Shattering the Luna

Shattering the Luna

By:  Sun girl  Completed
Language: English
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She escaped with her parents and some loyal pack members from the cruel hands of her father's most trusted warrior. An Alpha became a rogue and was being hunted by his subordinates. A few years later, Isabella became the Alpha of her father's pack and she met her mate the son of the Alpha of the Rangers pack. But their love was short-lived when Isabella discovered he was the son of her father's worst enemy and the one who murdered her grandfather. She rejected him but he rejected her rejection.... What would happen between the mated Alphas?

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74 chapters
Isabella Wilson doesn't quite understand what was happening. Her parents didn't come to see her that day and her usual attendance at the court hearing was not possible.   There seemed to be some unpleasant noise heard outside and a battle was going on. She was confined to her Chambers by her bodyguards and her Nanny's instructions.      Soon her mother arrived and without a word, held her hand and was escaping, surrounded by a few warriors.   She saw tears and many wounded already. She stumbled upon some lifeless bodies and she shivered in fear.  Her mother was sniffling too. There had been a fight, she guessed. All that she knows about was that her mother rushed into her room and held her wrist pa
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                      ISABELLA POV     My name is Isabella Wilson, I am ten years old and the only daughter of Alpha Fred Wilson of Rangers pack and my mother is Erica Wilson.   I have lived my life like a princess being loved and cherished by everyone in my father's pack.   Being an only child came along with a lot of pampering and love from my parents. My parents and grandparents all live in the pack house and I was loved by my grandparents.  Despite my grandfather was still alive, my father was the Alpha. He was nice and loved everyone in the pack.   My mother was Luna and a female
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My mother shoved me into the cave and followed me in. The warriors stood outside, obviously protecting the opening of the cave.    When I got in, I was scared. This was nothing compared to the pack house I was raised in for the past ten years of my life.    I was almost sobbing but I discovered that my tears were not coming. Suddenly I felt people might be inside and I turned to look around.  I saw many of our pack members hidden inside the cave. I saw my nanny too and many of them were wounded and bleeding.  It dawned on me there that this was a hiding place. Perhaps enemies were after us and we were going to hide in the cave for the time being.  &nbs
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Declared himself the Alpha
Lukas Briston declared himself the new Alpha of the Rangers pack. He was the head of the warriors and a Beta under Fred Wilson.    He was a tall hefty man but a tyrant. He had secretly stolen the hearts of many pack members and those who were once loyal to the former Alpha.  He had built an underground army and has been working on overturning the position of the Alpha from Fred Wilson to himself.   They had strategies and suddenly launched an attack. When Fred Wilson got a hint of what was happening, he ordered his warriors to launch an attack, but alas, it was too late.   His warriors were divided. Some had turned traitors and his head warrior was the chief traitor.Read more
A girl in his dreams
DERICK'S POV   My mother must have observed my mood before she asked me that question. The reply I gave her made her speechless for a few minutes.   She walked to stand in front of me and stared into my eyes. She seemed to be wondering what kind of a son I was.  My father has just won a victory in battle and he has become an Alpha. Shouldn't I be celebrating and happy for our new elevation in the pack? But I was being different.   "Aren't you happy to be seen as a member of the number one family of this pack? Look at the luxury and the comfort we will be getting while living in our new home.  In the near future, you would become the Alpha of this pack. What
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A new pack
"Isabella, you will be late for classes" Erica Wilson yelled. She was at the dinning and expected Isabella to be out and have her breakfast.   Fred was taking a bite of toasted bread and a glass of tea. He is the manager in a production company and he, like his daughter, leaves home to work everyday.   Glad they live in werewolf communities. There was a school and a college and they lived as normal humans.   There are a few humans among them who don't mind co-existing with them. It was a part of the entire city that was marked out for werewolves alone and anyone who feels convenient to live there could live.   It was passed into law a few months ago that werewolves had become a part of the community and can
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Discovered her wolf
               ISABELLA'S POV  I didn't know why but I saw myself running in the forest. The same forest my parents and I had walked in a few years ago.      I was running, I felt as if someone was chasing me and I kept looking back going in the direction that was ahead of me.   But suddenly, I felt my bones were cracking, they seemed to be under some kind of pressure.  My spinal cord was burning hot within me and I was wrenching in pain. My knees and waist were like being remodeled and I was experiencing intense pain.   I couldn't continue to run and I bent over, plac
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A complete Opposite
Few years have passed and Lukas Briston remained the Alpha of the Rangers pack. He had built himself a name among the pack members.  A name that no one dares to call openly for fear of losing their lives. The entire pack served in servitude under the leadership of Lukas.   His Wife was not in any way better than him. She probably is the strength of his backbone and the one who advises him.  He doesn't make decisions that would affect his pack members positively. He is selfish and only thinks about himself and his interest alone.   He is called a tyrant behind his back and no one dares to say it to his hearing. He was mean and cannot be advised.  What can be expe
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A Spy
What proof does the boundary wolves have to have reported this fellow as a spy? Was he seen conversing with someone privily and how often has he been seen?   If he was seen once, it's not enough reason to accuse him of being a spy. He must have been monitored and seen several times with evidence before he can be concluded to have been a spy.   "I will have you locked up overnight and tomorrow morning, you will be executed. Guards!!"Lukas Briston ordered.  Derick Briston stood up, he raised his hand and bowed " Excuse me father, if this fellow was caught and reported by someone, what evidence can be presented that this man is truly a spy?"   There was silence in the entire hall. Lukas Briston stared at his son. Wa
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Take his place
When he saw the fellow still chained and sat on the floor, he was happy. This probably might be the end of this great rival of his.  His sin was to have married the woman he loves. She was his mate ihaf eased with him to reject her back then so she would be with him but he refused.   He went ahead and married the woman he loves. He had been looking for an opportunity to kill him and eventually owned his wife but now, the opportunity glares at him and he intends to take advantage of it.   He came forward and bowed. His counterparts didn't tell him anything yet. They wanted him to arrive and a sudden question should be put forward before him and he should stammer before finding the answers.   The chief guard smiled
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