The Unwanted Chance

The Unwanted Chance

By:  MeGoWhat  Ongoing
Language: English
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In an unknown world with unbelievable powers, men have an unnatural ability to bend light to their will. Due to the shortage of women and the possible annihilation of their race, they were forced to bring in compatible women from other worlds. Since women rarely had control over this power they lost any and all rights that was once theirs. They became slaves with the soul purpose of breeding. We follow Rae, a fresh new face, as she is forced to live in this new world. Her whole presence is an anomaly catching the attention of some very powerful men in the process. She herself holds the key to change this dying world forever. Will she give into the new life handed to her, fight for her own freedom, or will she be forever haunted by her past?

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74 chapters
Chapter 1: A Frightful Awakening
My body feels heavy. I go to shift sides like I always do, but I’m to weak to move. I should probably wake up, but thinking about the chores for the day makes me not want to. I wonder what time it is now. As I open my eyes I’m meet with a blinding light and quickly close them. After a moment I slowly open my eyes squinting letting myself adjust to the light.   Everything at first is blurry and like a haze. I see movement even though I can’t focus on it. Slight fear takes over. I live alone, there shouldn’t be anyone else here. Calm down girl, it’s probably just my mother. She does have keys to my house, yes that’s it, it’s probably just her. I hear mumbling. Try as I might, but I only hear a slur of sounds.   A bright light suddenly flashed in my eyes causing me to quickly shut my eyes in pain. Tears welled up and dripped down the sides of my face. What was that? When the pain subsides I slowly open my eyes again. I can see everything clearl
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Chapter 2: Reality Check
What on earth is going on? Why am I in a cell? Why are these women here with me? Questions begin going through my mind unending. I decide I can’t just sit here worrying over something I have no control over and get up. I can see dim lights down the hallway and walk over to the bars. Maybe I can get some answers by looking around and I subconsciously reach for the door.   A woman’s voice from behind warns “I wouldn’t touch that if I were you.”   But it was to late. I touched the door and a painful shock radiated though my body causing me to fall back. Luckily I managed to catch my balance before I fell. My hand started twitching on its own. Shocked and in pain I tried to hold my hand some how thinking it would ease the pain that is radiating up my arm.   “I told you not to touch it.” came from that same voice.   Looking around I see a woman sitting up in the far corner of the cell looking at me. The l
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Chapter 3: First Friend
We both sat there silent for a while until she laughed.   “You’re bolder then you look. I’m Mary, what’s your name?”   My name? Should I tell her my name? Maybe I should give her a fake name, but something I would remember or feel comfortable with. I played my fair share of video games in my time, I could use one of my common names from that.   As I try to speak I find it extremely difficult to get sound to come out. I try to figure a way to tell her my name and notice the dirt on the floor. I brush away some straw and write the name “Rae” in the dust below.   Mary grabs my hand and squeezes “It’s ok Rae, by the end of the day your voice should start coming in.”   What do you mean my voice should start coming in? I’m more confused now then before.   Mary notices my confusion “This is not the world you think you’re in. You are and are not in the body you use t
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Chapter 4: Hidden Drug
Rae’s POV   Mary comes to sit down next to me with her roll and water “Why did you throw your food down on the ground? Aren’t you hungry?”   I brush the straw away relieving the dust and write “Lights.”   Mary instantly grabs me by the arm. “You can see the lights?”   I nod.   She shows me her bread. “Does this have lights?”   I nod yes.   “What about this?” as she shows me her bowl of water.   I shake my head no.   “So the water is safe” as she sighs in relief. Mary looks at me “If you can see the lights, that means you have the power too.”   Power? What does she mean power?   Looking down at the bowl of water in my hand I start sloshing it around in a circle. It almost mesmerizes me, there are so many questions swirling around in my head that I don’t und
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Chapter 5: A Reason for Being
Rae’s POV   As the day went on I was slowly getting my voice back. It started out husky and horse, Mary seemed to enjoy making fun of it. Thank goodness it finally mellowed out and went back to normal and I decided to start asking questions.   Mary slightly sad “Well I guess it’s only natural you would want to know what is going on. It’s not fair that they keep it hidden.” Mary let’s out a long sigh “You’ve seen the power they have right?”   I nod in response.   She continues “In this world the men are able to choose what heirs are given birth. Most men want males to take over the family power and name and in time hardly any females were born. No females meant no reproducing. So, they designed a system to pull women from other worlds they deemed worthy in becoming” as she paused and looked at me.   “Reproduction?” I say aggrieved.   Mary nods in response.
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Chapter 6: Unknown Act of Mercy
Rae’s POV   “He’s gone.” Mary explains.   I sit up leaning my head back against the wall “Now not even the water is safe.”   Mary worried “What are we going to do?”   Closing my eyes I tried to think of what to do. I’ve fasted for days a few times before in the past so I’m sure I’d be fine, but I’m not sure about Mary.   Even though where I came from there was no such thing as powers or magic, but there was enough of it in movies, games, books and more for me to wrap my head around it. Can I use this so called power? I need to try some how, but how can I without alerting them. I don’t even know where to begin. If I’m caught there is no telling what they may do to me.   After some time the women who ate and drank the water were acting the same as yesterday. The only sane ones left was Mary and I. I don’t know how much longer we can hold out if this keeps up. N
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Chapter 7: No Where to Run
Rae’s POV   I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I ate that roll. But now I have a little to hold me over if I have to pass on eating the next few days. I noticed there has been a lot of guards patrolling the hallway stopping to look at us. I don’t remember this many patrolling yesterday. The women being out of their minds on this drug might have something to do with it. I’m not sure though. Another group of guards walks up and looks into our cell.   I look over to Mary and notice she is looking down twiddling her thumbs. I ask “Are you ok?”   Mary jumps from being startled and gives off an uneasy giggle. “I’m fine.”   Knowing something is off I place a hand on Mary’s shoulder “I don’t know how much help I can be, but I’m here if you need me.” Mary grabs my hand and smiles to attempt to reassure me that she is fine, but I can tell it’s fake.   After a few hours the women are n
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Chapter 8: Confronting a Hidden Past
Rae’s POV   I’m nervous, is it separate baths or a communal bath? I’ve never bathed with other people before, I’ve always been to embarrassed to do so. I remember back in High School during Physical Education I couldn’t even change in front of other girls in the locker room. I had to change in one of the bathroom stalls. I can see the women going into a doorway, I suppose this is the bath. I tense up when I enter the room and see the large shallow pool below.   Going down the steps I start looking around not really paying to much attention to where I was going. I see guards spread out above looking down at us as I continue walking down the stairs. Suddenly the rope pulled hard and with my hands tied like this I started to fall unable to catch my balance. Just as sudden as the rope pulled a strong hand grabbed my arm. When I turned around to look it was Jeong gripping my arm that kept me steady. It surprised me, he was so close.  
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Chapter 9: Unexplained Reaction
Jeong’s POV   I cant believe I got caught up looking at her eyes, what’s wrong with me. I can’t help but watch her, she’s not going to fall again is she? Seeing her make it to the bottom and look up at me had my mind at ease. I head back up the stairs before I let the chain ropes go. Looking around I can see the men all excited watching the women strip down and wash. I see Zviad gripping the railing grinning as he watches her.   I look down at her and notice she’s hesitating. Please don’t give us an excuse to go down there. Looking at Zviad tighten his grip, I know he’d spring into action as soon as he thinks he can. Oh good she’s taking her dress off. Sigh, why is she taking so long. My nerves are shot not knowing if I can stop Zviad if she refuses to wash. My heart cant take this stress.   I can tell from here she is trembling and Mary is trying to calm her down. Is she crying? I can’t help but feel concerned. I see Ma
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Chapter 10: Knocking on Death’s Door
Jeong’s POV   As I’m running towards the cell I wonder if it’s one of the women who overdosed on the drug. It can’t be her right? When the vision of the cell is in view I see Mary crying holding onto her lifeless body. Anger wells up in me, it wasn’t Zviad right.   Opening the door I yell at the women, “Don’t you dare move or else!” Then quickly running over to Mary and her “What happened?”   Mary sobbing “I don’t know, when we got back from the bath she.. she..”   I can see she is covered in welts and a rash.   Mary trying to pull herself together with tears rolling down her face. “She has a high fever and passed out, it’s affecting her breathing now.”   I quickly pick her up and cradle her in my arms while I rush out of the cell.   The guard shouts “Sir the door!”   I use my power to shut and lock the door and conti
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