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They're said to be the spirits of unearthly beautiful women. So beautiful, the men who get a sight of them fall in love and die. So beautiful, women get insane and commit suicide, unable to comprehend the existence of women so celestial. Their voices pour like honey in your ears, leading you to your doom. Their dance is a blessing for your eyes and is the last thing you will see. All places and characters in the story are pure fiction, work of the author. Any resemblance to real places and events is a strong coincidence. One thing is not fiction, though. Beware of the woods the next time you go. If you hear the melodic laughter and the tender singing somewhere far in the distance, hidden in the darkness of the night, know to run. Leave immediately, or know you'll be their next victim.

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
"So? What brought you here, actually? It's unusual for a big city girl to come to this area." The handsome man who is sat in front of me asks, holding the cup of hot coffee in front of him and without peeling off his gaze from me, he takes a sip.  Covering the lower part of his face, I finally notice how tired he actually is. The black intimidating eyes he has are half-covered by his heavy lids and dark circles are surrounding them. Was he even sleeping? "Oh, well. I-- To be honest, I didn't want to come, but my teacher insisted. I'm here because of my university paper." I lean back on the leather couch and rub my temples. What a headache I got. "And what's the object of your paper?" He slightly tilts his head and under the dim artificial lights his stubble pops up. He hasn't even shaved? "Well, I chose to write about the supernatural and how it affects the crime investigations." I shake my head
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Chapter 2
"Okay, you better spill all the beans!" The bouncing ball of energy, or in other words Nancy Cooper, opens the entrance door before I can even get the keys out of my bag. Whether she heard me parking the car or she was waiting for me at the door like a dog. "Jesus, Nancy! You scared the shit out of me!" I shout, then throw my bag at the small table next to the door and unstrap my heels. "Come on! Tell me! Did you meet any hotties on your way to work?" "Yes, Nancy. I met all the hotties in this town. And I got their numbers for my annoying best friend." I roll my eyes and walk past her and to the kitchen. I haven't had any breakfast yet, as nervousness turned my stomach in a knot this morning, but now I'm hungry as a wolf. "Come on! Tell me! Speak!" "Nancy, can I get 10 minutes of silence?" I complain, rubbing my temples, then I open the fridge to find some sn
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Chapter 3
"Oh, come on, Veronika! You have to speak to me!" "Do I?" I arch an eyebrow while preparing breakfast before work. Nancy stands leaning on the fridge and keeps trying to talk to me, but after quite the show she did at the party, she better be glad I didn't strangle her. "How many times do I have to say sorry?" "I don't know, Nancy. Why did you have to jump on the table and shout to Christopher that I want to suck his dick?!" "I was drunk!" "I don't care!" I throw everything at the table and storm off to work. You wonder what happened? Well, two days ago we went to that gathering at Grace's and sure enough, we met some new people.  Everything seemed fine until my supposed-to-be partner showed and after an hour of excessive drinking, Nancy decided to break the ice between me and Christopher by jumping on a table and shouting that I want to do some things w
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Chapter 4
"No." "But..." "Absolutely no. It's out of question." After we got back from Narrow River with Jamie, I headed straight to Officer Smith's office, begging him to give me a chance to investigate the case under supervision, but all I get is a 'no' and no explanation as of why. It's the perfect case for my thesis and maybe my only chance here. "Officer Smith, due all my respect, but this can be the perfect opportunity for me to write my thesis, plus I think I can help with the case." "Vero... Miss Hughes, due all my respect, no." "But why?! It's unfair!" "Miss Hughes... you don't have the knowledge to investigate and this is outside Lieutenant Oliver's competence." "Can't you supervise me?" "Inspector Montgomery is assigned to this case." I clench my fists in annoyance and get up
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Chapter 5
"Roni! I'm so happy that you're back home!"   "Do I have a choice? I live here, after all." I complain, walking past Nancy, who, as always, is standing at the door.   "Roni, I'm really sorry. Please, I can't stand you being mad at me. I'll do whatever you want, just talk to me!" Nancy begs me but all I can think about is how relieved I am now that I step on the ground after I take off my heels. Stupid stilettos.   "Nancy, leave me in peace, it was a long day." I sigh and crawl half-limping upstairs and to the bathroom.   "Come on, Roni! Please!" Not wanting to hear my prayers to be alone, Nancy drags herself after me.   "Nancy, I beg you. Leave me alone." I take off my clothes and fill the bathtub. Hot bath, here I come.                                ***    "
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Chapter 6
"Heeey, good morning! You were Veronika, right?" "It must be me." I yawn, still half asleep. "What brings you here so early, Veronika?" The nice lady behind the cashier's desk asks smilingly while cleaning the wooden top with spray and a piece of cloth. "Uh-- I came to grab two coffees to-go and two sandwiches." I sheepishly rub the back of my neck. "What kind of coffees and sandwiches?"  "Um that's the thing, I don't know. I want my coffee clear and long." I look at the bright menu hung on top of the bar.  "And the other?" Grace asks while turning the coffee machine on. "I don't knooow..." I complain, it's too early to even think. "It's not for me." "Okay, who is it for?" Grace asks while sliding the first plastic cup of coffee on the wooden top. "Uh-- Uh--" I stutter and feel my cheeks
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Chapter 7
It's been now nearly three weeks since I and Nancy moved to Waterfall Bridge and I already fell into some sort of a routine.    I wake up at exactly 7:00 AM. Strange, because I'm not one of the early birds. Then my schedule continues with preparing fast breakfast and coffee, greeting Nancy a good morning after she comes back from her early jogging session, I complain how lucky she is that she will sleep through the day and I'm forced to see Christopher's annoying face, stop by Grace's for the daily portion of apology in the form of a sandwich and then go to work. And that's it. Every day.   "Good morning, Roni." The Officer greets me, then shifts his gaze to the paper bag in my hand and giggles, then goes upstairs to his office.    "Hope it'll be good." I sigh, then leave the sandwich on Christopher's desk and go to finding something engaging to do. Usually, it's reordering all the papers on my desk and playing
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