Ghost Of My Heart

Ghost Of My Heart

By:  Jenzalex Ichaelis  Updated just now
Language: English
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She is known as the Loveless Woman at her workplace because of her unapproachable nature. Five years later, she moves to a new house to get away from gossip and rumors. However, she is far from freedom when she encounters a handsome but annoying man in her new home. He loves to pester her and claims that she is his wife when they are not even married yet. He is eager to expose their relationship but since other people have a bad impression of her, she desperately hides the relationship to avoid ruining her career. It is also because her companion is not even a human. Her life gets even more complicated as she tries to understand who and why he even exists in her house.

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166 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Miss, your stuff has been delivered into the new house. Thank you for choosing our service. Have great days in your new home." Said the delivery men while smiling at Jennet. It was already past noontime when her stuff was fully delivered into the living room. The delivery men had just walked out from her house and she was escorting them to their truck at the front compound of her villa. Jennet smiled back at them. "I will and thank you for helping me deliver my stuff over here. Have a safe trip back home." She said and waved her hand. They said their thanks again before walking towards the truck. The vehicle left the compound and disappeared at the junction heading towards the heart of the city. Jennet turned her body towards her new home. Her dream house, a glassed wall villa in the forest with a private pool only for her to enjoy. She bought this villa after saving money for five solid years. For all those years, she only stuffed her stomach with f
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Chapter 2
The next day, Jennet woke up when her phone rang. She opened her sleepy eyes lazily. As if remembering something, she immediately ran her hands under the quilt, searching for her phone. When she failed to locate it, she groaned softly.Her long and straight hair was all over her face when she got on all four limbs on the bed, searching for her ringing phone. She looked around with her hair curtaining the sides of her face.Then, the ringing died.As the sound died, she was in a daze on the bed. She looked around in confusion. The room she was in was dark."Where am I?" She mumbled to herself while still feeling half asleep. The surrounding was not the house that she was used to. Her brows furrowed as she tried to remember something.She tugged her hair until she felt pain on the skin of her head. Then, she nodded her head. "Ahh, I remember. I am in my new house."She slumped back onto the pillows to continue sleeping but the phone rang again
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Chapter 3
Marvina was pulling a long face when Jennet arrived at the promised place. She was standing outside a food stall while crossing her arms over her chest."You're still alive. I thought the reaper took you to their world." She said half-mocking while staring at the gasping friend who came running towards her from the parking area.Jennet looked at her with a guilty expression. "Marvina, I am so, so sorry! I overslept. Last night, I was busy unpacking my stuff and I forgot to set my alarm." She explained while catching her breath. Beads of sweat were all over her forehead and she immediately wiped it using a handkerchief.Marvina glared at her, walked forwards and immediately hooked her arms around hers. Jennet gulped, waiting for her to say words of curses, but…"Hurry up, order something," Marvina spoke. Her voice softened as she smiled widely.Jennet looked at her, still feeling guilty for being late. But, at the same time, she was confused.
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Chapter 4
After they stuffed their empty stomach at the food stall, the two of them went shopping together. Since Jennet has been moving into her new home, Marvina accompanied her to buy food supplies. It was already late in the evening when they finish shopping. Jennet drove Marvina to her apartment. Since Marvina stayed at the apartment provided by the company, she stumbled upon her other colleagues who had just return from work. They glanced at her with unhappy expression all over their faces when she dropped Marvina off outside the apartment. Their expression showed disgust and contempt when they saw her driving her car. Marvina knew the atmosphere was getting gloomy as seconds passed. So, she immediately spoke out to Jennet, "Ignore them. Afterwards, you just drive straight home and don't wander around and remember to report duty for tomorrow." Jennet nodded her head with a small smile over her sad looking face. "Okay, and you be careful as well." She said
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Chapter 5
It was late in the night when Jennet awoke from her sleep. Turning her head to the side, she slowly propelled herself into a seating position on the bed. She heard the sound of the running water from the darkened bathroom. Her brows furrowed, ‘Did I forget to turn off the shower head?’ She questioned herself. She flipped the quilt and slowly stepped out from the bed. Slipping in her slippers, she approached the bathroom. As soon as she pushed open the bathroom door, hot steams gushed out, wrapping her exposed skin with the warm sensation. Suddenly, her heart accelerated. The hair behind her back stood steadily as goosebumps appeared all over her body. She halted where she stood and peeped inside the bathroom. But, there was nothing she could see. Inhaling and exhaling slowly to calm her heart, she finally stepped into the bathroom. However, she came to a halt when she saw a tall figure behind the fogged glass in the shower area. The unknown figure was
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Chapter 6
Jennet left her house after having a hearty breakfast, alone in her new kitchen. She was wearing formal attire, a slim fit black blazer to match with the white shirt that she wore inside it, paired with black slacks. Her long black hair was tied in a ponytail.Since she moved to her new place, she had to drive for thirty minutes to get to her workplace. Unlike when she was still living in the apartment, it took only ten minutes to get to work. It was just close by.At eight o’clock in the morning, Jennet arrived at a towering white building where she worked. There was a huge billboard on the outside of the high building, one that showed the name of the company; Happy Travel Agency.As she walked towards the entrance after parking her car at the designated parking area, a voice called out for her."Jennet!"Jennet turned her head to the side and saw a good-looking man walking towards her. The man wore a black suit that showed his masculinity.
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Chapter 7
Meanwhile, back at the villa, the tall blond-haired person was standing silently on the balcony. He was looking out at the city centre, to where Jennet was. His face, however, was so sullen as he narrowed his eyes to where he was looking at. He gritted his teeth furiously, sulking on his feet. His hands were turned to balls of fist by his side. After a while, he looked away, grunting and then stared at the little figure who stood beside him. "What are they talking about? Why is she so meek when he is around?" He asked, pointing out in the direction of the city. The little figure was a little boy about the age of five to six years old and was about an adult's waist height. He had a pair of beautiful glassy dark blue eyes, chubby cheeks and short black hair. His face was cute but expressionless. He wore a light-green coloured robe. The little boy looked at him and politely answered, "He was asking her out for lunch." His tone was soft but it was enough
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Chapter 8
The blond shuddered, not sure if he was happy or mad because his expression was beyond interpretation. Meanwhile, his little assistant only nodded his little head.“You heard it as it is.” He said to his master.The master raised an eyebrow. "Only two? How about the rest? Why not all?” He groaned.“I know nothing about the reason, so, please don’t ask me further about it.” The little assistant said, dismissing him.“They are so stingy!" The master spoke. He mumbled alone not satisfied with what he heard."Should I go back to them?" The assistance asked calmly. “I probably need about a month to get the answer.”His master grunted. "Don’t waste my time. Just tell me of the privileges." He said and mumbled angrily.Little Veen ignored his unsatisfied mumbling as he explained about the privileges. "The first one is, you will only be able to retrieve your body if you spend more ti
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Chapter 9
It was noon when Jennet realised the time for a break had come long ago. As soon as she remembered it, she hurriedly arranged her messy desk. After that, she ran like a gazelle out of her company forgetting that she wore high heels. Two hours ago, she received a text message from Luca about the place of their meetings. However, she completely forgot to remind herself about the lunch plan. Although the restaurant was only a building away from their company, she was already late for fifteen minutes. Luca must have been waiting for her! As she stepped out of the lift, her phone rang. Luca’s name was on the screen. She gulped as she coughed softly before answering the call in a manner as calm as possible. “Hello, Mr Ty… I mean Luca. I’m on my way now.” She spoke while on the phone as she crossed the zebra crossing. Her mind was in jumbles. It wasn’t clear if she was terrified of the upcoming lunch plan or something else. Unaware of her surrounding, she bu
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Chapter 10
Jennet froze when she stood in front of a fancy restaurant as mentioned in Luca’s text message. There were well-groomed hosts in a black tux, looking formidable at the entrance of the restaurant. Although she had stayed in the country for years, this would be the first time she saw such a restaurant near her working place. She frowned. ‘It can’t be right,’ she agonized alone. This place is too luxurious for a lunch break. Did Mr Tybelg text her the wrong place? Whisking out her smartphone, she dialled Luca’s phone number. Less than a minute, her call was answered. "Yes, Jennet? Have you arrived?" Luca’s melodious voice greeted her ear. Jennet looked up to the name signage of the restaurant. Even the name was too fancy to be spelt out. ‘Forget that name!’ She thought. "Mr Ty…I mean, Luca, did you, perhaps text me the wrong place? I am currently standing in front of a luxurious restaurant. Is this the correct place because I can see there are h
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