When She Was Is

When She Was Is

By:  reinchr_iobe14  Ongoing
Language: English_tagalog
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When She Was Is, is about a girl known as Mimi; a normal, weak, diffident, ordinary girl in her quest to be special, or so she thought. She made one mistake, creating an identity online as Caroline, an opposite version of her; a sweet, beautiful, and admirable girl, meant to pull the heartstrings of the people who followed her. Yet through this identity, her normal, insignificant life is bound to change as she gets caught up with people who are meant to be special— a girl fighting against a family conspiracy, a charming prince seeking his goddess, and a tragic-fated girl who has incomparable beauty. One mistake in the past led to a twisted fate and her life never got more complicated than ever. Will she be able to take another step further?

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72 chapters
Chapter 1: Job Interview
  One thing I learned in life was never to live a lie, one or two can be forgiven, but more than that is too much.    I also implore you not to rely so much in white lies. To tell you, it is the kind of shit that pulls you under if you don't use it right! Much like one of those myths everybody believes because of their fragile hearts.    Trust me, living a life with a lie always does not end well, I'm one of those people who exploited it and ended up lost.     And In case you are wondering why I'm investing my time in this monolog, Oh! I wish I could tell you.    By the way, I'm Melissa Santiago, not much for a name, but Tatay loved to call me Mimi. I do not use it anymore thoug
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Chapter 2: How Insignificant
  It was never my intention to be caught up in the camera, and act like nothing while they are taking a picture of some poor girl being bullied in the cubicle. More than anyone— I'm always on the side that you can barely see me.    So to say, my life was never in the spotlight. I can see myself as a blur, or just a scribble in a comic book— not even as a sidekick or anything.    To put it simply, I was just an ordinary college gal in the Media Arts department.    "Stop!" A slightly dainty girl stormed in, her long brownish-caramel hair swaying like whiplash. She is sporting her blue V-neck sweater, and red and black plaid skirt, while exuding her composed aura.   Matilda Fernandez, most w
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Chapter 3: The Girl Named Caroline
  Matty already went home after our small conversation. As for me, my day was just starting. I'm on my way to a part-time job at a convenience store just between our house and the capital.    Seeing the road quite empty, I think it is going to be a long afternoon.    The almost worn out sign was flickering, and the cemented floor has some obvious cracks. Perhaps it is time for me to inform the owner about some repairs. Well not that it is urgent.    I saw Rex sitting on the counter busy playing with his phone, I can see he pretty much focuses on other things than his responsibility in manning the store.    The digital effect, together with the voice of a female character, is loudly e
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Chapter 4: Matilda Fernandez
  She never intended to be what she is today, a smart, daring girl who will always uphold justice. At least that is what many think.    Like known to many, she grew up in the line of politicians. Starting from her Great Grandfather, and her Grandfather the current president of the republic Philippines. Along with her Tito's and Tita's who had been famous senators, congressmans & congresswomen, and mayors.    Even her parents are famous, Her dad is the Mayor of Capital City, managing the flourishing urban and suburban communities situated in it and her mother was an accomplished Lawyer.    It is easy to imagine a political dynasty of well-deserved politicians creating a peaceful order. With her family's rule, the Philippines has never been an i
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Chapter 5: Relationships And Break-up
  Walking on a night path, the dimming street lamps are twinkling like stars, illuminating the road with a chilling light. The scene was that of a thriller story, or those psychological horror dvds that Natalie is always watching in the living room, the moon was nowhere to be seen as it was obscured by thick clouds.    I took careful steps, almost imagining myself being murdered in the middle of the night. I have been taking a lot of overtime lately because I've been coming home late.    "Ah, I hate myself," Looking at my slightly shivering body, I could almost feel the bristles of hair on my arms.    I ran silently, but it was more like a rushed walk.   As I passed by the last intersecti
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Chapter 6: The De Castro Family
  The sound of planes was still distorting the shattering chatter of people hustling and bustling on the busy airport despite the lack of stars in a setting sky.    The passengers are now moving from the exit as they had just arrived back to the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines.    Every few minutes, planes are landing and taking off. Arrivals are announced, and parents breathe a sigh of relief when they learn that their children have returned safely.   It was a frantic scene as individuals gradually adjusted to the cacophony. Families after families are arriving one by one.   There are voices of people being annoyed after learning that the flight they had been waiting for for the las
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Chapter 7: La Famiglia Santiago
  I allowed Sheila to sleep for the night at our house, though Ali already invited her for a sleepover beforehand.    Right now we are watching a movie. Natalie wanted to binge all the shows she was not able to watch since she had been busy studying.    Just as we are enjoying the film. Tatay Digs announced himself through the door.    "Oh, I see, Sheila is here," he gushed while smiling.    Looks like Tatay already knew Sheila, why am I the only one who doesn't know? I brushed off the thought since it doesn't matter now anyways. It might just be because I was too busy.    After removing his shoes he showed us that he b
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Chapter 8: The Girl Who Does Not Exist
  "Dude, wake up! How long are you going to find that girl? You've been searching for a week and you're almost going to miss school if Tita hasn't warned you," A plump guy in black sweater scolded the pale guy beside him leaning helplessly on the table.    "Marco, I'm this close to finding her" Jaiden moves two of his fingers close to indicate what he means to his friend. He has this lifelessness to him, like his body is screaming to give up. But his mind is still going, like he developed a will of steel.    "I'm almost certain that this is where she works. This is the last convenient store around the capital. And look at this table, isn't it exactly the same with this picture?" He had these glowing eyes, despite the dark circles forming around it.    Read more
Chapter 9: Her Secret Message
  "Seriously, Dude that girl is as light as a feather!" Marco babbles as he jumps on the bed.    Marco was now busy removing his shoes and making himself comfortable in bed. It has some nice fluff to it allowing his body mass to sink onto the mattress like he had been flying with the clouds.    Meanwhile, Jaiden was busy scrolling his phone looking at Caroline's pictures. "She is funny isn't she?" he said as he remembered the earlier scene. An unknown smirk can be seen from his face.    "Ah you mean when she walked there so confidently?" Marco recalled, he made a straight jab and giggled. "That's quite unexpected isn't it?    Jaiden can't help release a faint laugh as he also finds t
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Chapter 10: Irene Sarmiento
  Her life— She hates it, she despises it, yet here she is still living a damn life.   She's been known as Irene as long as she can remember, a name given to her by her deceased father.    She remembered how his father told him stories about how she was the symbol of peace her father had been dreaming of since he was a child.    The joyful memories became nothing but a tragic truth. Unfortunately for his father, he never realized it.    And here she is, in this frenzied place, almost rotting without a future to hold. She gripped tightly on the hand-rails of the rusting stairs, dripping wet from the sudden pour of rain.    Sh
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