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I, Persephone, reject you Mason...- being interrupted by a strong... Being a hybrid is the most dangerous thing there can be, many want to kill you for the simple fact that they can't control you, some see it as a bad thing, I see it as an improvement, having the blood of two different species running through my veins makes it difficult to control. And no one controls me. Not even him...

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9 Chapters
The girl
A foul smell seeps into my nostrils, they are close, I'm going to have some fun. I jump off the branch and fall nimbly, I run stealthily. Once I'm close I notice the faint scent of a werewolf woman. I hide behind some bushes to see the situation. - Well, well, well. I speak slyly coming out of my hiding place after a few minutes watching the situation and calling everyone's attention. - So you're already such cowards that you mess with a little girl. I growl. The girl looks at me with fear. - And who are you? Asks one of the three, red-haired and blood-eyed. - The one who will tear your head off, nice to meet you.
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I groan, opening my eyes, and stand up, rubbing my head. I look around realizing I'm in a cell. - Really? I save the girl, bring her back to her pack and what I get in return is my head bashed in, knocked unconscious and locked up, seriously!- I shout with irony fromthe cell door. I lean on the door when I feel a little dizzy from the blow. - you're going to pay for this- I growl putting my hands on my head, pissed off. I see one of the guys from the group that fought with the vampires appear. He opens the door and I don't take long to pounce on him, I punch him in the jaw and run but I don't get far as I run into the rest of the group. I snort as I notice how the blond is approaching, rubbing his jaw. We leave the dungeons and walk to the Alpha's mansion. We enter and stand in the living room. The living room turns out to be very
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I wake up to the rays of sunlight coming through the window, I snort and then change into sports clothes. I leave myroom tying my hair and go straight to the kitchen where I greet Aracely and prepare an orange juice after telling her tentimes that I don't need it. I take some green grapes, my favorite. After breakfast I ask her for a sack and, after looking atme strangely, she gives it to me. I leave the mansion realizing that it's quite early and there's almost no one around sono one has noticed the bodies. I put the bloodsucker as I can inside the bag. - Where are you going? - I turn around looking at Kilian. - I'm going to return the order, I didn't like it - I speak slyly. By the way, tell the alpha about the guard - he nods and turnsto go back to the mansion. I transform and grab the bag with my teeth. I start running and I get a
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Daddy's little boy
A knock on the door makes me jump out of bed attentively. - Come on we have to train- Kilian speaks on the other side of the door, I huff to change into sports clothes, rinse myface with cold water and take a teaspoon of the potion which is disgusting. I leave the room and head to the living roommeeting the boys. We come out and start running, this time transformed. I look both ways without seeing William. - He's in the library- I hear Darrell's voice in my head. I nod and we keep running through the woods. We make it to theend of the pack where they greet the guards. A smell of wolf blood hits my nostrils which makes me alert. We see bloodied wolves appear, other transformed wolves helping other wounded wolves. Everyone comes to their aid. - What happened?- asks Max transformed once he arriv
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White Moon
I wake up to a knock on the door. - Upstairs, we're going to train, we'll wait for you outside- I get out of bed and the first thing I do is drink my potion. I quickly get dressed and tie my hair. I run out of my temporary room, if it's temporary, I don't plan to stay long. I walk towards the boys receiving greetings and a dirty look from daddy's little boy. - Let's go- Max cheers and we start running.An hour later we arrive at the training area. We start one on one and later several on one. Once finished I walk towards the mansion leaving the boys talking to each other. - You're good- I look to my right and see Kilian and Max to my left. -Where did you learn- I look at Max. - That
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Two hours walking later we see a car appear.  - Why the fuck did you go by yourself? Do you understand that it's not just you? Do you understand the squadron concept? - Mason gets out of the car and slams the door. I roll my eyes. Darrel reaches over and grabs the guard, who leans against him and lifts him into the car. I walk past him and climb into the car. We walk back to the herd in complete silence. As soon as we arrive William helps the guard after giving me a look. - The Alpha wants to talk to you - Killian speaks seriously, I nod and go to the office. - Why did you leave by yourself? - he asks me seriously. Mason stands with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall. - The important thing is that we got everyone out of there- I shrug. - We were preparing a strategy, you are a team- I fold my arms. - If I had waited for your strategy the Alpha would be dead by now, good afternoon- I leave the office heading for the kitchen
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Once it gets dark I take my backpack and sneak out of the mansion, I leave the herd without being seen by the guards. "Finally freedom" - Who are you? - I ask mentally but I receive no answer. I walk as fast as I can without stopping, I have an eight-hour head start before they find out. After four hours of running, walking fast, and transforming, I place myself in the roots of a tree to rest a little. I wake up to the smell of werewolves, and I know it's them. Irina refuses to move so I return to my human form and run as far as my legs and ribs allow me. "How slow, at this rate, you will be pregnant tomorrow." I grunt when I hear that voice "Go to hell" I say in my mind hoping that I heard it. A strong pain in my head and chest make me stop immediately making me stumble because of the speed at which I was going, I continue a few more steps trying not to fall forward trying to stabilize myself but I can not get it because I get a blow on my ba
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Let me go
Mason springs up like a spring and circles the table like a bolt of lightning. He picks me up like a feather and throws me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, a little dizziness hits me. - Let go of me!- I start hitting his back fighting the dizziness. We leave the room with the boys and Laila trying to make the brute see reason and get him to leave me alone, but they don't succeed either. We start up the stairs and once we get to the second floor he locks us in his room. I land on the bed but get up as fast as the dizziness allows me to, I stand still for a moment trying to get the dizziness to pass, I give him a dirty look but he's too upset to care about a look. I start to back away at the same time as he approaches me. -You can't refuse me- he growls in a deep voice. -Of course I can- I cross my arms slyly. I watch as he clenches his fists to the point where my knuckles are white from the pressure. He backs me up against the wall with one arm on ei
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Outdoor breakfast
-Good morning Persephone princess of hell and my heart- Sean and Darrell open the door to my room looking at me smiling. -Come on down, today you will have the opportunity to witness hot shirtless werewolves training- Sean wiggles his eyebrows a few times -I'd rather have breakfast- I reply, they both look at me offended. -We'll bring you breakfast- Darrell offers. "What's better than a delicious breakfast watching delicious men?" -It's okay- I reply, they both leave my room happily, I roll my eyes in amusement and then change into something comfortable other than pajamas. I walk down the steps quickly but without killing myself in the attempt. The boys are at the entrance of the house, they greet me as soon as they see me. I smile twining my arm with William's, it's not long before we hear a grunt but I ignore it completely. We leave the mansion leading the group to the training area. I sit on the bench at the wooden table. -T
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