Immunity (Part 1)

Immunity (Part 1)

By:  Purple Cashinx  Completed
Language: English
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A broken royal family. A fifth element among the four. Two warring races are forced into one and a lost prince is destined to unite them. Raised in the slums away from his scheming family, a prince grows up dreaming of revenge. However, blood is power, and despite his royal lineage, Ezra isn't an Elemental. Or so he believes. When he reencounters his darkly enthralling uncle, he finds himself facing new, enigmatic possibilities and unlocked powers. After being exposed to many injustices across the kingdom, Ezra soon realizes he has more to offer the domain than petty revenge. Notes: Warnings: Very Slow Burn: Possession. Future angst/gore. Death. Also: This is not going to be a healthy relationship. Granted, there is no rape or non-con. Not even infidelity. But there will be manipulations and immoral actions between the two characters involved. If this disturbs you, please find something else to read.

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    22 chapters
    Immunity Prologue
    Sixteen Years Earlier "Well? Are the rumors true, Josiah?" "Rumors?" Josiah repeated the word derisively. "I'm afraid I don't dwell in the grapevine as you do, King Calder. I am entirely clueless to your insinuations." The King of Concordia was unimpressed. "They say you've been aiding the Noir Users." Calder's eyes hardened when Josiah remained aloof. "The Magi," he emphasized firmly. "That certainly is a fascinating speculation." Positioned at the king's left-hand side, Queen Ember lowered her lashes at her brother. She truly hoped it was just that. A speculation. The last time Ember had seen Josiah was over five years ago at her wedding. And what a dreaded goodbye that had been. He'd only been eighteen at the time, she only sixteen. It was peculiar seeing Josiah as a man now. With long, black h
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    Chapter 2: Immunity One
    1: Chapter One [ 15 years later with Ezra aka "Micah"] Keegan loomed over his shoulder. "I need your help with this, kid.""You always need help," Micah replied coolly.He ignored the boy next to him in favor of making last minute changes to his report. Eyes obsessively skimmed over the neat penmanship, searching for any error.It had to be perfect.Perfection was the only way to get accepted into Concordia Military Academy. Living in the slums of Concordia's outskirts hardly got one recognized, after all.Throughout his childhood, he and his mother had moved region to region. While he understood it was imperative that they kept moving, it was beginning to take its toll on his mother.The woman, who once lived a life dripping with luxury as queen, was deteriorating. The illness inside of her steadily grew worse. It was impossible to heal her, not only because of the lack of money, b
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    Chapter 3: Immunity Two
    The hand stroked his cheek softly before proceeding to brush aside a few loose curls. Micah closed his eyes into the affectionate touch, never feeling as warm nor as comfortable as he did just then. Through the warm, fire-like haze, he was able to discern that he was dreaming. It was one of those dreams again. The dreams that made him feel so good, but disenchanted at the same time. No matter how much he tried to control the dream, he wouldn’t wake up until the flames engulfed him.    His body was tiny as it sat upon the man’s lap. “What did you do today, Ezra?” But that voice. Even after years of dreaming about it, the voice always sent a startling thrill down his spine. It wasn’t a deep baritone, but rather softer, almost menacing in quality and every bit serpentine. Many would find the voice allu
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    Chapter 4: Immunity Three
    When the rhythmic stirring came to a sudden, unexpected halt, Healer Destan looked up from the unconscious boy and toward his apprentice. Healer Kendra's hold on the stirring rod slackened as she looked fearfully at the entrance of the compartment. Curious, he turned, his eyebrows climbing when he saw the dark figure waiting at the threshold. It was rare to see such an influential man concerned with recovering patients, but then again, this was a special patient, was it not? "Lord Josiah," he greeted casually, "good that you're here." Taciturn eyes leveled the female Healer with an impatient stare. Ah, secrecy.  Right. Healer Destan nodded to his assistant. "I will take it from here, Kendra." The young Unda Healer abruptly nodded and fled the room. Destan sighed, watching the blonde-haired woman's hasty retreat.<
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    Chapter 5: Immunity Four
    The dull ache in his chest was still prevalent that morning. Considering it wasn’t anything like the excruciating pain he’d endured yesterday, Micah couldn’t complain. Sitting at the edge of the bed, he marveled at the mattress and the plush pillows.  The last time he’d slept on a mattress was at a derelict hostel a few years ago. Typically, his mother had always claimed the mattress and Micah had never expected anything less. He’d only seen a small section of the train, and already, it possessed far more lavish items than he had the honor of possessing his entire lifetime. Next to the bed lay a black and gold military uniform. Micah’s assumptions proved accurate, then. Josiah planned to take him to Concordia Academy.  He would recognize that uniform anywhere, as it was on the propaganda booklet when he applied each term. 
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    Chapter 6: Immunity Five
    Micah was grateful he was able to observe the academy before the other students arrived for the next term. There was something oddly lulling about his boots echoing throughout the silent and still corridors. No one was around to observe his dumbfounded expressions. No one was around to witness him walk into dead ends and retrace his steps. It had taken him days to map out and memorize the floorplan.  The building was constructed into the shape of a cross with four separate wings. One wing for each cadet year and one for the instructors. Each wing housed study rooms, bedrooms, and large bathrooms. In the middle of the building, there were numerous levels. Classrooms took up the majority of the upper levels, while he discovered an expansive training arena and an array of other amenities down below.  On his third day at the academy, he stumbled across
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    Chapter 7: Immunity Six
    He’d gotten accustomed to the solitude and the quiet halls. He would miss it. For over two weeks, with the exception of the academy servants, he hadn’t encountered another living soul. Josiah, Destan, and Kendra remained elusive. The three individuals understandably had other duties that kept them away from the academy. In Josiah’s case, he didn’t want to draw Calder’s—or anyone’s—attention to Micah. After all, Micah was just an ordinary student under scholarship. At first, he had been delighted in Josiah’s unannounced absence. Yet, as the days stretched, Micah couldn’t help but to think of the man regularly. Trivial and silly sentiments. He unmistakably enjoyed the man’s conversations to the point of dwelling over the possibility of seeing him again before term. In an attempt to ignore Josiah&
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    Chapter 8: Immunity Seven
    My hand aches.” Keegan paused. “But last night was the best sleep I’d ever had. The beds are extremely comfortable! And the showers? I didn’t think I could ever get out!” In the hall, a chorus of scornful laughter sounded upon Keegan’s admittance. Micah looked apathetically at the group of blond-haired students as they gestured towards him and Keegan. Their expressions ranged from hilarity to aversion as they watched the two scholarship students pass. Talia stood amongst their group, positioned at the outskirts, desperate to be a part of them but no doubt an outsider. She looked at Micah, her mouth scowling and her eyes averting. “Enjoy it while you can,” one of the boys remarked spitefully. “You and pretty-boy may be smart, but as soon as we start the physical assessments, you’ll be eliminated and sent back to the desert.” <
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    Chapter 9: Immunity Eight (and Nine)
    “Stop… shifting.” At the cold command, Keegan abruptly realized his knee bounced uncontrollably and he hastily stopped moving. “We’re going to get expelled from the academy,” he explained in a high-pitched ton Kai Edlen had already exited the office a few minutes earlier. Besides the dark expression on Edlen’s face, Keegan couldn’t discern what had transpired inside that office. Not only did they face possible banishment from the academy, but the man inside that office also petrified Keegan to the point of nause Josia The true King to the Igni peopl “We’re not going to get expelled Keegan rubbed his sweaty palms across his trousers and looked at the younger man sitting beside hi As usual, Micah was the picture of serenity and composure. He ran a critical eye down Micah’s f
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    Chapter 10: Immunity Ten
    “I acknowledge what you did for me.” Micah and Keegan both turned toward the voice, their mouths full of food. Aiden approached them purposefully, having found their hidden alcove within the maze of the academy’s massive layout. Instructor Candace had called for a short recess after Kai and Micah’s duel. Food, in massive quantities, was made available for the cadets as they waited for the instructors to deliberate the teams. The observers from earlier were sent home and the students, who did not make the final cut, were told to pack their things. Having both succeeded in the trials, Keegan and Micah had grabbed a heaping plate of food and ducked out of the dining hall before the other cadets made an appearance. Micah had wanted to eat without disruption and Keegan was more than willing to accompany him. Across the room, Aiden focused intently on Micah as h
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