The Escort

The Escort

By:  Marriah Perry  Completed
Language: English
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Lydia is a once straight A college student turned Escort. Her mother was in a terrible accident and the only way Lydia can afford to pay her bills is to join an A list Escort service. Drake is a Real Estate Mongrel. His a self made billionaire and owns his own company. He hails from a broken family that comes from old money. He’s received an invitation to his younger brothers wedding celebration and he needs to find a date in order to keep his mother at bay from throwing every eligible bachelorette his way. Drake turns to the Escort service to find a perfect date. Can Lydia and Drake trick Drakes family into believing they real lovers?

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43 chapters
Chapter 1.
Lydia was exhausted when she entered her run down studio apartment. She had met up with two johns today, and one of them had rough her up a bit more than she was use to. She dead bolted her front door and slumped down against it. “Come on Liddy, be a big girl. Wipe those tears, pull your panties up, and continue on with life.” Lydia reached up and wiped the tears sprouting from the corner of her eyes, flinching when her hand ran over a bruise on cheek bone.  “Fuck that prick, better not have messed up the merchandise.” She thought to herself as she picked herself up off of the door and walked into her kitchen.  She kicked off her high heels and dropped her bag on the couch on her way there. Rummaging through the cupboards in the kitchen Lydia realized how badly she needed to go grocery shop. Settling
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Chapter 2.
“Together with their Families Madilyn and Sampson joyfully invite you to their wedding celebration Saturday August 28th at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.”  Drake stared at the wedding invitation that was hanging from his fridge in contempt. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy for his brother. He was overjoyed, Madilyn was a good girl, and his brother had been in love with her since grade school. Drake just wasn’t looking forward to having to socialize with the Elite. He wasn’t looking forward to having his mother parade him around as the heir to the Whittenberg fortune, trying to hook him up with every one of her friends daughters. Unbeknownst to Mary, Drake’s mother, but he’d already slept with every single girl in his mother’s circle, both his mothers friends and their daughters. Drake wasn’t keen on settling down. He was enjoying
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Chapter 3.
“Hey mom.” Lydia smiled down at her mom, tears in her eyes. “I paid your bill in full.” That means another month in this facility. I did my part. Now it’s your turn to do yours. You need to get better for me okay.”  Tears started to slowly fall down Lydia’s face and unto her mom’s.  “The doctor told me, there’s no reason for you not to be waking up. She said all of the internal damage has been healed and according to all the charts you’re as healthy as a horse. The neurologist is considering taking you into to check your brain activity again. They’re worried that the internal damage was just too much on your brain waves.”  At this point into the conversation both Lydia and her mom
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Chapter 4.
When Lydia was first hired on at Mia Novella’s escort services she was a bit intimated by Theo. He was 6ft3 and had short brown wavy locks, and piercing blue eyes, and he looked to be about 250 lbs of pure muscle. He was also covered from head to toe in tattoos. But underneath his rough exterior, Theo was a teddy bear. He was every girl’s dream gay guy. He loved to shop, talk gossip, and he knew how to make a woman feel good about herself. Theo was one of Lydia’s friends and she was happy that Mia had selected him to chauffeur her today.  They’d spent most of the afternoon chattering away about Lydia’s newest assignment in between Lydia’s appointment, and Lydia could feel her excitement start to grow, even though she knew nothing about Drake, she was looking forward to an all inclusive vacation, even if she did have to pretend to be the girlfriend of som
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Chapter 5
Drake was sitting in his office reading his daily reports on his realty property estate, when his secretary paged him over his office intercom.  “Mr. Whitman?”  “Yes Grace.”  “There’s someone in the lobby who’d like to see you, she says she’s your mother?”  ‘What the fuck?’ Drake thought to himself. ‘What would my mom be doing here.’ ‘Umm Mr. Whitman,” Grace said skeptically. “Did you hear me?”  “Yes, sorry Grace, please show her in.” Read more
Chapter 6.
I walked into Mia Novella’s at the building was eerily quiet. Mindy had already gone home for the night and all the lights were turned off except one. Lydia could see the light was on in Mia’s office through the gap in the door. She inhaled deeply before walking to the door, and knocking softly.  “Mia,” Lydia called out, “I’m here as requested.”  “About time woman,” Mia said pulling Lydia inside her office quickly and shutting the door behind them.  Lydia gulped, her breath getting caught in her throat. Standing in front of her was a God of a Man. He was easily 6 ft 4. His fiery red hair was cut into a military style fade, and he had piercing green eyes that a girl could get lost in. His beard which was a
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Chapter 7.
Lydia was stunning. Drake had a hard time concentrating on anything when she was near. He also had the urge to give her anything and everything she wanted. He chuckled at how in awe she was at everything in his own. It was all meaningless and replaceable to Drake, but to Lydia, she seemed captivated by every detail. “Anything you want, it’s yours.” Drake finds himself telling Lydia.  Why did I just say that? He ponders to himself.This is suppose to be a business arrangement only.  After the tour Drake walks Lydia back into the main living room and goes to the bar grabbing two wine glasses and a bottle of Merlot. Red wines were his favorite and he knew he’d need a glass or two to calm his nerves.  Read more
Chapter 8.
“Tell me about your family? I think it’s important that I know something about them before meeting them, don’t you think?” Lydia asked glancing up at Drake. Drake hesitated and for a moment Lydia didn’t think he was going to open up to her, but to her shock he did.  “I have a little brother Sampson, he’s five years younger than me. I remember the day my mother and father brought him home. I was so excited. Mother and father were really busy while I was growing up. Father with the family business and mother with her shopping and luncheons so it was just me and maid Amelia growing up. Amelia tried her best to keep me entertained but she could only do so much. The moment mother and father brought Sampson home I knew I would have a best friend for life.”&
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Chapter 9.
Drake pins Lydia up against the wall, slamming his hands on down besides her arms, pinning her in place. He leans into her and crashes his lips into hers. He slides his knee in between her legs spreading them wider, pushing himself against her. Their tongues battle for dominance, Drake coming out the winner. Drake mouth enters Lydia’s and she sucks on his tongue biting ever so gently.  Drake hisses. “Sss, you vixen.” He smiles seductively at her, grinding his hips into her causing her to release a small moan. Drake leans forward again and starts to kiss and suckle on Lydia’s neck, leaving bite marks along the way. Lydia’s hands leave the wall and start roaming over Drake’s body. Her hands trace down his muscular arms and She grabs his hand and brings it up to her mouth and sucks on one of his fingers causing him to let out a low groan. Drake continues to
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Chapter 10.
Lydia awoke the next morning feeling sore and throughly used. As she rose to go to the bathroom Drake pulled her back down into the bed.  “Ahhh!” Lydia squealed not expecting Drake to yank her down.  “Just a few more minutes,” he yawned sleepily.  “Drake, if I stay in this bed any longer I’m going to pee myself.” Lydia pouted trying to wiggle free of his grasps.  Reluctantly Drake let her go, and Lydia booked it to the bathroom to use the facilities.  ‘What a perfect way to start your morning.’ Lydia thought to herself smiling. Her smile quickly turned to a frown though as
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