen.” A voice boomed through the walls of the hall, getting everyone’s attention at the same time. I looked at the stage where the voice came from. A man stood there smiling widely as he got everyone’s attention.  “Without further A-due, let’s welcome the man of the night. The one and only Jeffery Lombardi.” The man says.  Everyo
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Chapter 10
Elizabeth Walters. Coming to this occasion just made me realize how boring rich people actually live. I mean, all they were doing was listening to music, talking, and smiling at each other, and that’s literally all.  “Who is she?” A lady asked as I pulled out a chair to sit. Her eyes were questioning my entire existence. Mr. Creed had agreed to change seats to his father’s, but he had to attend to someone and asked me to come here alone instead. “Hello,” I say, giving the lady my best smile as I sit down. I could see the resemblance between her and Mrs. Creed. She looked like an exact replica of the woman, only the younger version. Her pale skin drew my att
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